Dark Fear: Walkthrough Guide

61. Go to this new location. A brown bear attacks you. He has 250 hp and drops 200 gold. You’re now in Blackwood forest and there’s a spider web in front of you. Pick up the thread of spider silk.




62. Go back to Seema and show her the spider silk. She says it’s from a dangerous black widow. Give her the giant dead fly so she can add some poison to it. She realizes she’s out of rosemary. So go back to the tree of life and get some for her. She’ll then give you a poisoned fly to use as bait to weaken the spider.




63. Go back to the spider web and place the tainted fly on it. The spider will come to eat it. Tap it to start the battle. It has 450 hp and drops 300 gold and a spider silk.



64. Go deeper into the forest. A pack of goblins attacks you. There are five of them and they each have 175 hp and damage you for 50 hp each hit. You’ll get 400 gold for defeating them and can now hunt in Blackwood forest. There are foxes, bobcats, wild boar and jaguars. Get some fox and boar pelts for your next armor upgrade.



65. Go deeper into the forest to find a lake. Take the hand saw and fish some bluegill, trout, carp and salmon to sell to Gunter. You can also use the hand saw to cut down the trees to make some logs. Tie them together with the spider silk to make a raft. You still need something to make it waterproof, though.




66. You can now afford a new armor upgrade. Level 1 Leather Armor costs 480 gold and requires 1 fox pelt, 1 adder skin and 2 boar pelts. The next armor upgrade is Level 2 Leather Armor and costs 530 gold and requires 1 rabbit pelt, 1 horned lizard skin and 2 bobcat pelts. You can easily earn enough gold for that just by hunting and fishing and selling the extras to Ivan and Gunter. That’s the last armor you can buy at the moment.



67. You can also now buy green malachite bolts from Olaf. That’s for killing Mr. Barlow.


68. The forest devil is still too strong. He hits for 190 hp per swipe, so it’s close to impossible without a potion that heals more than 150 hp. So instead, go back to Nightshade forest and get another blob of black tar. Use it to make the raft in Blackwood forest waterproof. You can now take the raft to Carrigberg, where Mr. Barlow dwells. Before you go, pick up the rusty spike that’s a easy to miss. Make sure to bring some malachite bolts with you!





69. The front door requires a special knock sequence. Gunter gave it to you… sort of. He wasn’t sure which one was correct. And it turns out neither one was. You need to ring twice and knock three times.



70. Go inside. Notice the creepy painting on the wall.


71. Go left and use the hand saw to cut through the loose floorboard. There’s a locked padlock underneath. Use the rusty spike on the padlock. Tap it until the blue progress bar fills up and it breaks. You’ll then get a magnet.



72. Go back to creepy painting of the girl holding a knife to a teddy bear’s throat. Use the magnet on the painting to get a strange device with four prongs on it.


73. Go left from the painting and insert the strange device into the four holes on the locked door. The device is the key to the door. You need to move the stick (looks like a ball) and hold it until the little gauge moves to the right and one of the lights light up. Do this five times until all the lights are lit.



74. You can now go through the door. There’s a box on the floor with three dials on it and a math equation. It says (24 x ???) + 6141 = 23877. Do the math (23877 – 6141 = 17736/24 = 739) to get the answer for ???, which is 739. Rotate the dials to those numbers to unlock the box. You’ll get a rolled up piece of paper, which turns out to be the map base. Then the lights go out! Uh oh.


75. Find the light switch and flick it on. Someone drew eyes all over the walls!



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  1. Tiropita

    You said that we have to combine the stick with the metal plate but you didn’t mention WHERE we find the stick.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It should have been earlier on. Let me make sure that part it is in there.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Just checked. Should be at the bottom of the first page of the walkthrough. It’s easy to miss.

  2. Tiropita

    Yes, you mentioned it in the Nightshade forrest.

  3. Riz

    How do I find the spade piece can’t find it anywhere

  4. Leon

    Where to find the honey used to catch fireflies in the cave?

  5. Leon

    well I found it.

  6. Olga

    Tell me how to kill Mr. Bellow. I
    have a malachite bolts Health 580. It restores
    health when his health drops to 710, and
    malachite bolt kills 500.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need a tattoo to prevent him from regenerating health.

  7. Jack

    I can’t find where it says to find 2/4 map pieces

    1. Efrenchos

      the map is in the bottle , you take a bottle and broken in the pit of the city store, when talk with the fisherman “man u sold the fish” i dont remember te name!

  8. Sora

    Where did you get the black tar?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s from the black puddle on the ground after you defeat the tree demon.

      1. Sora


  9. Pewdepie

    Where do i find the second piece of map?

  10. rko

    Where to find the honey used to catch fireflies in the cave?

  11. rko

    i cant see Where to find the honey used to catch fireflies in the cave?

  12. Shuayb

    Ok! So I’m in a weird situation here… In step 46, you mention that there is forest demon with 950hp but the problem is that it nowhere to be found! And I have no recollection of ever fighting it (or maybe I did?) However I can tell you that I have 4 amulets at the time that I have to go to the mountain of ice or whatever it is.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      He’s not at the location where the arrow is pointing in my photo?

  13. Adrian

    I was stuck on the shovel part, how were supposed to know to use those parts to make a shovel. Thats kind mis leading. But thanks to your walkthrough I know what the heck to do now.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If you read the description of the metal part, I believe it says it’s part of a shovel/spade. So then I knew there had to be a handle somewhere. The stick was easy to miss, though!

  14. Shelley Trazkovich

    I was unable to take the ice crystals, so IΓÇÖm totally stuck because I cannot get into the lava blocked cave. Any help would be appreciated. The message I got when I tried to take the ice crystals was:
    ΓÇ£ItΓÇÖd be best not to touch the flower bed until youΓÇÖve done what the ice queen asked you to do. You really donΓÇÖt want to anger her anymore.ΓÇ¥

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