Faraway: Puzzle Escape – Levels 19 and 20 Walkthrough Guide with All Letters

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Level 20:

You can watch my video for Level 20 or continue to my step-by-step guide below.

1. Head straight and slide the two tiles inward to form a triangle. Continue through.

2. Cross the bridge and pick up the letter. Move the slider to the left twice until you see a ladder ahead of you.

3. Head through the door and up the ladder. Solve the puzzle by dragging both gold circles to goals. Then take the maze piece.

4. Go back all the way and turn the handle to the left again. There should be another ladder. Head up and solve the puzzle there and get another maze piece.

5. Go all the way back and this time steer two bridges to the right. There should be a maze puzzle ahead of you. Ignore it for now and solve the puzzle to the left. Take the maze piece.

6. Go back and turn to the right. Break all the jars until you find a letter.

7. Now for the central puzzle. Place all three pieces you found on the wall and then drag the yellow circle to the goal. Take the portal tile. But before heading to the portal, look at the tile. It shows the same maze but with the circle at the top. So just drag it back through the maze to get the third letter.

8. Go back and this time, turn right twice again. Head through and solve the puzzle to the left. It’s like the triangle puzzle but you need to rotate the center piece to get the other pieces to fit.

9. Then solve the right puzzle and the door should open, revealing the portal. Place the tile over it and go through to complete Level 20!

And here’s all three notes for Level 19:

And that’s everything!

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