Murder Room: Walkthrough

Now for the Good Ending:

Go back to Chapter 2:

1. You need to secure the door. Take the rope from the operating table and tie the door to the bookshelf. The Butcher will leave for now.

2. Listen to the radio on the shelf. You need to figure out a way out.

3. Tap on the couch. Melanie will notice a sound. Cut open the cushion with the knife and you’ll find a map.


4. You can open the oven door now and let Melanie crawl inside, but the door will shut on her and the oven will turn on. If you can’t open it in time, she dies. The clue to opening it is on the stove: “SEE NEWS”. Use the buttons like a compass, with the map as a guide. South is the top button. Tap South, East, East, North, East, West, South. The oven will shut off. Open the door and let Melanie out.



5. Melanie will hand you a steak she found in the oven. Put it in the oven to cook it and the scorch marks will look like Roman Numerals. Remember the numbers, as they might be different from mine.



6. Go back to Chapter 1.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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  1. Natalie watts

    Help! Stuck on chapter 3, don’t know how to open the fuse box? How do I find out the code?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m at that point now. Haven’t broken the code yet.

      1. trenton cox

        the code is 4 2 6

        1. Mz_Lady_E

          Hi I just started playing this game and I was stuck on the chapter 3 until I came on this page but I want know how did you come up with the number 426 as the code for the circuit breaker?

      2. d


    2. henry

      the code is 426

    3. Stefanie

      The code for the fusebox is 426

    4. Kairi galvan

      It’s 426

  2. Daniele

    Following this walkthrough will give you bad end.


    Here’s what you gotta do: Follow steps from above up until chapter 1.

    Once you cut Mel loose and secure the door,cut couch for knife then have Mel check the oven.

    Oven will close and you have to get her out quick!
    HINT: SEE NEWS- think of a compass. The directions change every time so you have to try it different ways.
    Once Mel gets out she gives you an item of a steak. Put the steak in the oven an cook it.
    The steak comes out burnt. Look at the steak, it’s burnt. But look closely there are Roman numerals on the steak.

    The numbers change every time. Remember the order of the numbers.
    Once you get the numbers,press quit,return to main menu,hit chapter select, return to chapter 1.

    Do everything the same as before EXCEPT this time instead of putting the knife code is the closet put the numbers from burnt steak in closet. (Closet says eat flesh,but you can’t eat raw meat,so you cook it)

    Closet moves and you receive 2 items. A suitcase filled with money and rust remover.

    Throw suitcase out window,hide under table.
    Cut girl lose,secure door with rope.

    Use rust remover on window. Use knife on table cloth to make rope. Climb out of window. To beat bad guy close the window on him 3 times.

    Get key,open the fridge,get gas.

    When finding a hiding spot go under couch. Use knife to remove floor board (x on map) to reveal fuse box.
    Code: nes3f1t2o

    Turn lights off,tell Melanie about your hiding spot. Killer comes,go under couch and turn lights off to distract him.

    Once killers back is turned use rust remover to over come him. Pick up lighter.
    While Melanie is talking to him get rope from window and tie killer up. Try to walk out door.

    Melanie will run in bathroom. Talk to Melanie and killer back and forth. Takes a few times to get him to talk. Killer says to kill him with knife but you refuse too. This makes Melanie get out of bathroom.

    Read sign on iron door. Get chainsaw from bathroom. Use chainsaw on closet to get doll. Place doll on operating table. Cut dolls stomach for key. Leave room for good ending.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oops! Thanks for the head’s up!
      Is it worth continuing to see the bad end before going back?

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Had fun with the bad ending, so going back to get he good ending. But I can’t get her out of the oven. Any help? Thanks!

      1. Kaitlyn

        SEE NEWS
        North is the left arrow if that helps

        1. rham

          omg! i have tried that making left arrow as north, and the rest on a corresponding button. i also tried the other way around…nothing happened….mel i still in the!!!

          1. Kat

            Try the top arrow as south

      2. EnderBite

        It’s the “SEE NEWS.” The South could be anyway (Up where North is, Or on the sides where West or East is.). Mine was on the West side.

