The Trace: Murder Mystery Game: Walkthrough Guide Chapter 3

The Trace: Murder Mystery Game
By: Relentless Software

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS game The Trace by Relentless Software. It is bare bones, meant to help you if you get stuck. I recommend using it only if you really need help, as the fun of the game is discovering everything on your own. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section if you prefer a hint over an answer.


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Crime Scene 3, The Flaming Grill Diner:

1. There’s been an explosion! Go inside the diner. This chapter’s my favorite, and the main reason is the guy with cutlery sticking out of his chest. So let’s start with him. Scan his hand for fingerprints to discover it’s Freddie Gruper. Then inspect the money to learn that it’s fake. Next, the gun. Slide out the cartridge to discover that the clip is full. Then scan the serial number on the back to see that it’s Warren Oakley’s missing gun. Tap on his shoes to discover they’re size 10 and match the prints found at the other crime scenes. And last, tap on the cutlery to get a question about how he got impaled by forks and knives.

You can also watch my video for Chapter 3 here:

2. On the next table over, there’s a suitcase full of cash. Inspect it to discover that’s it’s really, really fake. Look at the tag on the right side of it get a new lead that it’s Hank Duckett’s missing suitcase.

3. Tap on the cutlery holder amongst the rubble to get a lead. Then go to the counter and pick up the thick cloth.

4. Next, go behind the counter and inspect e second dead body. This time it’s a woman. Look at her gun. Open it up, then slide the bullets out to see that one has been spent. Then inspect the blast wounds on her chest and the bullet hole in her shoulder. Last, check her name tag to see that her name is Madge.

5. Look on the floor behind her. There’s a shattered sanitation certificate. Piece it back together to find out that Madge’s last name is Gruper! She’s related to Freddie! Also, notice the bullet hole in the certificate. If you look at the wall behind her, there’s a bullet lodged in it where the certificate came from. Pull it out of the wall and scan it to discover it’s a 9mm caliber and has human blood on it that matches Madge’s.

6. Next, inspect the gas tanks. Looks like bullet holes caused the explosion. Go to the handle right behind them and use the thick cloth to move it to the right and shut off the hot steam so you can go to the back area.

7. There’s a third body back here! And it appears to be Hank Duckett. First, tap on the trail of blood leading to him to get a question about where he was going. Scan the blood on his hand so you have it on file. Then open up his gun and pull out the bullets to see that one round is spent. Then inspect the phone is his pocket. Look at the burns on his neck to get another lead and scan the blood on the bathroom door handle to see that it’s his blood. Last, examine the shotgun wound on his abdomen.

9. You suspect that Linda might be in the back, beyond that bathroom door. So move Hank’s body out of the way and open the door to the bathroom. Turn on the light. Grab the iron pipe near the toilet and use it to remove the wooden planks nailed to the door here. Look for the refrigerator handle on the ground and then use it to open the refrigerator door. Last, pull the suitcase out and open the two locks, then open the suitcase and find Linda gagged! You saved her!

Congratulations! You completed the game! If you liked this game, check out Forever Lost, Adventure Escape Murder Manor and Escape the Hellevator.

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  1. Adam

    Hi. I’m having trouble with this chapter. I got all the clues, except the suitcase with money. I can’t click on the name tag and get the last clue. Any ideas?


    1. AppUnwrapper

      Are you able to get the side view of the suitcase at all? You need to move the camera a bit for it.

      1. Adam

        Yeah, I can get the side view and tap on the name tag, but nothig happens.

        I tried restarting the game, went straight to the suitcase, looked at the tag and tapped it. I got a message that the suitcase belonged to Hank (or what’s his name :-)), but no clue is added to the list. Guess I’ll have to wait for a patch 🙁

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Oh that’s weird. Sorry to hear. I played the game four times through and never had that issue. Maybe delete the game? It has iCloud saves.

          1. Adam

            I reinstalled the game. I also noticed that I don’t have the latest version of iOS, so I downloaded the update. Unfortunately it still doesn’t work. I e-mailed the support team so hopefuly they’ll read it and look into it.

            Anyway, thanks for the great guide! Saved me in chapter 2 – didn’t notice the bloody carpet in the bedroom 🙂

  2. Dd

    Same problem here 🙁

  3. Victoria

    I have the exact same name tag problem. That’s how I found this page here. 🙂 Well, no solution, but at least I know I’m not the only one. I have a completely new iPad Air second generation, iOS up to date and plenty of space. It’s so sad. 🙁

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You should definitely contact the developer if you’re encountering bugs.

  4. Moniqcam

    I have the name tag problem too! Hopefully it will get fixed soon as Its frustrating not to be able to continue with the game.

  5. LynetteS

    Same problem with the tag, here. I also had the problem with the rug in Chapter 2, neither let me find the clue, no matter how I tapped it. In the pause menu, i restarted the level, and both times it then worked.

  6. Ammiss

    Having same problem with the tag. Frustrating.

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