Lost & Alone: Walkthrough Guide

46. Continue ahead to screen 38 and then screen 39. Place the bird house on the hook in the tree. Take the fire emblem and the glass shard from the bird nest.

47. Go back to screen 31. Go left to screen 33 and up the stairs to screen 34. Place the glass shard in the broken mirror to the right. Then use the chisel to get the red ruby from the stone head’s mouth.

48. Go back to screen 31 and place the red ruby in the socket over the window. Some drawings will appear and be added to your journal.



49. Go back to screen 40 and use the clue you just found to solve the card puzzle. Go through to screen 41.

50. Continue on to screen 42 and pick up the knotted rope.


51. Go back to the tree at screen 6 and take the right path to screen 59. Use the machete to cut the vines.

52. Continue down the left path to screen 60. Feed the fish to the bear and continue along the path to screen 61. Pick up the glass fragment. Place the fire emblem and leaf emblem next to the door and go through to screen 62. You’ll get a clue for your journal of colored bells.


53. Use the clue you got earlier on the antique radio. Set the first gauge to 10, the second to 20, and the third to 100. Take the well key and valve.


54. Solve the puzzle on the door to open it and go through to screen 63.


55. Use the well key in the keyhole on the well and use the knotted rope to go down. There’s some graffiti on the inside that says VITAE.


56. Continue down to screen 64. Take the left path to screen 65. Place the valve on the pipe and solve the lion’s head water puzzle. Take the sword and pebble.


57. Continue on ahead to screen 66. Ignore the locked briefcase for now. Continue to screen 67 and read the plaque on the abandoned train car. It says 367.



58. Go back to screen 66 and enter 367 into the briefcase to open it. Take the old key and type out VITAE on the typewriter. Take the wheel crank and Chinese coin.


59. Go back to the train car at screen 67 and use the old key to open the door. Go inside to screen 68. You’ll get another clue for your journal.


60. Look at the bells clue in your journal and then ring the bells in that order. It goes: yellow/red, purple/green, green/blue, yellow/red, green/blue.


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125 thoughts on “Lost & Alone: Walkthrough Guide

  1. amir sardar

    hey guys.i’m stuck at screen 67. i can’t open the train door. i don’t have the old key for it. what can i do my friends?please advice. thanks

  2. Amanda

    Hey guys. I’m just a bit confused with the clock part. I get the eleventh hour and the raining, but why is twenty five past supposed to be pointing at the five??

    1. jj

      it’s like a regular analog clock. The 11th hour would have the little hand on the 11 and the 25th minute would have the large hand on the 5.

  3. tarun saha

    i think all is just fake. they need money. after that all you cam access to the clock in scene 19


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