    3. Plss.Help Me stuck in oven i try many posible ways but nothing happens me!! although game release 3 years ago..

    4. Shiloh

      I followed all of the steps but the game won’t allow me to throw the suitcase out of the window.

    5. rham

      how can i secure the doorΓö¼ΓöÉ?????Γö¼ΓöÉ

    6. Aisha

      How can i get the rope?

  3. Alessio

    Really stuck on the oven…… Any help?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The top button is South. Then use “SEE NEWS”.

      1. Daniele

        Hey. That game seriously had me freaking out for hours!! It really was so confusing. Especially since when you get hints they lead you to a bad ending. When I first got there i was like wtf? When the game restarted from chapter 4 I checked the hints again and saw that the hint pages went from 7 to 10, when I went through them I saw all these hints that weren’t there before. That’s when I started from the beginning. So I’m pretty sure the developers want you to get a bad ending first? (Cruel joke maybe)

        As far as 70% complete its because there is a 2nd game to play for purchase. (Basically its how Melanie gets there) I’m stuck on the last puzzle and its been driving me nuts!! So you should play it so you can help me 🙂
        I think I got what the puzzle calls for I just can’t figure out the solution.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Did you play Ellie? It was very similar. Actually, after the bad ending, I was so confused because it seemed like the exact same plot as Ellie — I felt gyped.
          But the good ending cleared it up!

          I’m trying to buy the second game, but nothing happens when I tap on “buy” :/

          1. Daniele

            Yeah I played Ellie a long time ago,I played a very buggy version of it so I think I may DL again because it looks like they made an update.
            Yeah yesterday I tried buying the game and it wouldn’t confirm purchase. But today I was able to buy it. BUT I checked my bank account and they charged me 6 times! Maybe try agin tomorrow?

            Is it saying confirm purchase?

    2. Mackenzie

      You have to look at the buttons as if it’s a compass, also you have to look at it from the maps view. Turn it 90 degrees to the right

  4. Cinnia

    How do you get Melanie to run out of the bathroom for the good ending? I keep talking to the guy but she won’t come out.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I got her out by cutting the guy’s ropes. She kills him, though.
      I still got the True Ending, but there might be a way to get her out without him having to die.

  5. Natalie watts

    Thank you! That was difficult wouldn’t of thought to go back to chapter 1!! Good game!

  6. Daniele

    Still stuck on Another story,room. Anyone start that room yet?

    1. Ray

      I have!!!! It was hard for me at first too!
      okay, water system code: JASON
      Hose on shower tube and water tank
      cover up leak with tape from under the sink
      grab plunger
      unclog toilet
      rings on pole
      move shower curtain and find body parts

  7. Daniele

    Anyone out there playing another room yet?! I need some help!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’d love to, but tapping “Buy” still does nothing for me. 🙁

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Just Purchased it. Going to start a new page for the walkthrough.

  8. jaggedtears

    Anyone playing Another Story?? Stuck on bathroom panel code.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I am, too. Each dial only has certain letters on it, and I can’t make sense of it.
      Thought the fact that “F” (Friday) was missing from the letters on the wall would be a clue, but can’t make the connection.

  9. Daniele

    Don’t pay attention to the letters on the wall,you are correct though it is the days of the week with Friday missing. The panel on the wall instead of the days of the week,think months!! John-January,fritz-febuary fill in the blanks

  10. CODE

    TOTALY worth a whole weekend to finish this game tips can get hard what i do put the game down go watch T.V. read a book do something else take a swim, shower what ever then come back to the game totaly works fresh mind and all 😀 Because at time u just want to explode (like i did with oven almost).

  11. Rachel Bazer

    The oven isn’t working!! I tried ALL ways it just won’t freakin work!! >.<!!!!!!!

  12. Rachel Bazer

    I did the see news it didn’t work!!!!!!! IM GETTING PISSED OFF!!!!!

