Adventure Escape Christmas Killer: Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Christmas Killer Mystery Story
By: Haiku Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android games Adventure Escape: Christmas (Xmas) Killer Mystery Story by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Chapter 1:

You can also watch my walkthrough video for Chapter 1 here:

December 18:

1. Pick up the used coffee cup and the blue file folder. Keep picking up all the trash, then get the red file folder and the fish food. Pick up the yellow file folder. Open the drawer to get the green file folder. Throw all the trash in the garbage to eat some stars. Also, feed the fish to get some more stars.



2. Go right and pick up the purple file folder. Also, look at the badges above the window and open the door to go to the kitchen.



3. Dan is hungover on the kitchen table. We need to cure his hangover! Look at the note on the wall that tells you common hangover cures are aspirin and greasy food. Open the cabinet to get a paper cup and fill it with water. There’s also a box of donuts. We’ll solve that puzzle soon.




4. Arrange all the donuts in the right order. Some can’t be moved, so they help you figure out the pattern (sprinkles, stripes, nuts, etc). Take Dan’s donut.


5. Use the badges clue to unlock the first aid kit. Count the number of angles for each and then enter those numbers (5364). Take the aspirin. Give Dan the aspirin, water, and donut. He’ll get up and you can take the red file folder.





6. Go back to the first room and open the file drawer. Add all the files you found and then organize them based on the dots and dashes on the left.



7. Count up the squares on each line on the folders and then enter those numbers into the safe to unlock it. So it goes: 428256. Open it and take the case file from inside.




8. Give the case file to the officer and he’ll disappear. A phone starts ringing in the locked drawer. Pick up the trash on the desk to find the key and use it to get the phone. Answer the call from Lt. Murphy and complete the chapter.





Click on the little numbers below to continue to December 19 or click here.

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  1. linda

    Thank you! I had missed this one too!
    Happy Holiday of your choosing!

      1. Laura

        Hi, just to let you know… The”Christmas killer” game, chapter 5 #16 (the journal in the Attic) the solution you show is not the solution for the current game. They must have changed it. It’s now: UDDUDU . Great walkers, thank you!

        1. Sarah

          The way I interpreted it was his mood; whether he felt great/good or depressed/down

          1. Joshua

            Me too seems like we both got the right answer the wrong way lol

  2. gopakumar

    Dear sir,
    I am playing this game now. But in the next step while mixing the drink, unable to put ice cubes. It is not responding.

    1. Asavari Tare

      I am playing this game but next step ice mixing n makeimaking drink not responding

      1. E

        I had same problem. Have to drag ice bucket on top of glass (not above it it)

    2. Lou

      Hoover above the glass

      1. Lou


      2. CatReader

        In the version of the Christmas Killer that was added to Adventure Escape Mysteries for Android late in 2021, the clue in Freddie’s diary has changed. Unlike the original clue that appeared there, I gave up and used a hint. It isn’t impossible to solve, though, especially if you know what puzzle the clue is going to going to be used for. (And that has not changed).

        1. Shanthini

          In this version its the order of the switches to be pressed. The Numbers 463215 are page numbers and you have to press the switch up or down according to the mood of Freddie by what he is write. Down & Depressed are down switches and great and happy are up switches.
          Ans: UDDUDU

          1. Bea

            I’m still having problems with it. I can’t open the case!!! :(((

            1. Marta

              Hi Bea !
              I also had problem with this to open but i resolved . Up must be wite . Is like this the page 463215 up down down up down up but its means that wite colour must be in this order with buttons must be diffrent order push buttons down up up down up down

            2. Pcgrl12

              I am also having issues with opening the case

              1. DmonHiro

                There is no issue with opening the case. I did it just now, using the clue.

  3. Olive Kamdoum

    Thanks you So much but I have a probl╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼ΓöÉme with the finger print I can’t fill them in the box I always can’t see the “complete” sentence please help me

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Do you mean nothing happens after you complete the first fingerprint? I had that problem the first time I did it, but restarting the chapter fixed it.

  4. Jennifer

    You don’t have the walk thru for the rest of the game. After I put the snowglobes in the right order, I went to another address. I now have to unlock a combination lock and I’m not trying to give everything away, but I did what I was supposed to with the telescope and got the combo but the lock isn’t taking it. Please help.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I just finished the walkthrough. The safe is actually opposite of what it says. It’s a little weird. I’ll have a video up soon for the last section that should also help.

      1. Anushka

        In chapter 4 the mines (chips ) game how do you know which chip is faulty .

    2. Jen

      I had that problem too! On the bottom of the safe there are shapes that are connected to the telescope bit. Make sure you are using the correct order.

