Battleheart Legacy Guides

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Here is a list of all the Battleheart Legacy Guides.

Battleheart Legacy Walkthrough, Starting Guide, Tips & Tricks (This is mostly tips and tricks I thought would be useful. It’s a bit of a mishmash. The other guides are more focused.)

Battleheart Legacy: World Map, NPC Locations and Quests by Level (Walkthrough by levels and areas.)

Battleheart Legacy: Colosseum/Arena of Madness Guide


Ranger Guide & Skills Tree (complete)
Paladin Guide & Skills Tree (complete)
Knight Guide & Skills Tree (complete)
Wizard Guide & Skills Tree (complete)
Rogue Guide & Skills Tree (complete)
Bard Guide & Skills Tree (complete)
Witch Guide & Skills Tree (complete)
Ninja Guide & Skills Tree (complete)
Monk Guide & Skills Tree (complete)
Barbarian Guide & Skills Tree (complete)
Necromancer Guide & Skills Tree (complete)
Battlemage Guide & Skills Tree (complete)

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  • Joseph says:

    In the mine you find 3 men in front of a chest and they offer a deal. I accepted that deal and now i don’t know where to go… help plz :)

    • AppUnwrapper says:

      It seems that quest doesn’t go anywhere at the moment. The developer said it was a teaser that he may expand on in the future. If you talk to the bartender, he’ll tell you to wait for him to call you, but nothing ever happens after that.

    • Tricycline3 says:

      If that happens just go back to that place. (If there still there) and attack the chest. Once you do the 3 men will attack you letting you attack them. So right after hitting the chest target the 3 men and then you get the key and the chest.

  • Hew Jass says:

    The fastest way I have found to gain experience and cash is to go straight knight.

    Once you can beat the Domain of the Queen get two Mystery Eggs. +40% XP.

    Every time you kill her you get 420 (heh) XP and an item. It’s fast, easy and in no time you are a fully leveled knight capable of dealing with almost anything that comes your way.

    From there… explore your interest in class, multiclass etc.

    If anybody else finds a faster way to earn 420XP and an item as quickly as this, let me know!

    • Steve says:

      I found the fastest way to gain xp:
      – equip 2 mystery eggs (+40% xp)
      – equip nobles garb (+10% xp)
      – spend all skill points in bard until you learn the “Quick Study” passive skill (+10% xp)
      So you get +60% xp total.

      Then power up as you desire in any class and go for the “Oozing Dark”.
      This gives you 480xp per kill, and is easier to kill than the spider queen.

  • danielle says:

    l beat battleheart legacy, & now l’m a crazy ass level! {129] almost level 130! my goal is to get to level whatever the limit is!

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