Do Not Believe His Lies ( #DNBHL): The Unforgiving Riddle: Walkthrough Guide Levels 31 – 45

Do Not Believe His Lies : The Unforgiving Riddle
By: theM Dev

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This will be a walkthrough for Do Not Believe His Lies : The Unforgiving Riddle. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough’s complete. If you know the reasoning behind any of the answers I didn’t explain, please share.


Looking for the answers for levels 1 – 15?

31. This whole game in a nutshell? Email the photo to yourself and it will download with blinking dots under some letters, spelling out the answer, “I LIKE YOU”. (Thanks to Crazy for this.)

32. Apparently, this is part of a barcode. If you expand it and scan it, you should get “MORE TO COME”.

33. Might be “SHADOW PUZZLE”.

34.Share this photo on Twitter and it will give you the answer “THE WRONG WAY”.

35. 4 main colors? I found a red dot and a blue/purple dot and a lighter pink dot. Not sure why, but the answer is “ac00ac7000ace800e7ac0055”. (This might be wrong.)

36. If you take a Quick Look at it, you get a message. The answer is “SHEPARD”.

37. LegendaryForwards was right all along? There’s someone who goes by the name LegendaryForwards on reddit. Is it referring to him? The answer seems to be “IT IS ALL IN VAIN MY LORD”. (This might be wrong.)

38. Pridie Kalendas Ianvarias MMXV means the last day before January 2015.  Thanks to ipie4fun for the answer: “I changed the date on my phone to the Monday in two weeks and the time to 2:00 AM. The hint button was there, and had the code, “I HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH”. That’s the answer. 🙂



41. If you do a Quick Look, it gives you a url. If you go to the ustream link, there’s a live stream of a clock ticking. Not sure why, but the answer is “THE TELL TALE HEART”. (I got a different photo for this one when I entered “OPEN DOOR AT NIGHT” while it was actually dark outside by me. It says “Story of My World”.)


42. You need to enter the answer at the right time to get the clue.The answer is “MY MIND IS TUMOR HELP ME FIND IT”.







Continue to levels 46 – 60.

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  1. XxOkami

    you have these in the wrong order my friend. LISTEN NETLIS TRANSCRIBE is puzzle 29, the solution is found by listening to the audio track and translating the languages, by going in to the ID3 information in the actual file on your iPod, the country codes for each language are listed. the languages are Russian, Italian, Polish, and Arabic, and translating the numbers comes out to 12349996238444

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Holy crap. Lol thanks. How the hell did anyone figure that out?

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Do you know how to get the answer for the colors one? Is my answer wrong?

      1. Laura

        The answer to “4 main colors” is the hexadecimal code that defines the colour of each dot written one after another.

  2. Luis Diaz

    On #32 if you slow it down you get some words, but the most important words are the name of a “doctor” on the last frame of the gif. I also have the answer if it is needed

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I can’t figure out how to slow it down. I can’t save it to my phone like I did the videos.

      1. Lacey

        What is the answer to 32

      2. Luis Diaz

        what I did is email it to myself and opened it on my computer and looked at it frame by frame from there. the words are faint but you shouldn’t have to change the brightness

      1. Luis Diaz

        Im pretty sure the answer is loopis

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Well, it’s the answer to something. 😉 Thanks!

  3. SunfFox

    a friend told me burning questions should come after “is it you mom”

    1. Kelli

      #33 is “burning questions”

  4. Crazy

    The answer to 33. Is: I like you

  5. Hannah

    On #33, I know what the quote is but not how to solve it. If it’s any help, the quote is from a copyright warning at the beginning of the Fight Club movie. The quote isn’t an exact match, though. Still, it’s in essence a paraphrase of it. I can’t figure out what the code is, though.

  6. Crazy

    Just send yourself an email of 33 and you’ll see little dots flashing under certain letters…which spell out I like you

      1. Crazy

        Welcome :)) we’re all in this together lol

        1. AppUnwrapper

          If you can explain any others I couldn’t, please do! I’m still unsure about the order of some.

          1. Crazy

            Yeah no problem. I’m stuck on 34 using moris code but it doesn’t make sense

    1. Chris

      The answer to the ‘I LIKE YOU’ puzzle is a barcode, not morris code. If you stretch out the picture you can read it with an app.

  7. illusions

    what would the answer to the very last picture above be? hints or answers

  8. KrazhOG

    Anybody got 34 yet?

  9. KrazhOG

    35 after you put burning qyestion?

  10. Aerika

    34 is burning questions

  11. Crazy

    I don’t know about 34. I’ve been using morse code. I got a bunch of letters and I’m just trying to make sense of them. Anyone else?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah not sure. The answer might be burning questions, or that might be for a different one.

