Rusty Lake Paradise: Plague 6 Complete Walkthrough Guide

Rusty Lake Paradise
By: Rusty Lake


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the Sixth Plague of the iOS, Android and PC game, Rusty Lake Paradise. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

I’m keeping the extra achievements out of this guide so I don’t spoil them for those who want to find them on their own. See my achievements guide if you want help finding them.

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Level 6, The Sixth Plague, Boils:

You can watch my video for this plague or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Pick up the grass and empty bottle.


2. Feed the grass to the skull and then use the bottle to collect the blood that runs from its eye socket.



3. Examine the Paradise gate. Open the windows and give the Plague Doctor the bottle of blood. Go through the gate.


4. Take the left path through the forest and take the the bottle of blood back from the Plague Doctor.


5. Head up the stairs. Find the knife and the black pepper. Also, grab the matches and needle and thread from the stool and read the clue that tells you the key is in well of the temple.




6. Go back and take the right path this time. Use the knife to cut off the mushroom.


7. Don’t go to the hut yet. You need that key, so head to the temple. Grab the onion and go inside.


8. Pick up the plague staff and look inside the water to get the key.



9. Go back to the Plague Doctor and give him the staff.


10. Go upstairs and use the key to unlock the cabinet and take the three empty bottles


11. Now go to the hut. Have Granny smell the pepper and then collect her snot in one of the bottles. Then have her smell the onion and collect her tears in a bottle. And last, have her smell the mushroom and collect her saliva in a bottle.




12. Take a look at the paper next to the glass bottle on the stool. It’s a clue for how to make the medicine (cure), as well as a clue about the clock/time.



13. Go back to the plague doctor and give him each of the vials. Make note of the direction his staff is pointing as he’s holding each one. Blood points straight up. Snot points up and left. Saliva points up and right. And tears point left. Make sure to take all the bottles back from him.





14. Go back to the hut. Based on what you just learned, you can figure out the cure. Use the recipe to determine the order of ingredients. So it goes snot, tears, saliva, snot, tears, blood. Take the medicine.



15. Head over to your dead uncle. Use the matchsticks to open his eyes. Tap on his mouth to get his tongue to stick out. Place some medicine on it and have him consume it.


16. Tap on his teeth and rearrange the top row so they fit together nicely with the bottom row. Notice the two symbols on the teeth. The two dots (:) are on the 8th tooth and the X is on the 5th tooth. Remember that.



17. Now to work on his chest. You can start with pretty much any boil. Tap one and look at the color of the dot next to it and follow it to a boil of that color in that direction. Keep doing that until all the boils are popped. This is the order I did it in:


18. Use the knife to cut on the X and take his heart.


19. If you talk to grandma now, she says that “Time can heal a broken heart.” It’s a clue!


20. Go back to the Plague Doctor and head up the stairs. Change the hands of the clock to 5 and 8 (V and VIII) like you saw on the teeth. Open it up and take the clockwork from inside. Replace it with the heart and the clock will start working again.




21. Go back to your uncle and place the clockwork in his chest. Use the needle and thread to stitch it closed. Talk to him and he’ll say one word: BOAR.




22. Go back to the clock and enter BOAR into the locked box. Take the black cube from inside.




23. Go back to the temple and do the usual with the black cube to complete the level.

Click here to continue to Plague 7, Hail.

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  1. Waffer

    What do I do if I gave the granny the onion first? I can’t take it off her fingers

    1. Zephyr

      I have the same problem.. I gave her the mushroom first and I have no idea what to do. Did you manage to fix the issue by any chance?

    2. Daryy

      I did that mistake too,i just touvhed her nose and she made saliva, i guess it does not matter what you give her first

  2. Jennifer Mapgirl

    The box doesn’t open after “boar”

    1. Jennifer Mapgirl

      I figured it out. Go back to brother and get him to say boar 3 or 4 times. Back to clock and box will open.

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