    1. Hydn

      Try South-Right, East-Down, East-Down, North-Left, East-Down, West-Up, South-Right. It helped for me! If it doesn’t, try changing the directions of the compass! Happy trying!

      1. Hydn

        Sorry, its Right, Up, Up, Left, Up, Down, Right!!!

  13. Hydn

    Sorry, its Right, Up, Up, Left, Up, Down, Right!

    1. Jasmine

      thank you

    2. Moonshadow30419

      Thank you! I spent like an hour on this oven trying to figure it out, and this finnaly got it! Yaasss

  14. the black flame

    it was the best android game I EVER played how many games did Ateam made I’d love to spend another weekend breaking codes in a horror story !

    1. Ray

      the other ones suck but there is another story

  15. Rachel Bazer

    Thank you SO!!!! much it worked but when I try to put the number from the burnt meat nothing happens://

  16. Jasmine

    I did exactly what your walk through says going back to chapter 2 listen to radio and get the map exslpore the stove but it WILL NOT shut it off.

  17. Paradox

    I can’t find out my Roman numerals. It looks like IIVI VV. those aren’t real! UGH. 🙁

  18. Aaahhh

    Problem with the roman numerals. Looked like 5126 but its not working…been stuck on this forever now…any tip on making out what’s on this dang steak???

  19. Unknown

    Anyone playing closed room?

  20. Anonymous

    Okay so I FINNAAALLYYYY figured out the oven using the information on here I did Right, Up, Up, Left, Up, Down, Right. What I had to do was flip the phone so everything was upside down and then do the right, up, up.. Etc. Thing.
    Turns out that my roman numerals were the same as this guys and it was 2531.
    And my combo for the fuse box was 426.

  21. jesus

    pleease help me!!
    i got nr 850 in the fuse box and i dont know what i can do!
    please please help me!!
    i tried everything !! please!!

    [email protected] my msn ! please!! guyys!!

  22. Suo Na Zheng

    I’m still confused though…
    Was the guy in the pig mask The Butcher? When you reach the True Ending, he seems convinced that he is protecting Melanie and we’re The Butcher. So were we The Butcher all along and we somehow forgot? When he punches us, he says “This is for what you did to me.” So we were the Butcher, but ended up forgetting and assuming the victim’s identity (the victim being the man who Melanie kills?).
    Is that why the developers wanted us to go through the Bad Ending before reaching the True Ending, so show that we are the Butcher?
    And if we are the Butcher, how did we lose our memory? Why is the other guy wearing the mask?
    So many questions!

  23. Sydney

    Jaggedtears, that didn’t work 🙁
    The letters are e:w:t.

  24. Rilla

    hey! just on a side note, people have been confused about the oven:

    on the lower right-hand corner of the map you find in the sofa, there is a doodle of a compass. a + sign with an arrow in one direction.
    the arrow points out towards NORTH (N) , so the button on the oven that points i the same direction is the letter N. the one in this walkthrough points directly away from the oven on the map, aka the compass on the oven is N=up, S=down etc.

    however, e.g on mine the arrow on the map points towards the open window in the kitchen aka to the RIGHT of the oven. so my directions were N=right, S=left, E=down, W=up. CHECK THE DIRECTION ON THE ARROW, IT POINTS OUT HOW THE COMPASS IS PLACED.

  25. Fay

    Fuse box????? Soooooo confused!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ray

      426 your welcome

  26. Stefanie

    Love this game..i have 70% now but i want the 100%!!! :))
    Is there anyone who has got 100%?! …and how did you do that?!
    I’ll try leaveing the room on my own…maybe this is it?!?!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to complete the second game (Another Room) to get 100%.

      1. Kenji

        I’m at like, 82% but I’m stuck.

      2. Kairi

        How do you get her out of the bathroom!

  27. Kenji

    I’m stuck on the door panel part. It says F:O:r but all the numbers I try don’t work!!! Any body have any clue?!?!?!?! HELP ME OUT, HERE!
    Great game btw.

    1. Kenji

      I’m in another story part.

  28. johnny

    OK I’m confused by the oven because I go to see news and there are no cardinal points in what I read. Just numbers. Nothing about north, south, east or west is mentioned even once.

