Faraway 4: Ancient Escape – Walkthrough Guide with All Letters / Notes

Faraway 4: Ancient Escape
By: Snapbreak Games (Pine Studio)

Faraway 4: Ancient Escape is the fourth installment in the Faraway series by Pine Studio. It’s actually a prequel, so we get to see where the strange story from the previous games all began. Once again, you have to solve puzzles to find all the letters and reveal the story. This guide will help you get through all the puzzles in the game, as well as find all the letters. Feel free to ask fo extra help in the comments section.

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Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5 | Level 6 | Level 7 | Level 8 |

Level 1:

You can watch my video for Level 1 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Walk straight ahead and pull the door up. Go through.

2. Pull the lever to the right and then rotate the middle disc so the lines all match up together.

3. Continue on ahead. Break the left jar to find a letter. Grab it.

4. Turn left and pick up the second letter. Also, use the camera to take a photo of the clue.

5. Turn right and push in the buttons to match the pattern you saw on the left.

6. Go through the door and pick up the tile. Don’t use it yet, though.

7. Look at the pattern on the tile and go back to the buttons press them in that pattern and take the third letter.

8. Head back to the portal and place the tile over it and go through to complete the level.

And here’s all three letters for Level 1:

Select the level you need below or click here to continue to Level 2.

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Ananyo Ganguly

If you tap the shovel in the 3rd note, it appears in your inventory. I haven’t yet figured out what it does.


3 levels have this. In each one there is a plot of land you can dig and get a leaf. When you have all three you open a new level from the home screen.

Digital Apprentice

You need to use the shovels to dig up three leaves hidden in locations hinted at by the ‘X’ notes. Once you find the leaves you will unlock the hidden level on the intro screen. It is absolutely “smashing”….


I cannot understand about meaning of these 3 ‘X’ Notes can you tell me exact location of buried leaves?


Level 3: Inside the building with a plinth rising from a water feature; there is a light-coloured patch to the right of the water. Level 12: Under a lone flower to the left of the sarcophagus which uses three “keys” to obtain a potted plant. Level 15: Before the exit gate, in an empty orange soil planter immediately to the right as you enter the area. Fun facts: Even if you haven’t found a note with a shovel icon yet, you can still tap on the shovel icon in a blank note to add the shovel to your inventory and… Read more »


I got all the plants and got into the “smashing” secret level. Then after breaking the golden pot it reveals a plant and then it takes you back to level 1. I feel something is amiss. I still need to figure out the X notes.


I got all of the notes and all 3 leaves but no secret level… What did I miss?


Never mind


Did you ever figure out the X notes?


Very confused about the “plinth rising from a water feature” in level 3. I can’t see a water feature to save my life.


Oops! Never mind. The plinth was gone so I was confuzzled.


The X note from level 9 is a map of some sort. Haven’t figured out what it means.


How do I open the secret level? I clicked on all the spot(and the button too) on intro screen but nothing happens.

Justin Green

How do you actually get in? Button doesn’t do anything…


It works now. I won’t spoil it


I opened the sectet portal too..but..it only showed an island in a small pot…was that it??

Nini xD

Lvl 6 3rd note: On the 4-piece stacking puzzle, stack the biggest 3 pieces on the middle (smallest -> biggest) and then keep moving the 4th and smallest piece between the 2 remaining sticks (4 times I guess).

Nini xD

Lvl 7 3rd note: On the right-side connecting lines puzzle: Reset it and click on the bottom right button.

Nini xD

Level 8 3rd note: After solving the 4-pillar puzzle, click on them from tallest to lowest.


Thank u!!

Nini xD

Lvl 9 3rd note: Break the pillar on the top of the lighthouse (the one right behind you when facing the portal).


How do you “break the pillar”? I can’t seem to break anything up there…


Tap the corners on the bottom of the pillar, where it looks like a miniature step


Where’s the second letter in level 9? I haven’t found it….


Take all the yellow gears out and then go back down the the level you came in at. Back up until you’re outside the temp as far back as you can. There are red leaves on the walkway to your left. The 2nd note is under the leaves. Tap on leaves to clear them.


Thank you so much @leon

Nini xD

Level 10 3rd note: Aim the 2 back lasers on the grid on the wall as per the portal tile


Where is the 2nd note for level 10? I can’t find it anywhere.