      1. Crazy

        This is what I got:

        Now to make this into a word/sentence??

  12. flapjackums

    The last one pictured reminded me of ruin alphabet. But I can’t connect the two :/

  13. Kelli

    I’m a little confused because on the long paragraph I put “Burning questions” then it sent me to the ones that look like bent keys and I put in “I like you” then it sent me to the one with morse code.. Confused on that one.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The game lets you put in any answer at any time. So that’s why we’re confused on the order for some.

  14. Crazy

    So I got this from reddit:
    And I guess it’s in order..

    The first time
    I saw him there
    I was just a child
    He keeps showing up
    In my dreams
    I cannot escape him now
    He is watching you
    Please help me
    I am scared
    I hate me
    I have to go now
    Be careful friend
    Give up now
    Spider web
    Budapest Hungary
    I am still here
    The nightmare
    Less is more
    Ursa Major
    Stop and die
    He he he I c u
    Not expected
    Church of Bones
    Defaced Cafe
    Is it you Mom
    Burning questions
    All is lost
    I like you
    More to come
    Shadow puzzle
    The wrong way
    It is all in vain my lord
    2 commentsshare

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Only thing is, without proper explanations, it’s hard to tell if that’s the right order.

      1. Crazy

        That’s what makes this game so confusing. Mind boggling.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      According to that list, mine is a bit out of order. Question is whether that list is right!

    3. Jose

      #38 is Budapest Hungary

      1. Bree

        Actually, that’s the answer to #15.

    4. Raph

      I think that #39 (“Its like looking into a mirror) speak about parallel universe/world ’cause that’s about mirror and the “parallel lines” with the R are gone in the “white” (=in the mirror?) SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH !

      1. Raph

        I think that #39 (ΓÇ£Its like looking into a mirror) speak about parallel universe/world ΓÇÖcause thatΓÇÖs about mirror and the ΓÇ£parallel linesΓÇ¥ with the R are gone in the ΓÇ£whiteΓÇ¥ (=in the mirror?) SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH !

    5. Bella Auerhan

      What is the answer to #37

  15. shawnny

    so i just put in the web link in the ac00ac7000ace800e7ac0055 puzzle and got a youtube video tittled “godspped you!black emperor” idk wtf to make of it

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I just updated everything and am adding some photos and more info. But the last one isn’t working for me.

      1. Crazy

        Yeah my bad with the last one. It may be a typo on my end. It’s not on the original list

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Did you figure it out? Or are they stuck on that one? Everything else appears in order, but don’t know the reason behind some.

          1. Crazy

            Seems like we’re all stuck on that one. Haven’t figured it out yet.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Well, at least I got it all in order now lol. Thanks!

            2. AppUnwrapper

              Let me know if you notice any mistakes? I’m a bit sleep-deprived and I was editing those posts so much, it’s possible I slipped up somewhere.

        2. Stepnoski

          It’s Latin for “Even this tough pain of yours persists and profits”. Or really close to those lines.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I dunno about that, but look at what I wrote for it.

    3. Britney

      title=”I pressed the YouTube link and it gave me the option for a ‘quick look’ and it popped up a reading for ac00ac7000ace800e7ac0055 saying ‘I never end. I am just an illusion. I am the sound of infinity. Find me. Name me. “>

    4. MDubBug

      I think they are the color codes of the four main colors from which all digital colors are made from, cerulean, magenta, cyan, and white, I believe

  16. Keko

    It’s a loop

  17. shawnny

    is there an updated list

  18. Xshady0025

    Okay so I went ahead and skipped to this last problem, most the previous answers seem legit. As far as the puzzle/riddle 38 goes “Pridie Kalendas Ianvarias MMXV” mean “the day before/one day before the first day of January 2015” so probably December 31st 2014. “Prefer et obdura dolor hic tibi proderit olim” means “bear and endure, someday this pain will be useful to you” and “terminus” mean “boundary, end, or limit”. The quote about enduring is appearently I part of a poem from a poet name Ovid. there is large speculation he has something to do with this. Although everything is just guessing right now. Also the hint to this riddle is said to be: “the riddle continues tomorrow”. Some believe that it means the riddle will continue the end of this upcoming year, but I don’t see how they interpret that. But good luck to all of you!

