Faraway 4: Ancient Escape – Walkthrough Guide with All Letters / Notes

Level 2:

You can watch my video for Level 2 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Walk straight ahead and then through the left door. Pick up the portal tile. Also, lift up the rock slab to find a letter.

2. Go back. Now, look at the tile. It’s telling you to go right. So head through the right door. Move each of the sliders to the orange lines to open the door. Then take the letter and gold bit.

3. Now, the next thing the tile is telling you to do is to lift up the white pedestal. But you need to rotate it first. Once you do that, you can lift it up and get the third letter.

4. Now to finish the level. Go back. Continue straight ahead and turn left. Keep going until you come to a door. Rotate each yellow ring to allow the disc to drop to the bottom. Head through the open door.

5. Place the gold bit on the wheel and then rotate the handle. The rocks blocking the other path will clear.

6. Head back and then through the path where the rocks cleared. Use the tile to go through the portal and complete level 2.

And here’s all three letters from Level 2:

Select the level you need below or click here to continue to Level 3.

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Ananyo Ganguly

If you tap the shovel in the 3rd note, it appears in your inventory. I haven’t yet figured out what it does.


3 levels have this. In each one there is a plot of land you can dig and get a leaf. When you have all three you open a new level from the home screen.

Digital Apprentice

You need to use the shovels to dig up three leaves hidden in locations hinted at by the ‘X’ notes. Once you find the leaves you will unlock the hidden level on the intro screen. It is absolutely “smashing”….


I cannot understand about meaning of these 3 ‘X’ Notes can you tell me exact location of buried leaves?


Level 3: Inside the building with a plinth rising from a water feature; there is a light-coloured patch to the right of the water. Level 12: Under a lone flower to the left of the sarcophagus which uses three “keys” to obtain a potted plant. Level 15: Before the exit gate, in an empty orange soil planter immediately to the right as you enter the area. Fun facts: Even if you haven’t found a note with a shovel icon yet, you can still tap on the shovel icon in a blank note to add the shovel to your inventory and… Read more »


The X note from level 9 is a map of some sort. Haven’t figured out what it means.


How do I open the secret level? I clicked on all the spot(and the button too) on intro screen but nothing happens.

Justin Green

How do you actually get in? Button doesn’t do anything…


It works now. I won’t spoil it

Nini xD

Lvl 6 3rd note: On the 4-piece stacking puzzle, stack the biggest 3 pieces on the middle (smallest -> biggest) and then keep moving the 4th and smallest piece between the 2 remaining sticks (4 times I guess).

Nini xD

Lvl 7 3rd note: On the right-side connecting lines puzzle: Reset it and click on the bottom right button.

Nini xD

Level 8 3rd note: After solving the 4-pillar puzzle, click on them from tallest to lowest.

Nini xD

Lvl 9 3rd note: Break the pillar on the top of the lighthouse (the one right behind you when facing the portal).

Nini xD

Level 10 3rd note: Aim the 2 back lasers on the grid on the wall as per the portal tile


Where is the 2nd note for level 10? I can’t find it anywhere.

Nini xD

Lvl 11 3rd note: Place the magnets on the 3×3 grid as per the portal tile, then climb and grab the 3rd note on the tree.

Nini xD

Lvl 12 3rd letter: Turn the circular dial 3 times to the left (or until the note appears).

Lvl 13 3rd letter: Make the grid so you can go to where the tile shows (bottom left and bottom right walls) and press the buttons (2 times on the left side and once on the right).


I can’t find the 2nd note on Lvl 13. Any luck?

Sarah Khan

I found the note you described, but still only found 2/3 for level 13. Where is the other one??? Thanks!


Lvl 13 2nd letter. Go to the room on the left of the grid. Before you enter, touch the left column.


I either don’t understand what you’re describing or it’s not working for me 😩 I’m referring to getting the 3rd letter on level 13


Do you know where to find the 3rd note on level 5?

Edit: Got it. Rock with three dots 😉

Digital Apprentice

Still puzzled by the curious sequencing on the note cards. The number cipher after the ‘//‘ is trivial and forms a three word phrase but the leading number sequence is cryptic, Resembles a simple series at first but then rapidly diverges. The sequence’s range of values (1-131) doesn’t ring any bells.

Grace Cho

Anyone know where to find the 3rd note in Level 15?


On the last grid puzzle before the exit, you must make a certain square on it contain 6 dots. Consider the grid columns as A-D, and the rows as 1-4, then that square is C3. Place the 4 identical yellow tiles in squares B3, C2, C4 and D3. Place the other two in A3 and C1.

Grace Cho

Thanks so much! This was driving me nuts 😂


3rd note level 17 anyone?


Level 17 3rd note: There’s a plinth on the side of a building at the beginning of the level which accepts one of those strange “keys”. Once you’ve placed the key, you can rotate the “lock” 90 degrees to change the destination of the portal. I’ll just say that the container for the note looks a bit rude…


Can someone help with the second note in level 14??


Power of posting!

Found it – lift up the flower pot thing with a handle at the end of the bridge by the empty pond with the lever

Terri Beckman

Can some help me out with the location of the 3rd note level 14 please? And the 1st note in 16. I’m going crazy. Thanks

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