‘The Room: Old Sins’ – Curiosity Room Walkthrough Guide

The Room: Old Sins
By: Fireproof Games


This is the third part of my complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS puzzle adventure game, The Room: Old Sins, by Fireproof Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Note: I’ll be adding more screenshots later. If you’re having trouble understanding what to do from my descriptions, please watch the videos until I have a chance to get more screenshots added.

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Foyer | Study | Curiosity Room | Kitchen | Maritime Room | Garden | Japanese Gallery | Art Studio | Attic


Room 3, The Curiosity Room:

ou can watch my video for this section or continue on for my step-by-step guide.

1. Open the artifact and take the moon emblem.

2. Head back to the Curiosity Room. Find the pedestal with the sun emblem on the front and add the moon emblem to it. Take the artificial eye.

3. Place the artificial eye inside the anatomical model and use the eyepiece to go inside. You’ll watch Abigail and Edward arguing, then Edward breaks a vase.

4. Pick up the model weather vane from the debris.

5. Leave the room. Find the spot to place the weather vane on the dollhouse. Then point the arrow in a direction and find the directional panel on that side of the dollhouse. The panel should be open and you can lift the tiny lever up. Do this four all for directions — North, South, East, West.

6. You now have access to the Maritime Room. Go inside and read the book. This time the note is from Edward.

7. Go to the safe in the back. Use the wheel to open the latches on the back side and then use the wheel to rotate the gears so you can take the small propeller.


8. Go to the model sub and place the propeller on the back. Then use the eyepiece to go inside it.

9. Open the box to the left and take the metal fin. Go back out and add it to the sub.

10. Look at the poster to see how to tilt the sub forward, then copy it so it, well, tilts forward.



11. Go back inside the sub. Use the lever to the right to drop the claw down and grab the door handle. Then pull the lever up to rip the door open. Go through.

12. Read the book and take the vacuum tube. Then leave the sub.

13. Go to the radio and place the vacuum tube on top. Flip the switch to turn it on and then turn the radio to 79, where you’ll hear a weird voice and it will start flashing white.

14. Zoom out a bit and look at the dummy waiter to the right. Pull the lever to the right to pull up the big pot from the kitchen. Use the eyepiece to see the screws and bolts and unscrew them. Then send the pot back down to the Kitchen.

15. Head back to the Kitchen. Go to the dummy waiter and open the pot to get an artificial heart.

16. Go back to the Curiosity Room. Place the heart in the model’s chest and look on the wall to the left for a clue how to rotate each of the arrows around it. Do so and then press the button at the bottom to lock in your answer.



17. His jaw will open up, revealing two dials. Rotate the left one until the light stays on and there’s a clear voice. It will print out N5, which is part of the coordinates for the sub. Then, go back to the dials and move the little arrow at the bottom to the right dial. Rotate it until you hear a clear voice. It will print out W85.

18. Leave the Curiosity Room and go back to the Maritime Room. Enter the sub and go to the front. Set the coordinates to N5 and W85.

19. Use your eyepiece on the front window and turn the wheel until you see a ship. Pull the lever up until you form the red symbol you saw on the map.

20. The sub will rise up out of the water and the floor will open up. Use the claw to reach down and pull up a wooden woman. Take the pendant with a map design from around her neck and you’ll automatically be thrown out of the sub for good.

21. Open the pendant in your inventory and pull it apart to get a pearl out of the center.

22. Look above the Curiosity Room. There’s a hanging globe. Add the other piece of the globe to it. Watch as the chandelier from the Foyer rotates and ends up in the Curiosity Room. Enter the Curiosity Room.

23. Turn the handle at the top of the sphere in the center of the chandelier. It will open up, revealing a giant eye! The chandelier will also start shifting around so it looks a bit like the guy from Beauty and the Beast.

24. Equip your eyepiece. Notice that the eye has an arrow on it that points to one of the arms of the chandelier. Make note of which direction the eye is looking (left or right) and then turn he blue arrow on that arm towards that direction. Then move the eye so it’s aligned with another arm. Tap the eye to make sure it’s looking where it should be. Keep changing the direction of the arrows to the direction the eye looks until all five are in the correct positions.

25. Take the artifact and complete the Curiosity Room!

Click here to continue to the next page of the walkthrough, the Kitchen.

Foyer | Study | Curiosity Room | Kitchen | Maritime Room | Garden | Japanese Gallery | Art Studio | Attic

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  1. Diana

    Love the Room series, but I am seriously stuck on the moving eyeball in the curiosity room. the eyeball just keeps moving left then right the left and right….

    1. Suzanne

      Look at it thru the looking glass

    2. Wendy taylor

      I am stuck on eye ball too

    3. Wendy taylor

      I watched the video ,its at the end of video.shows what to do. Love the game hope you keep making more of these games.thank you

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    Am stuck with the bearl dont know what to about it any help any one ?
    Love u r work keep going i take all my guides from u ?

  3. Kelly Newsom

    I’m stuck unscrewing the pot in the kitchen. What’s the trick?

    1. Alex Robotham

      Keep turning the yellow handeles and you should see them drop off

  4. Sharon

    Can’t find the the weather vane when vase brakes. I am stuck,

  5. Debbie

    How do you release the artefact from the dolls house in the Japanese room?

  6. A.S.

    Do note that if you go back to the Maritime Room after getting the two coordinates, you can find 3 secret radio messages that talk about the Circles plans.

  7. Susan

    Keep turning dials on the mannequin and nothing is happening. No lights. No voice. No print outs.

  8. Jenny Z

    I somehow finished the Curiosity room before I put the heart in…

  9. Jenny Z

    I somehow finished the Curiosity room before I got the heart from the kitchen..

  10. john

    nice post, thanks for sharing it

  11. Rebecca

    I’ve been so curious about these secret messages that show up after you get the coordinates. I keep wondering if there’s something missing. I’ve played through the game already but wanted to come back to it as I felt there were things I missed. Those message are one. It also seems the mannequin’s arm has something to open or maybe it’s just there to tease me.

  12. Kristine Liebe

    Where do you find the artifact that is mentioned at the beginning of your walk through?

  13. David Brown

    I cannot get the robot heart out of the big pan. Any ideas

  14. David B

    I absolutely cannot get the robot heart out of the big pot. It is driving me crazy!!!!

  15. Karen

    I have been stuck on eyeball in curiosity room for a week. Can you just tell me which way to point the #&&()(*&& arrows, please.!

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