    1. SeeMeHearMeScream

      It’s funny you said this on the 15th of March because for a time the roman calendar started a new year on March 15, and before that it was May 1st Ovid was roman right? Therefore January would still be 2014 based on that timing scheme… Take that as you will…

  19. Random

    I belive I have the list in correct order up to defaced cafe

    But after defaced cafe I have seen (I have no idea what order)
    Is it you mom
    Burning questions
    All is lost
    It is all in vein my lord
    Budapest Hungary
    Shadow puzzle
    The wrong way
    All is lost
    I like you
    More to come

    I belive that there is a different answer in “more to come”
    But I did not look into it yet I will keep checking in on this website bc this has been the most help so far

  20. Xshady0025

    You are very out of order

  21. Matthew Siller

    Number 37 looks like it’s in Latin and in Roman numerals but this is all I can get but it’s not the answer. “the day before the Kalends of this pain will be useful to you bear and endure to the end Ianvarii 2015”

  22. Matthew

    Oh wait someone already figured that out

  23. Crazy

    So nothing yet i see. Hmm hopefully we can sovle it today.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I can’t even explain some of the ones I have the answers for. 😛

      1. Crazy

        lmao the only one i can explain is 34

        1. AppUnwrapper


          It’s weird. I’m really good with Magic Eye, but I couldn’t get it to work on my iPhone. When I looked at the photo on my PC, though, I could see it pop out. So once again, really not sure why this was made as a mobile game.

          1. Crazy

            Me either its kind of weird tho.

  24. Xshady0025

    ITs been 4 months since people have been on this riddle. I hope soon, but I dont know

  25. Anonbabygirl

    Does anyone know the code for level 39 yet?

    1. Noah flores

      I figured it out!!! It’s “give up now”

      1. Noah flores

        Nvm I was wrong

  26. Anonbabygirl

    Or 38 idek?

  27. Xshady0025

    No, that’s what I am saying. In the last 4 months no one has solved puzzle 38

  28. Maryann995

    For level 38 the anwser is “All is lost”

  29. Noah flores

    I figured out level 39!!!!! It’s “give up now”

    1. Noah flores

      No it’s not its an earlier level

      1. Maryann995

        is good.

  30. Maryann995

    level 40 is “spider web”

  31. Maryann995

    one man to know German?:)) because i don’t know very well English

  32. Mac Barnes

    #38 translates from Latin to say this: YESTERDAY KALENDAS ianvarii 2015

    bear and endure this pain will be useful to you

  33. Xshady0025

    I sprecht klein Deutsch.

  34. Xshady0025

    I sprecht klein Deutsch.

  35. Xshady0025

    I sprecht klein Deutsch.

  36. Xshady0025

    I apologies I don’t know why it did that. What I was trying to say was, sprecht klein Deutsch.

  37. Xshady0025

    Okay I give up

  38. Xshady0025

    I have found an answer to the “loopis” question. It you screen shot at the right moment when either the top or bottom looks like it will hit you, you can catch the words “d.o.c.t.o.r.” On top and “shaye Saint John” on the bottom. This is appearently a model who have an accident and had to have surgery. The surgents name was Dr. Sam Loopis. Hence “Loopis”

    1. shawnny

      lol yea i was just lookin at that and theres more but i guess it just has more to do with loopis puzzle. i found the phrase “find my name.” which i guess is shayne saint john but it might have something to do with puzzle 38 too. thats just a guess but i might be wrong but if anyone wants to look into it be my guess

  39. Xshady0025

    If you have kik, snapchat, fb, insta, or text app. I can send you mine

  40. Seton Fogel

    The answer to 38 is all is lost

  41. Xshady0025

    No… No it’s not

  42. Xshady0025

    Its say waiting for moderation, but yes you can get my email

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, didn’t want to leave it there for spam bots to pick up. But I sent you an email. Thanks!

  43. shawnny

    so did we ever get 38 figured out

  44. Emmalyn

    So, I feel like #38 has something to do with this site:

    But all I’ve really figured out is the following:
    The first part is refering to the last day in January of 2015, so that was a saturday.
    The second part is from a man named OVID that translates to: Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.
    And the third part is the name of a Roman god of a god who protects boundary markers.

    The link takes you to a topographic map of a place called Ovid, which are related to the hint, but I have no idea how these things relate, or what to use on the site if it is the correct one.

  45. Eliz


  46. Gabriella

    The answer to lever 38 is all is lost . Has anyone figured out though what 39 is ? It’s another “listen netsil transcribe” :s

    1. Emily

      38 is not all is lost! That’s an answer to an earlier question. It allows you to type in any code and it wills end you back to whatever question that is the answer to. And the listen netsil is the level after that but it is not 39. No one knows 38 yet.

  47. Jax

    #38 – all is lost

  48. Maryann995

    Ok. Is not the “all is lost” but in my game i see that and next part sai ” listen natsil transcribe” way? Ok..
    In a few houres i will try ti recording the messege.. Againe sorry for my English..i will put the recording and a photo..

  49. Xshady0025

    I don’t understand. Every answer that was possibly solved is given to you above or on his other two links

  50. Katie

    The second line in level 38 is a Latin translation of a line in Ovid’s poem “bear and endure, someday this pain will be useful to you” when Ovid was alive, there were only 29 days in December. So maybe the answer/hint will be released on the first day before January, December 29th, 2015?

