The Hunt for the Lost Treasure: Walkthrough Guide

51. Go back to screen 5. Use the clue you found at screen 56 to solve the door puzzle and go through to screen 6.

52. Pick up the stone tablet and look at the clue on the wall.




53. Go back to screen 50. Use the clue from screen 6 and the long mallet to solve the gong puzzle. The floor will open up, revealing another clue.



54. Go back to screen 29 and use the clue from screen 52 to solve the puzzle.


55. Go back to screen 8 and right to screen 9. Use the magnet on the mound of sand to get a screwdriver.


56. Go back to screen 31 and use the screwdriver to remove the coat hanger on the wall to the right. Take the stone carving.



57. Go back to screen 34 and enter the hut to screen 41. Look at the stone tablet. It’s a clue for the three hooks. You want to place the weight on the first hook, then the third, second and first again. Then take the stone carving and brass hexagon.






58. Go back to screen 37. Take the grappling hook back. Then go back to screen 70 and use the grappling hook to reach the platform above at screen 71. Look at the clue on the tree. Also, use the hatchet to cut the hanging branch into firewood. Leave and take the grappling hook with you.




59. Go back to screen 60 and place all four stone carving pieces in the slots. The water will drain out of the pool, revealing a path to screen 54.

60. Use the clue you found at screen 71 and press the buttons on the walls in the order you see in the clue. The trap will clear and you can continue ahead to screen 58. Notice the clue on the wall to the right. Place the brass hexagon in the right door. Then rotate the disc around the hexagon so it points to the left, then to the right. Now you can go through to screen 67.





Click on the little numbers below to continue to page 7 of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. Linda S

    Thank You! I like Lone Wolf games!

  2. Barbara

    What am I missing? I only see to Step 5. Is there a way to see the full walkthrough? This looks great so far, by the way!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sorry, haven’t had a chance to play more. Will update ASAP.

      1. Barbare

        Ah! Gotcha. No worries. Thanks!

  3. Connie

    where is the whole walkthrough?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sorry, I haven’t had time to play. But will continue it tonight.

  4. LIZ h

    Any ideas on the zodiac puzzle I just don’t get it the camera clues not helping!!!!

  5. Gary C

    Telling me to puck an item up at scene 69 but not got it on the map.

  6. Gary C

    Telling me to pick an item up at scene 69 but not got it on the map.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That’s odd. I’ll try to catch up and help you.

      1. Pepi


        I have the same problem. It is telling me to pick an item at scene 69 but my scenes jump from 65 to 70. Which one is scene 69?

        1. Paula

          Me too. I think I know where 69 is, but I don’t have the clues to get there.

          1. Joy

            once you put in that hexagon metal (scene 60), remember to turn it around to open the lock. the door will open. then you will enter scene 69.

  7. Weeza McCall

    Lost on scene 45, the disc spins, but not sure what order to press the numbers in (Roman numerals)

    1. A

      Tab on the center then tab I one time, II 3 times, III 2 times and VI 3 times

      1. B


  8. Maddie

    I solved the new pipe puzzle and toke a screenshot, but I’m not sure how to post it?

  9. Danielle

    I’m stuck on scene 58. The table tilted but now? I see an painted sign and the book says I’ve got something to do.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Let me try to get the walkthrough finished today. I got a virus or something on my PC, so been busy trying to deal with that all day. :/

    2. toolips22

      I’m stuck at scene 58 with the table up and sign. Book tells me I have something to do but can’t figure out what

    3. Nikki

      The walk through places the flag over the puzzle. I did not do this, now I keep getting the same message. (Just referred to the pattern, did not use item.) Does not appear to be any work around.

  10. Brit

    I’m stumped at scene 50, with the zodiac signs. I press them in the order from the clue, but nothing happens!

    1. Will

      Same is happening to me on scene 50.

      1. Cara

        I only found The Clue in Scene 50 by randomly tapping around on the cave wall in desperation. The camera will appear and take a pic.

  11. g-ma

    It keeps telling me I have a clue and item that can be used at scene 52 and I can not get passed it. I am using the mallet and 1,3,2,1 series. Is that correct?

      1. Cara

        Why is scene 52 mallet order 1,1,2,3,2,3? It worked but I don’t know how you figured it.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          The clue you find on the wall shows you the order. The three gongs are in a row, and then there are marks under them. You play in the order you see those marks.

          1. Cara

            Gah! I missed that clue!