Lemuel Liverosk

Keep going straight. Before you reach the rising platform, there’s a crack on your bottom right. Click to reveal the note

Nini xD

Lvl 11 3rd note: Place the magnets on the 3×3 grid as per the portal tile, then climb and grab the 3rd note on the tree.

Nini xD

Lvl 12 3rd letter: Turn the circular dial 3 times to the left (or until the note appears).

Lvl 13 3rd letter: Make the grid so you can go to where the tile shows (bottom left and bottom right walls) and press the buttons (2 times on the left side and once on the right).


I can’t find the 2nd note on Lvl 13. Any luck?

Sarah Khan

I found the note you described, but still only found 2/3 for level 13. Where is the other one??? Thanks!


Lvl 13 2nd letter. Go to the room on the left of the grid. Before you enter, touch the left column.


I either don’t understand what you’re describing or it’s not working for me 😩 I’m referring to getting the 3rd letter on level 13


Go to the main control. The square symbol is telling you to go to the right white arrow first, then the left arrow. Set path to the right arrow (white triangle)
Follow bookshelves to a button, push it then come out. Now set a path to the left little white arrow (triangle), follow shelves to 2nd botton, push it and you’ll get your 3rd letter.


on level 13 i only have 5 tiles, missing the middle T tile, do i need that? otherwise the buttons dont produce the 3rd letter =\


You don’t need a “T” piece.
Put the shape together with the “T” piece missing and move the top right tile over to complete the shape first and go down the corridor and hit a button.
Now move the piece back and move the top left tile to the centre. Go down the corridor again and hit another button and get the note.


Do you know where to find the 3rd note on level 5?

Edit: Got it. Rock with three dots 😉

Digital Apprentice

Still puzzled by the curious sequencing on the note cards. The number cipher after the ‘//‘ is trivial and forms a three word phrase but the leading number sequence is cryptic, Resembles a simple series at first but then rapidly diverges. The sequence’s range of values (1-131) doesn’t ring any bells.


Could you perhaps go into a little more details here


Yes, I’ve gotten to level zero, and the last hidden level, but can’t figure what to do with the numbers that don’t spell the words.

Grace Cho

Anyone know where to find the 3rd note in Level 15?


On the last grid puzzle before the exit, you must make a certain square on it contain 6 dots. Consider the grid columns as A-D, and the rows as 1-4, then that square is C3. Place the 4 identical yellow tiles in squares B3, C2, C4 and D3. Place the other two in A3 and C1.

Grace Cho

Thanks so much! This was driving me nuts 😂


3rd note level 17 anyone?


Level 17 3rd note: There’s a plinth on the side of a building at the beginning of the level which accepts one of those strange “keys”. Once you’ve placed the key, you can rotate the “lock” 90 degrees to change the destination of the portal. I’ll just say that the container for the note looks a bit rude…


Turn the first key thing left and walk through the portal


Can someone help with the second note in level 14??


Power of posting!

Found it – lift up the flower pot thing with a handle at the end of the bridge by the empty pond with the lever

Terri Beckman

Can some help me out with the location of the 3rd note level 14 please? And the 1st note in 16. I’m going crazy. Thanks


I found it 🙂 Rotate the discs under the portal by using the console at the right. (The portal-tile depicts the handles of this console). When the three gaps point to the center, they will free the letter under the portal.


This was for level 14.
The first note in 16 is in a stone with a handle left of one panel with arrows. Just try to rotate bevor the different levels. Generally, if you can look in a direction, where nothing seems to be, it is often a hidden letter oder even leave to dig out.

There is a shovel in the sky in Lvl 8. Anybody know how to get it?


There’s also one in the sky on level 10 in a similar position


Okay but now like which great mind is gonna put all the map pieces we got and reveal something


I figured out where the 3rd note is on the 8th level


First off thank you everyone for all the posts. With the help of the comments, I’ve found all 3 notes in every level, I dug up the leaves in the three levels and have visited the secret level with the tree on an island in a pot. However, I still haven’t unlocked the “all notes” and “secret level” achievements. I’m trying to figure out if this is just an achievement glich (which I’ve seen before in other games on Android) or if there is still some note or thing I haven’t done yet.


hi have u figured out the problme with the button at the intro? plz help me


Have you figured out how to get into de hidden level??