  29. Jayne

    Could anyone tell me the name the true ending soundtrack? I’m looking for it !! Thx a lot!

    1. Kairi

      How do you get Melanie out of the bathroom on the true ending????? I’m really stuck! She won’t talk to me like it says she will!

  30. Jenny

    Everybody, the compass is on the map you find in the couch. Where ever the arrow is pointing, that’s north, the map of the room will let you know which way is which for the arrows on the oven. South East East North East West South. Hope I made sense 🙂

  31. Ray

    anyone have tiY??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  32. Daniee

    Okay, I’ve been playing a whole straight 12 hours. Getting frustrated, I’ve mastered the “bad end” part. It’s the “good end” part. I’m stuck on the oven. I’ve read and memorized thus WHOLE web page, I’ve tried Γò¼├┤Γö¼Γò¥Γö£├æΓò¼├┤╬ô├⌐┬║Γö£┬íΓò¼├┤╬ô├⌐┬║Γö£┬íΓò¼├┤Γö¼Γò¥Γö£┬║Γò¼├┤╬ô├⌐┬║Γö£┬íΓò¼├┤Γö¼Γò¥Γö£├íΓò¼├┤Γö¼Γò¥Γö£├æ, Γò¼├┤Γö¼Γò¥Γö£┬║Γò¼├┤Γö¼Γò¥Γö£├íΓò¼├┤Γö¼Γò¥Γö£├íΓò¼├┤Γö¼Γò¥Γö£├æΓò¼├┤Γö¼Γò¥Γö£├íΓò¼├┤╬ô├⌐┬║Γö£┬íΓò¼├┤Γö¼Γò¥Γö£┬║. And two more. But I can NOT by the life if me get Mel out of the oven. I cook her every time. My boyfriend thinks it’s funny that I’m killing a 8-10 year old by cooking her alive! Please, please, PLEASE! Someone just tell me the d*mn code sequence to getting her out!

    1. Shalala

      Dainee, I was in the same situation at the oven until I tried the following: Right, Up, Up, Left, Up, Down, Right. If it’s not that, look at Jenny’s comment right above your comment to make sense where South really is.

      1. Anon

        The code is up, left, left, down, left, right, up

  33. Anon

    Thanks so much! This game was much less complicated as Ellie, and the story was just wonderful. I do have one question, at the end of True End there is a really good song at the end. Is there a name for or is it just me? Thanks for this walk through!

    1. Kairi

      Tell what the code is on the draws on Ellie plz!!!!!! I’m going crazy!!

  34. TFF

    Does anyone know the song for True End? It’s beautiful~. @a@

  35. san

    download the apk file from somewhere other than the market…extract it using es file explorer..go to sounds..find the file for the songs there 🙂

  36. Bones

    Stuck on ambushing?! When is he gonna walk through the door??? I’ve been hiding under the couch and cannot do anything but stay there!

    1. Corri

      You have to open up the floor board with the knive

  37. Hunter Kaufman

    This game rocks! I had no idea what to do in ch4. This game is confusing but amazing!

  38. Sarah

    I can’t change the numbers to the closet on step 5

  39. Nina TriΓö£ΓûÆo

    I can’t find the rope from the operating table

  40. Nina TriΓö£ΓûÆo

    I can’t find a rope in chapter 4

  41. Alex

    How do you pick up the knife? No matter how many times I tap on it, I can’t pick it up! Please help me, and thanks for the walkthrough.

  42. zymethx

    Is there any free apk for another room?

  43. Maru

    I was able to open the cabinet with the code 14 (red) and 55 (blue)

    1. justakidDM

      It may be different for each game so I’m not really sure. But I got 3142 as the combination for the closet

  44. Merissa

    Help!!! I have tried everything but I can’t get Mel out of the oven!!! I keep killing her 🙁 please help someone tell me the code 🙁

  45. grimm

    There’s another way but its a bad ending…
    Do every thing all the way up to the bad ending and at number two…
    After that don’t kill the pigman let mel talk to it then go for the door a metal door will close infront of you go over to the kitchen and see that the window is shut down too…the pig man will talk again turning he catches you and bad ending you die…

  46. Sydney

    It’s not letting me cut the guy open on the floor

  47. dan

    how do u cut the rope of the kill???? it wont let me!!!!!