              1. Cara

                Finally finished! I found the clue for the gongs later, so I guess the hint to solve was out of order a little. I got it thanks to you guys. I’m not very good at these but I think I’m getting better. Too bad it won’t count toward my final grade.

  12. Squigleworm

    My clue is telling me I have an item for scene 73 but I do not have anything in my inventory that works…can find the firewood for scene 6…

    1. Zebra43

      I have the same problem. Can you tell us where to find the firewood for clue 66?

      1. Isabela

        Look at clue 58: above the chest there is a hanging piece of wood u can turn into firewood using the axe

        1. Mehmet

          Alamiyorum ki

  13. yvonne

    I’m a stones throw away from finishing but after placing the large staff in the circle nothing happens. I know I should.get something but nothing moves.I placed all four mirrors but I didn’t get any lasers. Yes I have looked at the walkthrough but can’t see what I’m doing wrong. This is.a.wonderful game. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the Lone Star games

    1. Cara

      Did you put the square stones in the disc obelisk bases? I think that turns on the lasers.

      1. yvonne

        Hi Cara.
        Thank you for replying. Yes I have done everything your suppose too, I thought that maybe those tall statues with pink smoke coming from their mouth may have something to do with the lazers. Its frustrating.I know I’m almost finished.

  14. Victoria

    For the life of me, I can’t f

  15. Pepi


    Scene 69 is the one with the fish net.
    My problem was I catched the yellow fish first instead of the orange one. But then I couldn’t throw it in the fountain. My fish tank clue was full with the yellow fish so I couldn’t pick up the orange one.
    I had to reset the game and start all over again…
    The fact that the two fishes were in the tank seamed like a bug…

  16. Skyler

    I can’t find one of the puzzle pieces for the puzzle in scene 18. It’s one of the triangle shapes and It’s missing from my inventory. I can’t progress now! Help please!

  17. Dee

    Hi … I’m stuck on scene 57, the gold rods, the second rod won’t go into the lowest position. When I try to move it there it goes back up! Help!

  18. BroadwayT

    Help, I am stuck at the pipes puzzle in scene 11. Anyone please it’s driving me nuts.
    Thank you.

  19. Elizabeth

    I’m stuck with the grappling hook. I put it up the tree & now I need it to cross over to the cave with no walkway!, how can I get it back?

  20. willowsprite

    Just tap on the post it’s tied to and you will get it back.

    1. Elizabeth

      thank you got it.

  21. Miguel

    where the firewood is for point 66?

  22. Luna

    Where did Tour finde the Wood?

  23. Fireman

    I can’t locate the firewood that I will use in screen 6.
    Please help

  24. Chris

    From the posts above i can say that the game is sooo femine :))

  25. Carolyn Brown

    I don’t understand the final puzzle can you please explain it a little better

    1. habibi mikail

      i solve this puzzle before more try, it’s really confusing because the timer not stop, but then i solve it

  26. Mayank Yadav

    I placed firewood but diamond not come

  27. F s

    Where can I take the fire wood?

  28. hisbabygirl

    where do i find the fire wood

  29. Marie

    Same problem i cant start the firewood

  30. Marie

    Same problem I can’t start the firewood

  31. judith

    have put you on whitelist and do not mind to donate, coz your reviews are super and walktrough too are excellent, though …… its hard and frustrating to be on your pages AppUnwrapper coz of all those things extra (adds and other addvideo’s) and it makes me sad though i do understand income must be more than costs

  32. Francisco Ponce Zambrano

    Where is the firewood?

    1. beyZa

      you need to cut off the tree at screen 71

  33. Francisco Ponce Zambrano

    Where is the firewood??

  34. Manuel

    Where is the firewood?

  35. Jasmin

    Where did the fire wood come from?

  36. Bhavana

    In screen 6, I couldn’t find the fire wood

  37. Mehmet

    Ya elmas yapmak icin odun bulamiyorum .

  38. jesse

    im not sure if i missed it somewhere. in step 66 it says to place the firewood. where do you pick up the firewood?

  39. Iwanliw

    Stuck in 66 fire wood

  40. Devin Peters

    I already used the grappling hook by the waterfall before the platform. Is there any way to reverse that or get the hook back?

  41. Vbb

    Where i find firewood?

  42. TanglingDaisy90

    Where is the fire wood? I don’t see it mentioned in the walkthrough

  43. Gabriel

    How do you do the straw house shield in number 64

  44. Gabriel

    How do you complete number 64

  45. Tia

    Puzzle on tree on 64. What is it to look like?

  46. giaf

    I finished the game without solving scene- 9 the fire stone pattern…..

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