The Franz Kafka Videogame: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Act 3, A Report to An Academy:

1. In the puzzle “somewhere in America,” you need to first turn on all the TVs so they make up a face.


2. Next, tap the TVs in the center until they form an arrow point down.


3. You’re in an abandoned mine. Tap the map on the wall and pull out the cutout behind it. You need to match the two up properly.



4. In the next scene, tap the bell to speak to a man in a diving helmet.


5. You then need fill out a form. Figure out what word to change REFUSED to to get your permit. The clue is that you need to “reflect on yourself.” So make the word “granted” reflected up to down, like so:



6. Now, you need to tune the radio until you’re back in the desert. You made it to Castlock!


7. You need to sit through a brief intermission before you can continue to the fourth and final act.

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