  51. Coffish

    The first part says ‘January, the last day of 2015’
    The second part of #38 translates to ‘Besr and endure, this pain will be useful to you’
    This comes from a poem written by a Roman poet Ovid that is actually ‘Bear and endure to the end, this sorrow will one day prove to be for your good.’
    Lastly, Terminus mean limit.
    If I had to guess, I’d say it’s dealing with the 31-day months used in old roman calendars. Something to do with December 31 this year, or last year.
    As for limit, I don’t know.

    1. Coffish

      My bad, I meant 29.

  52. Daisy

    Your number 38 is Budapest Hungary

  53. Hailey

    Perfer et obdura, dolor hic tibi proderit olim.” (Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.)

  54. Hailey

    Perfer et obdura, dolor hic tibi proderit olim. (Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.)

  55. Meowzah

    I think the answer to 38 is burning questions. Unless that’s the answer to a different one?

    1. Emmalyn

      It’s the answer to a different one. Number 38 is the one with the Latin

  56. Crazy

    Lmao i think its going to a while to figure out #38

  57. Crazy

    Lmao i think its going to take a while to figure out #38

  58. Desparate swaggot

    Okay what is 39 I am so confused

  59. Arkangel27

    Answer to level 38 is “All is lost”

  60. Arkangel27

    Nvm I was on level 38 but after I put all is lost it went on to the next one but then glitches and sent me back to 28

  61. Arkangel27

    okay something weird is happening, when you put “all is lost” as the answer for level 38 it sends me back to level 29. It does not say my answer is incorrect, it simply just sends me back to level 29.

    1. Emmalyn

      That might be because the codes work like checkpoints. Each one is unique to send you to a certain level. For instance, if you enter the very first code, “The First Time” I bet it would send you to level 2

    2. Bree


  62. Anna

    For number 38, I went through a bunch of websites and found some sort of entry talking about January and whatever. Idk if this’ll help but here – Though January is the first month, and was before,

    February that follows was once last in the ancient year.

    And your worship, Terminus, closed the sacred rites.

    The month of Janus came first, being the entrance (janua):

    This month was last, sacred to the last rites of the dead.

    Also, apparently the quote is somehow related to Ovid, which is related to Terminus. Yeah I’m not sure.

  63. Jeremy

    I was reading reddit, and I have clarification. LegendaryForwards is NOT a developer, but met with them for some reason. His name is up there for a reason.

  64. Jose Ruiz

    So if you put in a previous code, it takes you back. That’s why people are confusing the levels.

  65. Valerie

    39 is budapest hungary

  66. Patrik

    so i read everything i could find on the internet about riddle#38 but nobody seemed to try to translate the text to other languages except english… All fits except terminus, because if you translate it to romanian it translates as due date, so it might be:
    1. the game indeed will only unlock after 31 dec. 2015
    2. or something important has happened or will happen on the day before first day of january.
    p.s. sorry for the bad grammar…

  67. Shawnny

    Haven’t thought of it that way maybe translate it all to roman. Or French Or even Spanish.

  68. Kota

    The last puzzle is #39 the code to it is “it is all in vain ny lord” Nobody has figured out howto advance farther.

    1. Bree

      Noone has gotten past level 38. People are mixing up the levels. ” IT IS ALL IN VAIN MY LORD ” is the answer to 37.

  69. idontknow

    it’s weird that january is spelled wrong in Latin. When you google Ianvarias you get 1 person on facebook i guess someone should become friends with him mabye it’s something on his site ? I don’t know but i’m trying to help 🙂

    1. Bree

      Not spelled wrong. It has already been discovered that the Romans had no distinction between the letters V and U. So even though the SOUNDS were different, the letter U and the letter V was written as V. Which, in this case, is why when you translate ianvarias, you’re not getting JANUARY. BUT if you change the letters from v to u, (which means you now have ianuarias), the latin translation is January.

  70. Amber

    Level 38 is Budapest Hungary

    1. Amber

      38 or 39

  71. Day

    Have you noticed that in the 38th level you can’t get a hint?

  72. Moomoo

    I know number 38!

    1. Jhang

      What is it?

  73. Noctambulo

    Somebody saw the website’s spp, appear a video in streming and we can see a watch that say “monday morning”

  74. Kota

    Then whats the answer too “it is all in vain my lord” ?

