Bertram Fiddle Episode 2, A Bleaker Predicklement: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 6, Return to Glory:

You can watch my video walkthrough for Chapter 6 here or continue to my step-by-step guide below:

1. Bertram will clear his name by showing Sherlock his photos. First, let’s head into Dr. Jekyll’s Surgery. Pick up the currant bun and head over to the chemistry set.



2. Now, brew the four potions on the first page of the recipe book — Grabulation Elixir, Embiggening Potion, Cranius Shrinkation Potion, and Facium Vegetabilibus Medicine. We need to find Magnesium before we can make the Transmogrification Remedy for Dr. Jekyll.


3. You can also go through the door and talk to Dr. Jekyll but there’s nothing else to do here right now. So leave and enter the Exotic Curiosity Shop to the left. Pour the green Embiggening Potion on the lemon sprout to turn it into a lemon tree. Take one of the lemons. Also, read the book on Kung Fu to learn it. Then leave the shop.


4. Enter the alleyway full of people who look like a bulldog sucking a lemon. And an actual bulldog. Put the lemon in the squeezer and then put it in the bulldog’s water bowl. Bertram will then figure out that the dog’s owner is the Snitcher! You now have access to a new area.




5. Head right and then right again under the bridge. There’s some weird fish guy here. Talk to him and and then tap on the boat to find out that he wants a tusk before he’ll lend you his boat. Head right.

6. Pick up the spool of fishing line and try to enter the Victim’s End tavern to find out it’s only for villains. Leave.


7. Head off to the carnival. Go right into the caravan and give the elephant man the currant bun. Then take the hoop. Also, talk to the bearded lady, Joanna Von Grimm to get a golden locket.




8. Leave the caravan. Head left. Combine the fishing line with the hoop and use it on the gorilla’s loose tooth. Have Gavin pull it out. The gorilla will smile and the photographer will take his photo, then leave, dropping the magnesium powder. Pick up the magnesium powder and the gorilla tusk.



9. Go back under the bridge. Throw the trinket in the mud and the little Mudlark will go after it. Use the grabber to grab him and then have him grab the champagne bottle. Get off the machine and take the bottle from him.



10. Give the gorilla tusk to the fish man so he’ll let you use his boat. Take the boat back to the soap factory and go up to the roof. Fill the champagne bottle with shampoo.


11. Go back to Jekyll’s chemistry set and use the magnesium with the other ingredients to make the Transmogrification Remedy.


12. Head down to the basement and give Jekyll the pink potion. (If you want, you can try the other potions first for some fun.) He’ll change back to normal human form. Lift the sheet to see the Frankenstein monster he’s building. He needs a brain that will work with it.


13. Head through the chute to the Victim’s End. Geoff is playing cards against Marvo the Hypno Cat and Mr. Dulsworth?



14. Head over to Marvo. He’ll hypnotize Bertram and check his bag for anything he wants. He’s interested in the champagne! Bertram will automatically pour him a glass. Enjoy the ending!

Congratulations! You completed the game!

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3 years ago

Why did u left the adventure here? I’m stuck with the goat and a some glowing fingerprints… Please help! T_T

Roxane Daniélou
Reply to  Giny
2 years ago

Il faut juste aller sur la page suivante pour avoir la suite de la solution, Giny!

Terri Beckman
2 years ago

Thanks for the walkthrough! And kudos to you for supporting the game I noticed your name in the credits😊

1 year ago

Did anyone play this on their iPhone? It won’t let me get out from the picture of his chest.