  48. Robin

    I can’t get past the oven, It’s confusing me to the extreme and I really wanna see the good ending D; HELP

  49. Help

    The map in the sofa tells you which way north is on the compass in the bottom right corner. Use that direction as the north button on the oven as it relates to the map. For example, if north on the map is “up”, then as it relates to the map this would be right on the oven. So the button going right is north, down is east, left is south and up is west.

    If north on the map is “down”, then the left button is north and so on.

    Hope it helps.

  50. Someone

    This really helped me, but I’m on chapter 1 (again) and I can’t get him to throw the suitcase out the window. Any ideas?

  51. machi

    Isn’t weird that the pigman was able to go outside easily but we can’t unless we get a key.
    You’ll say it’s because melanie closed it using the watch, right?
    Then she could’ve easily opened it with the watch again. So why?
    And don’t you think it’s weird that the pigman knows melanie’s name yet we saw him trying to kill her on chapter 1. And then we learned from him, after tying him up, that he told melanie that we were the killer. And melanie belived all that crap. But the pigman did seem to think that we were the butcher when he tried to kill us when we were hiding in the sofa.
    On chapter 1 too, when we took a closer look at what he was doing, he cut open the belly of melanie and was rummaging/feeling through her intestines, he killed us when we made noise.
    There are alot of inconcistencies but since I like the art, I enjoyed it still.

    Now, the question is: WHO IS THE BUTCHER?

  52. machi

    Isn’t it weird that the pigman was able to go outside easily but we can’t unless we get a key?
    You’ll say it’s because melanie closed it using the watch, right?
    Then she could’ve easily opened it with the watch again. So why?
    And don’t you think it’s weird that the pigman knows melanie’s name yet we saw him trying to kill her on chapter 1. And then we learned from him, after tying him up, that he told melanie that we were the killer. And melanie belived all that crap. But the pigman did seem to think that we were the butcher when he tried to kill us when we were hiding in the sofa.
    On chapter 1 too, when we took a closer look at what he was doing, he cut open the belly of melanie and was rummaging/feeling through her intestines, he killed us when we made noise.
    There are alot of inconcistencies but since I like the art, I enjoyed it still.

    Now, the question is: WHO IS THE BUTCHER?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Don’t forget to play the second game (it’s in the same app, may cost a dollar). It answers more questions (or makes things more confusing).



  53. machi

    Ok. I don’t have the money to buy the Another Story to find out the whole story, so I’m just gonna guess who Butcher really is. If you follow their conversations, the Butcher is Melanie’s brother. Why?
    When we freed Mel, she said she remembers the place, like it’s familiar, that means she already went here. And that was with her brother. She was young then.
    When we opened the fridge, we found her, allegedly, brother’s body. His arm has the watch that Mel, who somehow knew how to operate it, used to seal the room and switch on the poisonous gas which she also used to switch it off, but for some reason, she didn’t use it to open the door.
    When we tied the stranger up, Mel knew that the pig mask was a gas mask, assuming that the stranger only told Mel that we were the Butcher.
    When we got the doll from the closet, she noted that it resembles her mom. Mel and her brother’s mom.

    It could’ve been Mel too, but I think she was acting like that to cover up for her brother.
    Her brother was found dead in a fridge, who could’ve killed him? Not the stranger or us. Mel? But she was tied up.
    Or she tied herself up.