  75. AlexTudariuc

    The answer for 38 :”give up now”
    The answer for 39 :”spider web”

  76. sofia

    This sentence means “some day this pain will be useful to bear and endure to the end”, but i have no ideia of what that means.. And before that, “the last day of january 2015”.. Please help

  77. Syous

    Well The last word means end…maybe it means we finished the game? Because 38 doesn’t even give a hint…

  78. ipie4fun

    I found it. I changed the date on my phone to the Monday in two weeks and the time to 2:00 AM. The hint button was there, and had the code, “I have suffered enough”

    1. GameAdik

      Hi ipei4fun, why two weeks?

      1. ipie4fun

        It’s just what I did, but after talking with my friend, it might not have been necessary. I don’t really know though.

  79. mobyduck

    Lv.38 is i have suffered enough

  80. GameAdik

    Level 39 = we await you at the end
    Level 40 = open door at night
    Level 41 hasn’t been solved yet…

      1. GameAdik

        level 39 – from reddit – Symbols at the bottom are Staveless Runes (the oldest inscriptions in Germany and Denmark) which translate to:
        hi ahait iuu at thi int

        play around with the words to get – we await you at the end

  81. GameAdik

    level 40 – just need to translate the hieroglyphs at the bottom

  82. Amomynous

    For #41, the small sign above the clock says ‘Wednesday am’, is there some kind of special event that happens on Wednesday mornings?

  83. mobyduck

    The clock in the livestream is an alarm clock. If you look at the other streams you can see its got four hands, seconds, minutes, hours and alarm set. I’m pretty sure that it’s set for one judging by the other videos on there. Looks like doors will open one oclock Wednesday morning on that livestream. Doors probably being the next clue/hint.

    1. Cookie

      Okay I used cheats all the way to the end and I need to know what happens!!! I’m so impatient though but I’m actually looking forward to watching it all morning, I want to see what is at the end of all this “looking up cheats and codes” 😛 I’m so lazy

  84. Master Diba

    The Hint for chapter 41: “Be there when the clock lights up!”

  85. Master Diba

    Did anyone else see what happens when you input “open door at night” during the night?

  86. ipie4fun

    There is a new distorted image of you go back into 41. I can’t tell what it says though.

  87. Pistov_Mofo

    Anyone cracked 41 yet?

  88. Rineus_BR

    Now the clock marks Friday AM…

  89. Cherix [Team buissonnets]

    Me and cuple of friendclass we have done the level 41. i don’t want to spoil how you can find the awnsers .

    level 41 ” The tell tale heart”

    level 42 : we need to w8 friday

  90. ehrlich

    42=maybe story of my world because I was write “open door at night” and I don’t see “door closed”.I saw “story of my world”
    this game very hard.I don’t know last code

  91. ehrlich

    Can you speak to fb.I send photo about 42 code

  92. ipie4fun

    What happen is that 41 used to say doors closed, and it you go to quick look it would have the link you the DNBHL clock live stream. At 2:30 (for +1 or 0 time zone) on Wednesday morning (AM) a light got shined on the clock. The picture that used to say DOORS CLOSED now had a new picture of a warped image of an equation. The people on IRC worked it out into letters (I think they got to “it is the beat of” or “it is the beating of”) and form that I think someone guess it right. The code is “the tell tale heart” which is also a short story.

    1. ipie4fun

      This clock before said Monday AM, and so I now think when the clock reached 2:30(ish, because I don’t really know) on Monday (for +1 or 0 time zone) was the same time the hint button appeared, and that me changing the time had nothing to do with it. It now says Friday AM (acording to a friend, I haven’t checked yet and I am NOT going to today) so we will have to wait until Friday (2:30 for +1 or 0 time zone I assume) for something to change in level 42.

    2. Noah flores

      “It was the beating of the old mans heart”
      Is the quote from the tell tale heart that might be it

  93. Noah flores

    If you type in “open door at night” after you’ve entered “the tell tale heart” the picture changes from the first time and it says “story of my world” at the top. Any thoughts?

    1. ehrlich

      Noah.i write”open door at night” and I SAW “story of my world”ann very small sentences maybe mathematics formul

      1. ipie4fun

        When the “doors opened” on the clock on Wednesday, (literally a flashlight was shone on the clock) the picture changed from “doors closed” to “story of my world”.

  94. Syous

    As of now, if you put in the tell tale heart, u get a different image with a code, now sure what kind it is…go go go, check it out

  95. ipie4fun

    The picture has changed for 42. Re enter the code “the tell tale heart” to see it. Also, message to the post author, please read my last 3 comments if you want an explanation of why it says doors closed and what that means and what the live stream has to do with it.

  96. Rockon421

    Number 42 is part of a URL I relized this right away but I did buy the hint as I couldn’t find anyone who had bought it so I decided I would (il post it and end of comment) basically the format of a URL would be “ in site”
    The line in the level being the area I’m the site. Sadly I have no clue to what site and until someone can figure that out I’m not sure.

