STAY: Are you there? – Complete Walkthrough Guide and Puzzle Solutions

Chapter 6, Puzzle 3, Bookshelf:

This puzzle’s a bit trickier. The clues in the center show you where to put all the different books. You want to organize them by the symbols on their spines. But it doesn’t tell you the order. For that, look at the brighter spots on each book and line the books up so it creates a pattern. Together, they make up an infinity symbol. Then you can use the key to unlock it.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next puzzle or click here.

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  1. Jenny Gibbard

    ItΓÇÖs 4 because 3 + 4 x 7 = 28 for the triangle puzzle

  2. Jenny Gibbard

    Sorry I meant to say 3+4 = 7 then 7x 4 = 28. 😝

  3. Sumit

    Thanks man for hint😁!

  4. G B

    The “gibberish” numeral system is Cherokee

  5. Molly Zupancic

    Can someone help?!?!
    Whenever I complete the 214 channel puzzle it doesnΓÇÖt go onto the 353 channel. I have gotten the puzzle right but it will not let me move forward.

  6. sam

    I can’t press 1 one the TV remote, what should i do

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