      1. Merlin

        How to find the order of signs based on shapes.. I don’t get that… Nd then Wat about that mindswipping puzzle… Get me clearly pls…. Am n last stage

    3. JennyDepp

      Look at the shapes under the keypad on the safe. They relate to the shapes of the signs through the telescope. This will give you the order and direction to enter the numbers on the safe.

      1. Kat

        OMG had to scroll back, thought you were Johnny Depp‼

      2. Kirk

        I canΓÇÖt put the sugar into the measuring glass, IΓÇÖve tried hovering above, on, in, multiple ways and nothing.

        1. Cliff

          Same here very frustrating and no way to skip

  5. Mary

    The safe isn’t working for me for some reason. It won’t give me the green light for 5. I’ve tried coming at it from both directions.

  6. Mona

    While making the mojitho i can’t put the ice cubes into the cup. It doesn’t work. Why is that?

    1. Vanessa

      Same with Me, really weird and annoying because i can’t go on with the game

    2. Lou

      Hover above glass

    3. marimaru


  7. Anji

    Cant still figure out about tomatoes colour… help

  8. Qiss

    Thank you and happy holiday to you!

  9. Angel Jones

    Can’t seem to figure out the key board and the chandelier tryed everything I can but nothing can you help please.

  10. Teresa

    Won’t this game save progress if you have to quit?

    1. Cat lover

      Yes the game will save

  11. Mixhelle

    Hello sir,
    Why I can’t play this even if I already download the play store games app???

  12. Danielle

    I have tried for days but can’t figure out the snowglobe order. Can someone please help?

  13. Prativa

    how to get the third quilt scrap

  14. Melanie B.

    THANK YOU, this helped me get past the combination lock safe. Last number was opposite of direction shown. Thanks so much!

  15. corbie

    “Organize them in order from 1 Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γöñ 8” HOW?

    1. Isabelle Chabaud

      Je n’es pas de num╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├«├ëro sur mes boule

    2. Ian

      Number of edges on each flakr

  16. Ingrid

    My game doesnΓÇÖt have the cosmetics on the table in the dressing room?

  17. Myra

    How do I save the game so I can ick up where I left off

  18. Moo

    I accidentally broke the game during this chapter because I tapped on the photo accidentally after I did the clock puzzle and the photo piece didn’t fall out, so I had to restart.

  19. Kamakazi

    Hey, if any of you skip a part, the finishing puzzle won’t work

  20. Jenn310

    The puzzle with the tomato soup cans made me so irritated. Since when does combining blue and white make light purple?! I kept pushing the light blue color because I live in the real world where white and blue and light blue! 😑😑

    1. Caralyn

      Because you have to take into account the colour of the writing of the word “Tomato”.. blue and white make light blue add the red the word is written in and you get light purple!

    2. Joss

      And the rest of us live in the real world where we can read…

  21. Sprite

    How the hell do i fix the fact that gems on flower box stick on top of each other? I cant get them off. And when i do what do i do about there being too many gems to match the kids drawing?

  22. Elsa

    Hi. The Minesweeper puzzle seems incorrect. The second nr 3 in the top row should actually be a 2?

  23. Beth

    I can’t grab the film under the tree I’ve tried everything


      That’s not the film

  24. Celeste

    I’m trying to play on a Samsung phone and I want to turn off the sound. It’s there a way to do that?

    1. Michelle Peterson

      Go into the settings. The gear at the bottom and hit no sound or just turn your volume down.

  25. Lori

    I put in the code to open the bedroom door in chapter 2 (day19) and now the code won’t come off so I can go into the bedroom. Help!

  26. Sharon

    I got jifted. I put the snowglobes in order, but there are no numbers or letters on the front of any of them so my game won’t go any further. Ugh.


    Merci pour votre aide.

  28. Ladyluck

    I know you opned the suitcase in the attic in the way you have show…however. By using the numbers on the last page in the journal in the far left row going from the top and down you can open the suitcase also. I canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t remember the numbers but I believe it starts with 4 and then 11 and so on. If you push the buttons according to a high number or low number it will open too.

  29. Nissa

    I was so upset that at the end nobody told him that the complete locket said “I’ll never forget you” ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö¼├¡

  30. Tlynpitts

    Hi when I am in the records department and I try to hand off the cryptic statements notes, the guy cop just says hand me the blueprints. I canΓÇÖt figure out how to open the game. Help!!

  31. Tasha Wade

    Is any one having problems with the quilt pieces not rotating?

  32. DNogitsune

    I solved the suitcase one by accident. I was screwing around and it opened.

  33. DNogitsune

    I donΓÇÖt really understand the phone puzzle. Can someone explain it? HowΓÇÖd they get the answer.

