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KAMI 2: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

KAMI 2 By: State of Play Games State of Play's KAMI 2 is a completely free iOS and Android game and offers some relaxing -- though often frustrating -- puzzles. Since you need to complete a page of puzzles before you can move on to the next, I made this walkthrough guide that can help you if you get stuck. I have videos for all levels, but for those who prefer hints to outright solutions, I'm going to include the order of colors as a nudge in the right direction. Feel free to ask for extra help Read more [...]

State of Play’s Gorgeous Pinball Game ‘INKS.’ is Currently Free Through the Apple Store App

INKS. By: State of Play Games State of Play Games is best known for their gorgeous handcrafted adventure game, Lumino City. But their most recent game, INKS., also has a very unique look. It's a level-based pinball game in which the ball rolls through paint, creating a unique pattern on the board. It's currently on sale for $0.99, but if you download the Apple Store app here, you can get it for free. Just scroll down to where you see the icon, tap "Download Now," enter your login info and redeem Read more [...]