The Eyes of Ara: 100% Complete Walkthrough Guide

Tutorial | Chapter 1 Part 1 | Chapter 1 Part 2 | Chapter 1 Part 3 | Chapter 1 Part 4 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Epilogue

Chapter 1, Abandoned Halls:

Collectibles Found in This Section:

Chapter 1: 2 Warrior Figurines, 27/30 Coins, 2/2 Blue Orb, 8/8 Photos, 0/1 Painting

Also Found: 5/6 Gargoyle Faces, 4 Book Excerpts, 5 Letters, 1 Poster

Chapter 3: 1 Painting

The last 3 coins, painting, and gargoyle face can’t be found until Chapter 2.

1. Pick up the photo behind the stairs. Turn to the desk to your right. Pick up the two coins and read the note. Also, pick up the weird object.

2. Turn around. Place the object on the pedestal and turn the handle to unlock the next door. Go through.

3. Go up the stairs. Take the round disc from the pedestal. It looks like an old NYC subway token. Also, turn around and look carefully at the railing for two coins.

4. Go back downstairs and place the token on the left turntable to unlock another door upstairs.

5. Go back upstairs and through the open door. Take the photo from the window sill and read the letter on the table. Open the box behind you to get a piece of a map.

6. Go to the desk and take the three coins from the box. Take the dagger, too. Also, read through the journal. Notice the paragraph that talks about the dagger and says that if you turn the pommel, half of the blade rotates! Open the dagger from your inventory and give it a try.

7. Look down at the floor. There’s a giant map! Place the center piece down and then rotate all the rings so they match up. Then take the subway token.

8. Leave the room. A vase and some books were knocked down! Also, the painting is shaking. Tap it and some weird glowing orb will fly at you. Maybe a spirit? Anyway, go back downstairs.

9. Place the token on the right turntable and go through the newly opened door to the storage room. Read the note. It looks like part of a clue.

10. There are two buttons in the room. One is on a shelf and the other is on the wall. Press both and then take the token. There’s also a box on a shelf with three coins in it. You just need to make a Pisces symbol to open it.

11. Open the closet and grab the lever part. Also, read the note next to it. Then, look behind the closet for a yellow orb.

12. Leave the room and place the token on the middle turntable to unlock another door. Go through.

13. First off, turn to the right to get a photo from the shelf. Then, look on a shelf to the left for a clue.

14. Now, look at the box on the table. The same symbols from the piece of paper are on there. The clue tells you where each symbol doesn’t go, so you can figure out where each one goes through the process of elimination. Or just copy my solution below. It goes moon to the left, meteor at the top, sun to the right, and circle on the bottom. Take the lever part from inside.

15. Combine the two parts of the lever to make a lever.

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Tutorial | Chapter 1 Part 1 | Chapter 1 Part 2 | Chapter 1 Part 3 | Chapter 1 Part 4 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Epilogue

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Thank you for pointing this game out to us.



Although you wrote “100 Stones Interactive recently brought their PC and console adventure game, The Eyes of Ara, to iOS and Android devices”, I don’t see it on Google Play, and I don’t see any mention of it even forthcoming for Android on the developer’s public web site. I wish it were available for Android, because I think I would really like this game, but I am an Android user, not IOS.

Terri Beckman

Please oh please write a step by step guide for the picture rotation puzzles. I am never going to finish the game and it’s a shame that I already paid for this and cannot enjoy the rest. Thank you! I know your the best at these as I totally am not.

There are cheat codes for that! Assuming you’re talking about the puzzles I think you are.

Terri Beckman

Thank you for the book detail. I missed that. Your the Best!


I cannot get the knife to work with the clock. iPhone X


Even after this complete walkthrough, I am still missing 2 coins in chapter 1.

3 Chapter 1 coins can only be found in Chapter 2.


Before I found the ones accessible in chapter 2, I had 25/30. I have been reading the guide over and over but I can’t find the 2 more I need. I currently have 28/30.


It’s also available on Mac via Steam. Finally a decent search game on Mac!


I rotated the map and there is a bar illuminating the “subway token”. I can’t pick it up?


For some reason I cannot shift the level that is hidden behind the planks. The game will not let me access the lever. Not sure if its a bug or if the iphone version requires an action to move the planks. Can anyone please help?


I can’t find the third yellow orb in chapter one! I’ve gone through the walkthrough twice! Help!


My wife and I had the same problem. Look behind the two rolled-up rugs in the storeroom.

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