Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker 3: Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker 3 The Final Trap
By: Haiku Games Co

Haiku Games is back with another Adventure Escape game! This is the sequel to Trapmaker and Trapmaker 2 and is called Trapmaker 3 – The Final Trap. In the first game, we discovered that Frank Dietch is the Trapmaker! In the second game, we visited his childhood home and learned more about him. In the end, Detective Kate Gray’s friends got kidnapped! Will Kate finally catch him after he got away? Let’s find out in the conclusion to the trilogy! This walkthrough guide will help you with answers and solutions for all the puzzles in Chapter 2. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 2:

You can watch my video for Chapter 2 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. We’re at the Sunshine Amusement Park. Pick up the hammer and the orange sun. Also, notice the sign that says “fun in the SUN.”

2. Smash the horse and look at the ride ticket. Notice the letters are orange, red and yellow. Also, take the carousel pole. Smash the duck and grab the red sun.

3. Now, use the carousel pole to get the yellow sun.

4. Now we have to figure out the order for the three suns. Look at the RIDE TICKET again. Notice the horses on the carousel are in different positions: the first is in the 2nd position from the top, the next is 3rd, the next is 1st, and the last is 4th. The letters on the ticket are also orange, red, yellow, and then orange again. So together, you get that it goes:

Orange: 2nd position
Red: 3rd position
Yellow: 1st position
Orange: 4th position

The first orange is already in place, so just put the other three where they should go.

That weird rock will disappear and now you have a puzzle to solve!

5. Remember the word SUN was in orange on the sign? You need to place the black tiles so that the orange space around them spells out SUN.

6. Now go through the gate that’s open. Pick up the metal ruler and use it to open the panel and reveal two black and white buttons. Also, look at the license plate on the car. It says ALABAMA GO2 D13. It also says HEART OF DIXIE and there’s two hearts on it.

7. Tap on the door of the truck for another puzzle. We have to solve the equations. The shapes you see are clock hands. So for the equation that’s solved, you get 3 + 6 = 9.

So let’s work out the others:

9 – 6 = 3
3 x 3 = 9
6 – 3 = 3

8. Now the door is open. Look inside the car. Open the glove compartment to find a key. Move the seat back to reveal a phone. Ignore it for now. Change the screens on the laptop so the bottom one shows a star and the arrow on the top one is pointing at the white circle.

9. Exit the car and notice it’s now white instead of black! Notice it says AIRTIGHT SECURITY SINCE 1996. Use the key to open the panel and take the lever. Also, notice the license plate changed! It now says TEXAS 2TR APU. It also says THE LONE STAR STATE and has a star on it.

10. Tap on the control panel under the ferris wheel. Attach the lever and enter 1996. Then push the lever all the way up. The ferris wheel breaks, but now you can see the numbers and shapes on it.

11. Let’s note down all the numbers and hearts and stars you get from the ferris wheel:

1 Star
2 Star
3 Star
4 Heart
5 Star
6 Heart

Now, look at the two license plates and when you see a star on the Ferris wheel, use a number from the Texas plate. When you see a heart, use the Alabama plate. So remember — the license plates go like this:

Alabama: GO2 D13
Texas: 2TR APU

So, combined using the clues from the Ferris wheel, you get:


Enter that into the phone as the passcode. Then answer the phone. It’s Trapmaker!

12. Note down the black and white pattern behind Trapmaker. You’ll take the phone with you, so if you forget you can just call him again. Notice they go White White Black White White Black White. It’s a repeating pattern.

13. Go back to the two black and white buttons. Press them in that order and then continue the pattern, so you get WWBWWBWWB. The stairs change color to match the pattern!

14. Tap on the checkerboard. The goal for the Walkway Grid puzzle is to step on all the black tiles. But you have to do so by following the pattern of WHITE WHITE BLACK. Just follow the path shown in the image below. Then head inside the fun house to complete Chapter 2.

That’s all for Chapter 2! Click here to continue to Chapter 3 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Lucy

    Hi, I cant find the lever for the ferris wheel, can you let me know where it is?

    1. Ziva

      Use the key and click on the storage part outside of the car! (the part where says 1996)

  2. biskutkookie

    I still don’t understand. How you get 2TR DP3 at wheels?

    1. Marn

      This doesn’t make sense to me either, I can’t figure out what the ferris wheel has to do with it. Or where DP3 came from

    2. Alex c

      If it’s a star, use a symbol from the Texas license plate. If it’s a heart, use a symbol from the Alabama plate. The screen inside the truck switches between the two license plates on the front of the truck. There are 6 symbols on the plates and 6 slots on the phone pass code, and the ferris wheel is numbered 1-6. When you fill each slot from either Texas (star) or Alabama (heart) you get 2TR DP3 in the end.

  3. Sophie7

    How do you get 1996?

    1. Deborah

      With the white setting on the truck, it tells you the founding year

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