Adventure Escape Christmas Killer: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 3:

You can also watch my video for Chapter 3, December 21, 22 & 23 here:

December 21:

1. Read the two posters and make note of the colors and numbers. So green 1 and red 3. Head left down the alley.




2. Look at the poster to see a purple 7. Open the dumpster to get a rope, and rip open a garbage bag to get some shoes.



3. Attach the rope to the brick, then throw the brick at the ladder to pull it down. Now you can reach the fourth poster and see a yellow 5 on it. While you’re up there, also plug in the neon sign to see it says VIPER ROOM.




4. You now have all four numbers. Enter them into the combination lock. They’ll change colors as you press them. But you should end up with purple 7, red 3, yellow 5, green 1. Head inside to the dressing room.



5. Enter the word VIPER (the name of the place) on the money box and take $20. There’s also a box with colored gems on the lid. Use trial-and-error to open it and get the accessories. It goes yellow, green, red, orange, purple, blue. Open the closet and take the dresses. Take the cosmetics from the table.




6. Tap the mirror. Time to get dressed! Place all the dresses, shoes, cosmetics, and accessories on the screen. You need to play a Mastermind-like game in which you make an outfit for her and she tells you how many parts she likes, but not which ones. It might be different each game, but I circled the ones that worked for me.


7. Go back to the bouncer of the club and give him the 20 dollars so he’ll let you inside. Go in.


8. Get the small knife, sugar, bottle of rum, soda and crow bar.


9. Leave and go back to the alley. Use the crowbar to open the crate and get the highball glass.


10. Go back to the dressing room and use the knife to get some mint leaves.


11. Go back inside the club. Tap on shaker at the bar and add the sugar, soda, rum, mint, and highball glass to the rest of the ingredients. Follow the recipe to make a Mojito. First, place the mint and lime in the glass. Use the pestle to crush it. Pour some sugar into the measuring cup. Add that sugar to the glass. Then add ice, rum, and soda. Pour the whole mixture into the shaker, then pour it back into the glass. Add a line wedge to complete it! You now have a mojito! Take it.









12. Give the mojito to the guard blocking the VIP entrance and he’ll let you through.


13. You now need to play a card game against the owner of the club, Everett Kane. Basically, you need to choose a card. Everett will choose one at the same time. Whoever has the higher card gets a point. The idea is to have the most points when you run out of cards, so you want to make sure there’s as small a difference as possible between your cards and his. His cards are laid out the same way as yours — lowest on the left, highest on the right. So use that to your advantage. As long as you tie him or get a higher score, you’ll win. You’ll then get to talk to Misty, Peggy’s daughter, get a locket, and complete the day.



Click on the little numbers below to continue to December 22 or click here.

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23 thoughts on “Adventure Escape Christmas Killer: Walkthrough Guide

  1. gopakumar

    Dear sir,
    I am playing this game now. But in the next step while mixing the drink, unable to put ice cubes. It is not responding.

  2. Olive Kamdoum

    Thanks you So much but I have a problème with the finger print I can’t fill them in the box I always can’t see the “complete” sentence please help me

  3. Jennifer

    You don’t have the walk thru for the rest of the game. After I put the snowglobes in the right order, I went to another address. I now have to unlock a combination lock and I’m not trying to give everything away, but I did what I was supposed to with the telescope and got the combo but the lock isn’t taking it. Please help.

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      I just finished the walkthrough. The safe is actually opposite of what it says. It’s a little weird. I’ll have a video up soon for the last section that should also help.

    2. Jen

      I had that problem too! On the bottom of the safe there are shapes that are connected to the telescope bit. Make sure you are using the correct order.

      1. Merlin

        How to find the order of signs based on shapes.. I don’t get that… Nd then Wat about that mindswipping puzzle… Get me clearly pls…. Am n last stage

    3. JennyDepp

      Look at the shapes under the keypad on the safe. They relate to the shapes of the signs through the telescope. This will give you the order and direction to enter the numbers on the safe.

  4. Mary

    The safe isn’t working for me for some reason. It won’t give me the green light for 5. I’ve tried coming at it from both directions.

  5. Angel Jones

    Can’t seem to figure out the key board and the chandelier tryed everything I can but nothing can you help please.

  6. Melanie B.

    THANK YOU, this helped me get past the combination lock safe. Last number was opposite of direction shown. Thanks so much!


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