Adventure Escape Midnight Carnival: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 3:

You can also see my video for Chapter 3 here:

1. Pick up all the magic and talk to Jack. He’ll give you a note. Pick up the doll body. Open the window to see a raven. We need to figure out how to make him come down.


2. Go through the door to the right to find someone (Emily?) behind a chained door. Pick up the two doll arms. Notice the jar of eyes. There’s a mannequins posing puzzle here but this puzzle is a bit of a mess. If you’re having trouble with the Pose Puzzle responding, try rebooting the app a few times. Anyway, the other mannequins are either in a painting or a mirror — and somehow that means you need to pose them in the opposite direction. If you’re having trouble, check your poses against my photo below and make sure it’s exactly the same. Take the diamond ring when you’re done.




3. Go back to the first room. Use the diamond ring to cut the glass and take the doll head. Also, solve the eye color puzzle using the eyes in the jar. So it goes 2 red, 2 brown, 4 green, 5 blue. Take the birdseed.



4. Give the birdseed to the raven and he’ll fly down to the window sill. Read the note. It says, “The witch and her friend cannot interrupt the funeral. Don’t let them past the Theater. -Z”
Also, take the star key from the raven.



5. Go back to the work room and place all the doll parts on the table, along with the note from Jack. Now you need to dress the doll. The riddle says:

“Child of fire,
who be holds the earth,
she runs, garbed in violet,
wild and free.”

So the fire is her hair. Give her the red wig. The earth is for her eyes. Use the paintbrush to paint them brown. Then the violet dress. And last, the zebra-stripe now because she’s wild and free. Take the magic, move the doll, and then take the moon key.



5. Use the moon and star keys to unlock the door. Then use your magic on Emily to reveal she’s just a mannequin! And that’s the end of the chapter.



Click on the little numbers below to continue to the walkthrough for Chapter 4 or click here.

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3 years ago

Hi, is this walkthrough finished? I’m stuck on the part where you slice through the vine and a sudoku type puzzle is revealed.

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
1 year ago

how about the sudoku? its not working ..

3 years ago

Hi! I can’t find the tongs to pick up the charcoal. I clicked EVERYWHERE and I even restarted this part but it’s nowhere to be found. Where did you find it?

Reply to  Rei
3 years ago

Look over the bucket in the trailer.

Reply to  Rei
2 years ago

Inside the trailer coach. On top of the bucket above the wood burning stove.

3 years ago

How can I get the ‘guess the colors’ right pleaaase?

mertha gayu
3 years ago

I’m stuck with the’ guess the colour’.
Help meeee!?

Reply to  mertha gayu
3 years ago

There is no particular solution. Best i did was close n reopen the game until i got combination in 3 colors. As in 2 of each and 1 of other color. That makes it easy to guess.

First put all same colors in the box and see which color comes twice. When 2 colors come twice you would be able to crack the puzzle easily in few guesses.

I got 2 red 2 green and 1 yellow in mine.

Until then close the game and open again. Keep trying.

Reply to  mertha gayu
3 years ago

You click on one of the colours and you fill all the box with one colour…if the number said 2 that means there are 2 places in the 5 box that the colour will be in it..just continue and try to broke the case..☺

3 years ago

I cany find the key mold, theres nothing in table

Robin Drake
Reply to  AppUnwrapper
3 years ago

If I remember correctly…inside the caravan, solve the rolling ball puzzle in the lower left corner. The mold is inside the box.

3 years ago

I’m on level 5 and the Allen key will not open the control panel!? It’s frustrating as had this problem with the mannequins for ages!

3 years ago

I have complete the puzzle for the saw and it opened but I can’t click on it.

3 years ago

The door won’t open after i put in the symbols from the gravestones? Does anyone else have the problem?

Reply to  Sophie
1 year ago

Yes! I’m having that issue as well! Please advise.

Reply to  Sophie
1 year ago

I’m having the same problem!

Reply to  Alilia
1 year ago


Reply to  Sophie
3 months ago

Me too! I broke and ended up skipping that part.

Brenda Medianca
Reply to  Evelyn
2 months ago

Do you find the soluce? I have the same problem !

Robin Drake
3 years ago

You saved me on the caravan/tapestry puzzle. I thought the clue on the couch was a “P”. Ugh!

3 years ago

I’ve done the mannigins right but its not doing anything I’ve rebooted loads of times but still nothing

Reply to  Julie
11 months ago

make sure you do it the right way like how they are pictured on the screen I had that same problem when I first played it

3 years ago

I can’t move the doll ? quit the level several times and start it all over again but still can’t move the doll ????

Smol potato
Reply to  Rieriezca
2 years ago

Try touching the hinges/joints.

3 years ago

I did the slab comination and then it didnt open what am i suppose to do

3 years ago

I need help! The sliding puzzle is impossible for me. I’m so frustrated. : (

Leila Gomes
3 years ago


3 years ago

I’ve tried reboot the mannequins several times and can’t get them to move. Hard to get past it and move on

Reply to  Troy Anglin
3 months ago

I figured it out! You need to press on the little ball joints.

3 years ago

The Soduku puzzle is just not working!!

2 years ago

I am stuck when I enter the clowns mouth, my door has no green with polka dots, it’s just a dark colored door

Ashley Bryan
2 years ago

I cannot move the horse it will not let me turn it I to a real horse and I have clicked everywhere

2 years ago

Wi don’t have the #1stone to push after completing the suduko game? Did I miss something?

Betty Wilhelm
2 years ago

How do I get enough magic on level 4 to transform the boot into the magic lamp ?

2 years ago

I can’t change green rooms always the tea one, can somebody help me?

2 years ago

My puzzle is scrambled differently than that. How do I solve it?

1 year ago

On 10/20/18 I sent email to Haiku Games describing the problem with the mannequins puzzle. It is still hapoening, at least on the Android version, and after the game was updated on that platform. My thanks to you, Appunwrapper, for describing it, so I didn’t become too frustrated (just miffed). My workaround was to buy my way out.

1 year ago

For me actually I started being angry with the guess the color and just tap tap tap😂and then suddenly the green monkey tile appear and I be like :”WHAT?” and then I just like”Thank God I finally found it.”😂

Reply to  Aisy
1 year ago

I’m so stressed like I don’t know how to crack guess the color. It gives me high blood pressure 😭😭😭

Jase Jase
1 year ago

Thank you