‘The Room: Old Sins’ – Maritime Room Walkthrough Guide

The Room: Old Sins
By: Fireproof Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS puzzle adventure game, The Room: Old Sins, by Fireproof Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Note: I’ll be adding more screenshots later. If you’re having trouble understanding what to do from my descriptions, please watch the videos until I have a chance to get more screenshots added.

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Foyer | Study | Curiosity Room | Kitchen | Maritime Room | Garden | Japanese Gallery | Art Studio | Attic


Room 5, The Maritime Room:

You can watch my video for this section or continue on for my step-by-step guide.

1. Open the artifact and take the mechanical wooden box. Turn it into a model staircase.

2. Find the balcony and place the staircase under it. You can now access the Japanese Gallery. Go inside.

3. Read the book on the chair.

4. Look at the shelves to the right. Some of the doors can slide open. Move the small left one to the right and then move the small round slider to the right. Now you can access the right side. Open that door and take the carved stone sphere (octopus eye). Don’t forget to turn the two wooden gears to open tow parts of the contraption holding the harpoon in place.

5. Go to the octopus table and place the eye in his socket. His tentacle will move, revealing more of the pagoda he’s hugging.

6. Examine the pagoda and use two hands to solve the puzzle. You need to use one hand to rotate the spirals and the other to move the locks through the gaps in the wood. Take the ornate wooden capsule.

7. Examine the wooden capsule. Rotate the top piece to open it up. Now, you can slide the pieces apart. Find the one on the bottom with a picture of a fly. Look at the cylinder facing it. Change it to a spider because spiders eat flies. Then move it down and change the next one to a bird and the next to a fox. All the way up the food chain. The bottom will open up, revealing two legs.

8. Go back to the shelves and find the holes where the capsule can fit. Insert it and rotate it to reveal another round slider. Move it to the right to unlock the left door. Move it to the right and take the unfinished wooden sculpture.

9. Rotate the capsule again to move the piece locking the wooden gear in place. Rotate the wooden gear to open the last piece that’s holding the harpoon. Take the harpoon.

10. Go back to the Maritime Room. Place the harpoon on the front of the harpoon gun. Pull the handle back and then aim at the gold circle and pull the trigger. The bell will fall.

11. Leave the Maritime Room and fetch the small iron bell.

12. Examine the bell. Pull open the top and turn it into a handle. Rotate it to turn the whole thing into a gear.

13. Go back into the Maritime Room and place the bell on the left side of the safe. Use it as a gear to rotate the symbols so they match those on the right side of the safe. The top of the safe should pop open.

14. Use the mechanism on top to move the piece on the front of the safe. Then move each slider out so you can open the door. Light the fuse and then take the artifact to complete the Maritime Room.

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Foyer | Study | Curiosity Room | Kitchen | Maritime Room | Garden | Japanese Gallery | Art Studio | Attic

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  1. Kim

    I got the unfinished box, put the circular piece on, some of it opened. I try to put it on the next part but it keeps telling me it doesn’t fit. I can’t seem to move forward. HELP!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Unless they changed something, all troll heads should already be there.

  2. Geoff Malter

    See Fireproof’s response to me on their Facebook page, regarding the unfinished box bug

  3. Savvysoso

    The top popped open on the strong box in the maritime room but then quickly closed and now I can’t get it to open again!! Is there something I missed?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That sounds like a bug! You might want to contact their support.

    2. angel

      i have the same problem 🙁

  4. marius

    I have the bell installed on the box, but i can not open the front gears , the pin that has to move te mechanics on top just slides troo the mechanic, is this a bug or foult in the game?

  5. marius van den einden

    I have a problem with the box, i have the bell installed and the lid of the box is open, i have moved the pin in the slider but it just rotates trough the mechanics ?

  6. Jack

    Hey guys, regarding the box that doesn’t give enough time to do anything. You just have to flick the lid hard and it will fold back 😉 hope this helps

  7. Jerry Schull

    I no longer have the wooden artifact from the maritime room. Any way to go back and get it?
    I am already in the Japanese room.

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