Ink, Mountains and Mystery: Walkthrough Guide

32. Change the painting to Deep Blue Sea and enter it. There’s a mermaid!

33. Pick up the merfolk tear.

34. The monk falls into the water! Try tapping the right side of the screen to swim him to shore. The current is too strong, but it seems the mermaid helps you?

35. Tap on the monk and the mermaid will tell you to use her tears to save the monk. Open his knapsack for the tear and then use it on him.

36. When the monk wakes up, Moyan is asleep, so he decides to explore on his own.

37. Go talk to the mermaid. She asks you to help her wake the deity sleeping deep under the sea. She wants you to bring her some tortoiseshell and yarrow.

38. Head right and up the stairs. Grab the tortoiseshell and pick some yarrow.

39. Go back to the mermaid. She’s ready to give you instructions. But first, go back and get Moyan. The mermaid will part the sea so you can walk through.

40. After the mermaid disappears, keep going left. Have Moyan swim. The swimming controls are not great. But you need to get over to the little hill on the right with the shrine. Use the tortoiseshell with shrine to make it fall.

41. Go back down and keep heading left, then straight ahead. Pick up the northern ice crystal.

42. Keep going. The reef is in the way! Have Moyan swim up again and grab the vine seed.

43. Use the vine seed on the vines to make them grow longer. Now Yixiu can climb up!

44. Make your way to the right. Use the yarrow to scare away the school of fish. Then have Moyan swim up and make his way towards the shrine. Use the tortoiseshell on the shrine to make it fall.

45. Keep climbing up. It looks like you’re standing on a giant sea snake? In any case, the mermaid returns and gives you a conch.

46. You can use the conch on the snake head but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Just walk to the tail of the snake. Then climb onto the rock that looks like another creature’s head.

47. Use the conch on the top of the creature’s head to half wake it.

48. Have Moyan climb down to the nose of the creature and then jump into the water. Swim over to the pearl in the creature’s mouth. It wakes up! It’s Jingwei, the mermaid’s relative. That’s the end of Deep Blue Sea!

49. Back at the studio, you’ll get the moon pearl. The Skandha brush is also almost fully repaired.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the Duality painting or click here.

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1 year ago

I’ve come to the point where I’m instructed to tap the frame, but it seems nothing happens no matter where I tap!

Reply to  Carol
1 year ago

me too agh

Xinzhuang Yao
Reply to  Carol
1 year ago

It is because the frame you think is not the “frame” master talks about. Go to left side of the room and tap semisphere frame. Instructor will then give further instructions. Chinese masters, including my high school teacher, like use such small trick to help his student learn. LOL Hope you like this game.

Reply to  Xinzhuang Yao
1 year ago

Ok what about the missing collectable for chapter 2? It looks like it might be shoe or… idk a gourd maybe? I can’t tell just by the silhouette. I’ve played the chapter over and over and can’t find it, I just keep tapping everywhere on the screen and hoping for the best.

Reply to  Mmmeee
1 year ago

It’s definitely a shoe, Jingwei’s shoe from the end cutscene. Another site says the shoe is near the first underwater shrine but I simply can’t find it either.

Reply to  Xinzhuang Yao
20 days ago

When you say room, are you speaking of the outside area where they are standing or inside the area where we painted the seal. I can only go back & forth between the seal creation space and the outdoor space where the painting tables are. What is the semi sphere you speak of?

1 year ago

hola. quise ir a la segunda pintura y toqué la primera, como vuelvo al estudio sin hacer toda la primera parte denuevo? gracias

1 year ago

hola. estoy en la piedra que hay que poner los peces ying y yang y al piedra se mueve pero el agua no va al arbol, como tengo que poner los peces? gracias

1 month ago

Why is mine on chinese and not english ?

20 days ago

I can’t go anywhere after I create my seal. When I go back to the 2 guys by the tables. I can move them around but not far because they are surrounded by water. I’m stuck between going back to paint the seal and the guys standing around the tables. Pleas help? TIA