    The hint was kind of odd it was very different then most of the others I saw it is:

    “Did I eve lie before… Follow the link and you’ll find me. Are you entertained Nate? Is this not why you are here?”

  97. Rockon421

    Also to make your life eaiser what is in the the level for 42 is: #!YZECwQRZ!VuBeosl4pgAzFx-KPelJuUzUyifLwymz1taThwSAXLY

    (It’s hard to say if that dash belongs because it always indents there on the iphone although it’s there in the picture it’s possible it’s not part of the URL….

  98. Rockon421

    Ok so I’m doing a ton of reserve on this right now and found that this hint is a paraphrased line for the hobbit although still doesn’t answer any questions yet. I will keep posting here if I find anything new, I hope you guys will also! Thanks

    1. Rockon421

      Sorry I didn’t get back earlier but mega is a file share site witch would he highly unlikely that they used that site and anyone could make that link so is assume that’s not the real link

  99. Master Diba

    the video from the link says as follows: spaces separate when the picture changes B06 6475 35D2 EE8 6D7F 22E 45A 92B0 3D85

  100. Rockon421

    Master Diba thanks for the link. May I ask how you found out the site? I’ve been looking around all day with no clue of the link

  101. Master Diba

    Just add https:// mega. to the lines. I found on the web. The Tell Tale Heart is a poem by Edgard Allan Poe; I am working on it but now clues regarding that yeat.

  102. Master Diba

    Figuring out the images in the video: https: //imgur. com/a/IZ4Rz

  103. Rockon421

    Sadly no I can’t seem to find where this link goes to, I haven’t tried masters yet but I highly doubt that is the real like as it’s very easy to get a virus from that site but il try it later and reply.. If anyone finds out anything please leave a comment 😀

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Should I remove the link from the comments? I don’t want anyone to get a virus from it.

      1. Rockon421

        Il have to get back to you on that later today, it could be the correct link it just doesn’t seem like it is…. Leave it for now and il check if its safe or not later and tell ya

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I added spaces to it so at least people can’t just click straight through. They’d have to copy and paste it back together.

  104. Fatalis

    I got this from the video link: ad6 6475 35d2 ee8 6d7f 22e 45a9 2b 03d85
    A bit different from what Master Diba got. Not sure if the spacing is correct but the numbers and letters should be right. So far I only figured out the first picture which is regarding the AD-6 plane crash.

  105. rockon421

    Just downloaded file onto my computer and its pretty damn odd, it is what they said it is and this does looks like its the actual file. i would just remove my other messages about it being possibly fake as i believe this might be the real video. i’m not 100% sure this is the real file but there is no viruses and someone would have to speed allot of time making this fake file for no reason the only reason this seems like the wrong link is because mega isint the kind of site that you want to be downling random files from, but i can confirm there are no virus in this file. I would just remove my other posts and see if any one can figure this out 😀

  106. mrmansirchief

    So it’s a couple pictures of a plane crash, possibly. Then it goes to a duck which is odd. After that it seems like it’s a sequence of pictures zooming closer and closer to a particular building that’s possibly part of the new York skyline. not sure how any of it is connected or if it even matters. It could just be filler to distract from the sequence in the audio or the sequence in the audio could be a distraction from the video. I’m trying to see if the sequence is like an encryption and am mixing letters and numbers.

  107. Fatalis

    I googled the alphanumeric string part by part and found a good portion of them have something to do with coding. Is it possibly that?

    1. Rockon421

      What kind of codeing? Doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen for the most part?

  108. Rockon421

    The numbers and letters said during the video are actually able to be decrypted by the rot-13 using the non-basic letter structure of it. I’ve done some research on it and with some time I believe that if we can find some kind of letter structure of the rot-13 ( meaning what letter/symbol would replace what letter on the normal rot-13)
    Rather then starting at a and ending at z it would be an entirely different order annincluelde symbols only thing would be finding this order….

    1. Rockon421

      Ok, so I tried this substitution replacing numbers on the rot-13 and using other rot,s (rot-47,rot-93,etc) not returning anything worth while…..

  109. Fatalis

    Well i think the ee8 part looks like it might have something to do with hexadecimal.

  110. Fatalis

    I tried googling the entire string out of pure desperation and something about md5 came out. And now i am lost again. Here is a preview of that very long string of decoded md5: MDAxMTAwMDAgMDAxMTAxMTAgMDAxMTAxMTEgMDAx
    and it goes on.

  111. Cherix [Team buissonnets]

    Hey guys ! i’m back finaly with the answer 42 ! After long day and hours we finaly done it with my friendclass.

    42 : ”my mind is tumor help me find it”

    if you want to know how to find it i post a new message with solution.