Level 11 has me completely stymied. There are a series of puzzles where you need to form a shape by rotating and moving arrowed tiles. I don’t know how many there are, because the third one is impossible as the bottom left tile won’t rotate (according to the hint video, all 4 tiles need to be rotated in order to complete the puzzle). I’m playing on an iPad Pro, running iOS 12.1.1. I have sent several emails to the developer (I don’t use social media), including a screenshot in case my description wasn’t clear (he’s Croatian, but the English on… Read more »


I can’t figure out what puzzle you are referring to here? Do you have a screenshot?


There’s no need to be rude about what is most likely a simple glitch, given no one else here seems to be having the same issue.


This has been such fun but now I m stuck on the last note for level 18. I’ve found all the leaves for the secret level so I’m anxious to get this last note and get to the secret one. Can anyone help me out to figure the 6 dot, 7 dot, 5 dot and 5 dot meaning to get my last note….please, please, please. 😀


If you create each 3×3 design on the panel you used to make the gold cubes you’ll get the third note for level 18. So input the six dot design on the grid of gold buttons and “enter” it as though to press a cube (you don’t need a cube in the machine), then enter the next dot design and repeat.


Do you plan to complete this walkthrough? The comments are helpful but aren’t nearly as organized as your posts are.


The second note on Level 11 eludes me. Anyone know?


If I remember it right, at one point after you use the magnet to drop the walkway, you go up to a stone w/ a pick axe in it. Use the pick axe on the rock just left of where you grabbed the pick..the pick axe is on the right side of the stone, the letter is in the left side of the stone. Hit it w/ the pick and rock will crack open and there’s your note.




Is there also part 9-18?

Sir Eel.

You have to pay for them

Far Far Away

I found secret notes (NOT 3rd notes, a genuine hidden notes) in previous faraway. They were 3 notes with the EXACT same message, containing a single date and a short number sequence. The date was different from practically every other dates in faraway since it was from 3-5 years ago. So 2016? 2015? 2014? I thought the sequence was really odd too, since back then we never had a sequence, only coordinates. I tried to decode the sequence but no luck, so I shelved it. Now, faraway 4 has another, longer number sequence (notes’ dates). Could it be that the… Read more »


I have found meta! Level 12, note 3: “We must consider the distinctive characters and general nature of plants from the point of view from their morphology, their behavior under external conditions, their mode of generation, and the whole course of their life.” [it also has a shovel] So that seemed a little out of verbal character with the rest of the letters and it sounded like a quote. It is! I found a reference in The Natural History of Wine by Ian Tattersall where he says: ‘Aristotle’s fourth-century B.C.E. protege Theophrastus wrote extensively about plants, and was specific about… Read more »

Slop Lobster

Great find! I’m guessing that the first number sequence (1, 2, 5, 11, 17, 22, 29, 31, etc.) might correspond to letters in a particular chunk of text? ie. the first letter of the text, the 2nd letter, the 5th letter, etc. That said, I’ve tried it out on the notes, and on the opening to ‘Enquiry into Plants,’ but haven’t had any luck so far. There is also a later 17th century work called ‘Theophrastus Redivivus’, which is an anonymous collection of writings arguing against the existence of god. The word ‘redivivus’ translates to ‘reborn’ or ‘come back to… Read more »


I have got into level 0 but don’t know what to do next tooget to the “hidden level” I got the six letters in the level and don’t know what to do now. I also have the 3 leaves and the X notes. What should I do next? Please, help

Tracy Lancaster

Stuck on level 10


The leaf is likely part of how to access this game’s Level 0, as at the bottom of the portal in the title screen, there are three squares, one of which now has a single leaf in it. In addition, the images on the left and right of “Ancient Escape” are leaves.


I agree that the third letter in level 6 is stupid. The directions on the tablet are also your net movement from the start of the level to the minecart-thing, and on that, you go down, backwards, and up, which is what you get when the tablet is rotated so that the pyramid on it looks not inverted.

Also, the direction that the discs move is up, to the new peg, and down, not one way goes up, over, down, and the other way goes straight across.


“The third letter in level 7 won’t work for me.”
What you have to do is:
Go to the indicated puzzle. Start from the bottom left button, then make a M shape, ending on the bottom right button. Tap the bottom right button several times.


Faraway 4 level 20 please.

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