  34. Angie

    The suitcase isn’t working for me, doesn’t open.. :/ What am I doing wrong?

  35. Anonymous

    For the Diary in AE Mysteries the answer is Down Up Up Down Up Down

  36. Joli

    Chapter 5, they changed the course for the journal. Page 7 has numbers in a certain order and you go to that page and read what mood he says he’s in on that day, down/depressed/upset or happy/excited/jolly, and that correlates to which direction the switches go.

  37. sam

    my mint disappeared and i cant continue the game even if i reload it, idk what to do

    1. Red

      Restart the chapter, if you haven’t already. Sorry, bro. 🙁

  38. Prima

    There is obviously a GLITCH BUG in this game! Maybe many more judging by the amount comments. I also had trouble making the Mojito, because you can’t add the ice!!!
    And for ‘Lou’, “hover above the glass” is NOT helpful, no matter how many times you post it!!? I tried MANY TIMES hovering over the highball glass with the ice bucket….that DOES NOT WORK!!
    Here’s what does work….
    1) First make sure you have added the contents of your measuring cup to the glass. (I think it’s salt)
    2) Then bring the ice bucket to the bottom of the glass. YES BOTTOM!
    Then the ice bucket will successfully add the ice cubes to the glass. Weird I know, but it works!

  39. Prima

    There is obviously a GLITCH BUG in this game! Maybe many more judging by the amount comments. I also had trouble making the Mojito, because you canΓÇÖt add the ice!!!
    And for ‘Lou’, “hover above the glass” is NOT helpful, no matter how many times you post it!!? I tried MANY TIMES hovering over the highball glass with the ice bucket….that DOES NOT WORK!!
    Here’s what does work….
    1) First make sure you have added the contents of your measuring cup to the glass. (I think itΓÇÖs salt)
    2) Then bring the ice bucket to the bottom of the glass. YES BOTTOM!
    Then the ice bucket will successfully add the ice cubes to the glass. Weird I know, but it works!

  40. Aleksandar

    I literally copied the minesweeper solution but nothing happened am I doing something wrong?

  41. Red

    The card game was pretty easy. I started out by getting rid of my low cards. I selected the card I wanted, waited until Everett’s hand was over the cards on my right, then tapped my card a second time to play the hand. Usually I got one of his high-scoring cards; sometimes a mid-scoring card.
    By the way, Aces are the lowest, not the highest.
    By time I’d gotten rid of my low cards, he’d lost a good number of his mid and high cards, leaving me free to sweep the board for the rest of the game. I won 17-9.

    As for the mojito… just keep at it until the damned program accepts the ingredients. Maybe mix one up for yourself while you’re at it (if you’re of age!). Some puzzles are REALLY picky about having the pieces EXACTLY where they want them. The quilt puzzle was like that, too.

  42. P

    Very strange. For Chapter 5 and the puzzle with the jack in the box journal, my last page only says “4 6 3 2 1 5” instead and the typeface is completely different from what is in your screenshots. Maybe they’ve updated it since this guide. ):

  43. Sierra

    I’m on Chapter 5 and my notes are completely different. The last page says
    Are you going to update this or is my an old version or something? I’m just very stuck on the last one

    1. Rex

      Good mood means up, bad mood is down

  44. Smitty

    The version on this site is the one from the old app, when it was a standalone game (and not added to the AE Mysteries one). The clue you have is an updated version from after it was added to AE Mysteries; if you go to the pages in the journal indicated by those numbers, youΓÇÖll find his mood is described as happy/positive (up) or sad/angry (down). Those will give you the order for how to flip the switches on the suitcase.

  45. Ale

    En el acertijo de el maletín en la última página del diario a parecen los números:
    Las páginas del diario están en numeradas del 1 al 6. El orden que se debe ingresar en el maletín es el orden de los números de la última página, por lo que debería quedar así:
    Ese orden debería de desbloquear el maletín

  46. Lotte Korver

    The revised version has a different puzzle in chapter 5 (December 22) with the suitcase and the solution doesn’t trigger. Not sure when this was implemented because it was fine before.

    1. Lotte Korver


      1. Robin

        Lucky you happened along. I didn’t understand Appunwrapper’s explanation at all.

  47. lynne

    the snow globes donΓÇÖt have anything on them for me.

    1. Joss

      They’re not supposed to. You have to look at the edges of the snowflakes closely—they have script number on them. Ignore the comments from people who won’t bother to actually read.

  48. Truus

    I can’t make the cocktail. Tried everything.. So annoying

  49. Isik5

    14) The last page of the diary has changed. Now you have to check pages 4-6-3-2-1-5 and should find the moods of Freddy on every page. It goes like this UDDUDU

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