    1. Rockon421

      Please tell I would love to know I’ve been spending a lot of time on this with no luck

  112. Cherix [Team buissonnets]

    so now we are working on 43 ! I come back when i have another answer for the next puzzle ! Cya guys ! good game

  113. rockon421

    so this is what i think ive found…… basically what this picture is, is an optical illusion kind of idea the same found in this video: problem is that without the right size transparency paper sizing (spacing between lines) its not possible to make out anything. i have tried this and cant really make to much out but it does look like this is what it is, with some more testing if i could find the right sizing i may be able to make something out of it…

  114. Cherix [Team buissonnets]


  115. Cherix [Team buissonnets]

    I don’t understand why i can’t post a big message :/ i have make a big text for explain how we got the answer but when i post the comment it doesn’t work

  116. Cherix [Team buissonnets]

    i’m will write it in different message to try if it work.

    so first : After reverse-hash(?)ing it, you are left with a long string of semi-repeating characters followed by an “=” sign. Which we’ve all seen a bunch after the last three days. Here’s a shortened version:

  117. Cherix [Team buissonnets]

    then after recognizing that it as encoded b64 we converted that into our respective converter tools we got a long binary in ascii then converted to octals and then into hex and finally reconverted into a readable ascii phrase r i e r f r a b g n u g g n u j l i a r r j a n i v e w l r u

  118. Cherix [Team buissonnets]

    then the team race to bust out the rot13 finally and we are left with e v r e s e n o t a h t t a h w y v n e e w n a v i r j y e h

  119. Cherix [Team buissonnets]

    wich everyone immediatly reversed to get hey jr ivan we envy what that one serve

  120. Cherix [Team buissonnets]


    you just a to used words 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and 34. That spelled out the answer my mind is tumor help me find it !

    sorry for the text in several message

    1. rockon421

      wow thanks for telling us how you found this, surprised how in-depth this is, anything with the new one yet? also by the way the hint for the new one is “Play me”…..

  121. Rockon421

    Anything new on level 43

  122. Cherix [Team Buissonnets]

    We are working on it but just today and tommorow we don’t work beaucause we Go to a manga convention but we have 1 week holiday so mondey to sunday we Will work a lot on dnbhl

    1. Rockon421

      Great! 😀 keep us updated as much as possible I would love to hear what progress you make. Thanks!

  123. Master Diba

    Found the solution!! The sog is ‘My President’ by Young Jeezy Feat. If anyone wants to find the answer, look for the album of the song and add what is given in the puzzle. Very simple!! See you on level 44!!

  124. Rockon421

    What master Diba is saying is the picture somehow translated into the song (or a link to the song “my presedent” by young jeezy the album name of this song was The Recession..

    So the code to the next level is “The Recession of my mind”

  125. Rockon421

    44’s hint is “Transmit – Recieve and see my work. Look in warm places.” I have no clue where to start with this one…..

  126. Rockon421

    When emailing this video to your self the video name is 128128.mp4 witch is odd because usually it would be the name of the code to get to the level (in this case is should be called therecessionofmymind.mp4 ).

  127. amazedly

    #44 = Five Dreams
    #45 = One Angel
    #46 = Devil Door Death

    Sorry no ideas on how to get those answers

    1. Rockon421

      Thanks a ton amazedly, appears this page is a little behind in this but hopefully that will put it back I track, I’m just hopeing there all in order it’s so hard to tell with this game that’s!!!!

    2. LoHotBelieveNisDies

      #44: Snowy in Spanish is Nevada. Shire is another word for county. The triangle in background of the video is a bombing target in Nevada. That target is in Nye County. If you use Pixivisor with the beeps, you should somehow get “Robert 1973”. There was a poet named Robert Nye who published three works in 1973, one of them being “Five Dreams”.

      #45: That is a type of Arabic language that translates into “the last judgement”. If you put that behind a but spell judgement as “judgment” (part of clue) it takes you to a mega file. Don’t know what to do from there because I solved it differently. It will eventually give you “One Angel”.

      #46: Those characters are square Aramaic. They translate to “Devil Door Death”.

  128. Rockon421

    All I’ve found out is that the sound that is heard has a specific wave length/shape that must translate into something ( I have no clue how to “decode” it) every 20 buzzes it repeats and plays the same thing over again….

    1. LoHotBelieveNisDies

      For the buzzes you have to use this “pixivisor” thing and it will give you an image. After that follow the clues. Btw shire = county

      1. Rockon421

        Thanks lohot, love hearing how all these are solved and not just going from level to level not having a clue :3. Now only to figure out what this next one is appears to have been re shapen but a chunk in the middle has had something done to it, I haven’t really put any work into this yet so we will see. If any one knows anything please post I’d love to hear :d

        1. LoHotBelieveNisDies

          If you need any help, just reply to me. My friends and I are on level 46 and the IRC is on level 48, I believe. :3

  129. LoHotBelieveNisDies

    Figured out Level 47. It shows a swirl that has nothing to do with the answer. In the very center are 7 bars. You have to arrange them in a certain square shape and invert the colors; that will form a Microsoft tag. If you scan the tag, you should get two things: the code to 48 “the five are amongst yourselves” and an alphanumerical string. Level 48 is currently closed.