    My hypothesis is that Mel accidentaly killed her brother. She used us to kill her brother. Seeing the stranger and us out cold, she put the mask on the stranger so that he will be blamed. She then tied herself to make it seem that she’s innocent. Upon waking up, the stranger spok to the brother, he wasn’t entirely dead yet. He said that we were the killer, not seeing the whole picture. The stranger had stuffed the brother in the fridge to hide the body. He then picked up the murder weapon, the chainsaw, and went to where Mel is. To free her, I guess?
    Then we woke up.
    When we freed Mel, she forgot for a while what was happening, and while progressing in the game, she remembers bits. That’s why she knew what the pig mask is and how to operate the watch. That’s why she believed the stranger that the butcher was us, so not to take the blame. And seeing how she killed enough, she let us go. For as a witness too.

    She needed someone to play as the butcher so that her brother won’t get the blame, and us alive to have an alibi and also so that she won’t be blamed either.

    Sorry for being repetitive. This isn’t my native language.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You could read my walkthrough for it.
      (there should be a link on the main walkthrough). But if you plan on playing it, it’ll spoil the story.

      1. Sharebear

        I have already completed Murder Room good and bad ending. When I go to the title screen and click on Another Room I try to click on buy and nothing happens. Why?

  54. Cassie

    Whenever I try to cut the girl out of the ropes with the knife, it always says the girl is out cold and won’t let me cut the rope. How do I change that and get the girl free?

    1. Kairi

      Tap the shadow near her head

    2. Fatima

      Try to use knife on her hand that are on the upside ,dont click on the body of mel

  55. KittyKat

    hey is it just me or is south for the oven buttons on the left and not the top..?

  56. shadow

    I kept trying the oven part, but once I managed to skip it and get to chapter 3, just use the knife on the rope, rope on window, knife on rope, then grab the key below the window

  57. nikky

    the reason it’s 70 percent completed is because the other 30 percent is ANOTHER STORY which you have to buy but its really good totally worth it and is technically the prequal to the game

  58. Kairi

    I did the bad ending and now I’m on the good ending but I need help!!!! I’m on chapter four and it won’t let me smoke her out again! How do I get in there?!?!?!?!?( the bathroom)

    1. Tanesha Simpson

      Put the gasoline on the bathroom door then put the lighter on it and take the mask off her face and put it on your face to breathe

    2. Cylafrancis

      No u tap the man on the floor untie him and it goes smoothly from there

  59. Zuli

    I can’t throw the suitcase out the window. I NEED HELP!!

    1. kjk

      open it idioot!

  60. Shiloh

    After I burnt the pig-mask guy, Mel’s talking to him and I’m trying to get the rope off of the sink next to the window but it won’t let me.. do I have to do anything in particular to take off the rope?

  61. summer

    How do you get to the good end?

  62. summer

    How can I start to get the good end? I don’t need the whole walkthrough but I just wanna know how to start

  63. Angel

    I’m stuck on chapter 3 with the fuse box. I have NES3F1T2O, and I’ve put in 987, 527, 506, 507, and all other thing is can make out of the clue, can I get help?

    1. adelle

      NES3F1T2O is “Nine, Eight, Seven, Six (on the 3 placement), Five, Four (on the 1 placement), Three, Two (on the 2 placement), One”. So four, then two, then six.

  64. T

    The oven part doesn’t work
    I tried all sorts of combos and she died

    1. adelle

      The oven is a compass. But for some reason, North is to the right.

  65. Sunny

    Thank you so much.i finished it with true end.but,in the oven,the top is not south,but east.sorry if my language is bad,because i’m Indonesian

  66. Sunny

    Thank you so much,i finish it with true end.
    The top is not the south,but east.Forgive me,if my language is bad,because i’m Indonesian.

  67. Nefritiri

    What was the meat for?

    1. justakidDM

      If you’ve freed Melanie from the oven, she’ll give you a piece of meat. Put it in the oven and it’ll br slightly burnt. But there are Roman Numerals. They’ll give you another code to the closet

  68. Jacquelyn

    HELP! I have the chainsaw but I cant click the body, it wont let me? I tried clicking melanie but that didn’t work…. Help??

  69. Afi

    How do i use the chainsaw on the body nothing happens when i touch anything

  70. Sophia

    You never told us how to unlock the fusebox

    1. Sophia again

      Oh, nvm, it’s 426

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