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Whispers of a Machine
By: Raw Fury / Clifftop Games / Faravid Interactive

Whispers of a Machine is the latest point-and-click adventure from Kathy Rain developer Clifftop Games and publisher Raw Fury. It’s a sci-fi Nordic noir mystery in which you play as Vera Englund, a cybernetically enhanced special agent who has to investigate a string of murders. You have a number of useful tools at your disposal, but knowing when to use them can be tricky. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Intro to Basics | Day 1 Locker Room | Rest of Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Review

Vera’s Personality:

Depending on the answers you choose, you’ll craft Vera’s personality towards one of three traits:

Empathetic, Assertive, Analytical

The Blue reacts to your decisions. When you advance one personality trait, you weaken the other two. This will affect the course of the story and the tools at your disposal. I played straight Empathetic on my first playthrough and it seems to be the easiest route. I replayed it with the Analytical and Assertive skills, so all solutions should be here now. If you need extra help or a hint, you can ask for help in the comments section.


As a cybernetically enhanced agent, you have some tools you can use:

– Forensic Scanner: Use this to scan blood, DNA, fingerprints. Once you collect some samples for the data vault, you can enter Targeted Mode to find that particular sample among many others. This is useful for finding specific fingerprints or footprints.

– Biometric Analyser: This allows you to tell if someone’s calm, anxious, etc. If you keep it open while talking to someone, you can detect anomalies. That usually shows they’re lying about something. Tap/click on the anomaly to catch it and ask them about it.

– Muscle Boost: This gives you super strength for a limited time. It recharges pretty quickly, so don’t worry too much about trying it out a lot.

– (Empathetic) Amnesia: Inflicts short-term memory loss on a target. Use this if someone’s not being cooperative because of something they remember.

– (Empathetic) Mimicry: Mimic a person, copying their appearance and voice. You can only copy one person at a time and you need to change into them out of their sight.

– (Assertive) Energize: Create momentary electric current in electronic devices or give living things a sudden burst of energy. This is a weird one, especially when used on people.

– (Assertive) Mind Control: Remote control a person. Only simple actions can be performed, such as walking around and moving objects. When controlling a person, tap/click on Vera to give them one of her items. This only works if the game has acknowledged that they need something from her. You can also drag something from the person’s inventory over to Vera or use it on something in the environment.

– (Analytical) Enhanced Vision: Augmented eyesight with telescopic zoom and night vision.

– (Analytical) Cloak: Temporary invisibility. Touching a tangible object or activating another augmentation will break the effect.

– Regeneration: You can temporarily heal wounds. This comes much later in the game.

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Intro to Basics | Day 1 Locker Room | Rest of Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4

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Realy cool walkthrough, thank you. I don’t have Amnesia perk so gotta find for myself how to go on (


I have amnesia, but I don’t have mimicry, so the existing walkthroughs I’ve found don’t help me on day 4, step 9. Still haven’t figured it out. Those with better sight seem to be able to see the electrical plug, but my Vera can’t, so that’s another thing.

PN mitty

I have an Energize power from my pathway and now I’m stuck on how to get pass to the hidden door behind the fridge in the junk heap. Any ideas anyone? I used the Energize power on the girl and now both the girl and the boy are inside the junk heap. But I can’t seem to proceed further. (Already done nutrient fill up for the baby and opened the hidden room in the museum).


Lock your target on the girl when you are scanning her heart rate, then walk towards the fridge.


I’m a bit stuck. I’m in the commissary’s office disguised as Kalle, but the ‘garden’ tack isn’t getting me anywhere. I don’t get ‘son’s asthma’ as an option. The only options I have are ‘herbs for the patient’ or ‘veg for dinner’. I’ve scoured your walkthrough, but I can’t see anything I’ve missed.

Empathetic path, if it matters (I’m not sure that it does).


You need to get back to the patient room in the clinic and listen to the conversation two guards are having. Kalle will mention his sick kid and the herbal medications he uses. After that, get back to commissary’s office and the option will appear.


I’ve just finished the game and this walkthrough helped a lot! Thanks!
I LOVED the game. Would love to explore more of this kind!


Technobabylon (2 endings), Primordia (about 5 endings) and Shardlight (3 endings) for scifi adventures. Unavowed and the whole Blackwell series for more spiritual… or supernatural ghost adventures. Or short, just anything from Wadjet Eye Games and Dave Gilbert 😉


I posted a comment the other day, but it seems to have vanished. My dialogue options for talking to Gabriel as Kalle seem to be completely different, I have no ‘asthma’ choice, instead I have asking for herbs for the patient and vegetables for dinner, neither of which have the desired effect. I’ve been back through the walkthrough, but I can’t find anything that I might have missed to give me that dialogue choice.

I’ve obviously missed something…


Can anyone help… I’m on Day 4 but I think I’ve broken the game. I went to the commissary’s office and asked to go in the garden, but didn’t realise what I needed to do til it was too late, and now Vera won’t talk to Gabriel again so I can’t mimic him. Completely stuck, doesnt seem like there’s a way out of it. I have Amnesia and Mimicry.


I chose the Fenrir option and chose to keep the baby after realizing it has no one else. It was a short but good adventure game, I’m curious about what happens if you chose other options if someone is kind enough to share the other endings!


I know where the fridge door switch is but I can’t open it

Barnabas Berki

Hi, please help me. I’m stucked on day2, i play in the assertive path. I need a better picture from Melinda, I need to go to school, but I can’t enter. Why?


Thank u soooo much!!!

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