    Also, a video has been posted on reddit:

    Reply to me and I can tell you what it means

    1. Rockon421

      Thanks for the answer we will just have to wait now a few days for the puzzle open up 😀 pretty maxing that someone figured out that was a microft tag, I was paying more attention the the swril then the mid haha

  130. Rockon421

    Level 48 is open now and it’s got some odd stuff one of witch is a set of dots. Those dots are Braille which spells out “you are on your own now” that’s all I’ve figured out right now still working on it (this is not code I’ve tried it already 😀 )

    1. LoHotBelieveNisDies

      The ten stanzas are from the poem “The a Seven Deadly Sins” by William Dunbar

    2. LoHotBelieveNisDies

      5-8-7 8-5-19 1-10-2
      2-3-16 10-8-2 6-2-1
      ^^^Script above Braille
      (Egyptian numbers)

  131. Rockon421

    Very nice with the number the top part is directly from “the dance of the seven deadly sins” I believe it’s written in old English. I think I’ve figures it out give me a min and il come back with answer

  132. Rockon421

    Believe I’ve figured out pretty much very thing but there’s bits and peices that need to be put toghter I’m gonna restate everything I’ve said in other messages. So the top called “the dance of the seen deadly sins” the next part is Egyptian numbers in sets of 3 the first of each set is enlarged the numbers are
    5-8-7 8-5-19 1-10-2
    2-3-16 10-8-2 6-2-1
    (Thank you lohot for this part)
    I assume that the first number is the number of the section of the words on-top the second number is the line and the third is the letter (unsure if spaces count as one letter). The dots are Braille spelling out “you are on your own now) and the link is a youtube Link the site name has been put through a rot 13 although link still doesn’t work with that, I assume that the end needs to be put through a rot13 also plus the letters found in the top Lins will have to be added also to get this link to work. I havent had enough time to get any further but il work on it Tomorow and I should have an answer by then 😀

    1. Rockon421

      Last part of numbers is not a phone number not sure why it’s linking lol

  133. Master Diba

    Ok, since we are already working on level 48, I believe it is time to open a new link on this walkthrough game. How about solutions from 46-60??

    To put everybody at the same page and move forward, here it goes:

    31 – I like you
    32 – More to come
    33 – Shadow puzzle
    34 – The wrong way
    35 – Ac00ac7000ace800e7ac0055
    36 – Shepard
    37 – It is all in vain my lord
    38 – I have suffered enough
    39 – we await you at the end
    40 – Open door at night
    41 – The tell tale heart
    42 – My Mind is tumor help me find it
    43 – The recession of my mind
    44 – Five Dreams
    45 – One Angel

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Good idea. Will get the rest updated with photos and start a new page. 🙂

  134. Free Games

    Is the game telling me a story? Who is the person or thing that is haunting the person in the game? Who is the we referred to at the start? Whose lies are we not supposed to believe? Are people bashing their heads against a wall for something that’s actually worth it? The only way to find out is to win, I guess.

  135. Giancarlo

    I dont know if anybody knows about it.. but in the level of the braille and egypcian numbers
    I found something..
    the link of “youtube”, I tried to decode with rot47 .. (the word youtube is on rot 13) , tried to decode the symbols after “watch=” and suprise!
    a fuckin video with user ” TERMINUS” …
    I’m so fuckin’ scared hahaha
    sorry for my bad english, Let me know if works..
    I’m stucked with the words in braille, egypcian numbers, the poem .. and now… that freak video.

  136. DJ Iceak

    35. 4 main colors? I found a red dot and a blue/purple dot and a lighter pink dot. Not sure why, but the answer is ΓÇ£ac00ac7000ace800e7ac0055ΓÇ¥. (This might be wrong.)

    I know why is that code, because ac00ac corresponds to a color, in a RGB color space, hex #ac00ac is composed of 67.5% red, 0% green and 67.5% blue. Whereas in a CMYK color space, it is composed of 0% cyan, 100% magenta, 0% yellow and 32.5% black. It has a hue angle of 300 degrees, a saturation of 100% and a lightness of 33.7%. #ac00ac color hex could be obtained by blending #ff00ff with #590059. Closest websafe color is: #990099.

    The same for #ac0055 (Jazzberry Jam) and #ace800 (Inch Worm).

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