Faraway 3 Arctic Escape: Walkthrough Guide With All Notes / Letters

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape
By: Snapbreak Games

Faraway 3 is the conclusion of Pine Studio’s iOS and Android adventure game trilogy. This will be a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions to get you through the game. I’ll also be including all notes or letters. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

See my Faraway 1 guide.
See my Faraway 2 guide.


Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5 | Level 6 | Level 7 | Level 8 | Level 9 | Level 10 | Level 11 | Level 12 | Level 13 | Level 14 | Level 15 | Level 16 | Level 17 | Level 18

Level 1:

You can watch my video walkthrough for Level 1 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. Swipe down to open the door and go through.

2. Pull the two levers and then cross the rocks.

3. Turn to the left and take a photo of the pattern. It’s a clue. Also, pick up the note.

4. Turn to the right and copy the pattern you saw on the left into the buttons. Go up the stairs and through the open door.

5. Break one of the jars to the right to get another letter.

6. Turn to the left and zoom in on the crank. Rotate it and then take the portal tile.

7. Before completing the level, let’s go find the third note. This is how you do it. Go back to the buttons. Look at the pattern on the tile and copy one only the yellow lines into the buttons. The structure will rotate and you can then punch in the other half of the pattern and get the third letter.

8. Go up to the portal and place the tile in the slot at the top. Go through to complete Level 1.

And here’s all the letters from Level 1:

Click on the little numbers below to continue to Level 2 or click here.

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  1. Nini xD

    Has anyone found the 3rd note on level 6?
    I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      IΓÇÖm still looking for the one on level 4.

    2. Cliff B

      Connect all the lines on the first panel

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I had already tried that. Unless you mean one of the other panels?

        I tried making a square with an X through it on each and nothing happened.

        1. Nini xD

          Oh I did it. Connect all lines on the 2nd pannel

      2. Cliff B

        Yes 2nd panel! Sorry

    3. Mehebah

      Yup, the 3rd letter is revealed when you connect all of the dots on the 2nd Laser Puzzle. Each dot needs to connect to every other dot on the board. ItΓÇÖs a cluster of lasers, but it does the trick!

  2. Nini xD

    Level 4 3rd letter: Take out the ring to make the staircase stop between the portal and the triangle. Climb up the stairs and check the spot suspicious spot on the wall. Place 2 rings like shown in the portal tile.

    IΓÇÖm still looking for lvl 6 note and also level 9.

    1. Nini xD

      Hmm not sure about level 9 but when I held a picture of the portal title in front of the marked pillar, I triggered the 3rd noteΓÇÖs appearance.

  3. Cliff B

    3rd letter on level 8 has me stumped

    1. Nini xD

      Level 8: On the bottom left of the 3×3 yellow/brown grid there’s a movable circle different from the others (it has a square shape inside it). Keep flipping it to make it horizontal and then the 3rd letter should pop out (it may take some tries, don’t give up!).

      1. Cliff B

        Thanks! Safe to say I would never have gotten that

  4. Vicvic91

    What about the 3rd note on lvl.12? ThatΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s the only one IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m missing so far. No way to move any bell to the left to reproduce the pattern… any tips?

    1. Cliff B

      For the 3rd note on 12, you need to find a way to replicate the movement of the bell over the exit…3 straight times.

      To do so you actually donΓÇÖt need to use the arrow keys. Instead, insert the same tile3 straight times in the slot on the right.

  5. msnikhil03

    Use The Tile On The Sign on the pillar on level 9 to revel an Underground level, in which the letter is kept. The Train Carraige must be stopped perfectly between the cracks on the floor, if you see clearly.

  6. Vicvic91

    Completed the game to 100% and noticied that the tile in the main screen is now different: anyone found how to use it? I guess it represent a pilar or something…

    Also, I completed the draw with the different 3rd notes, but impossible to decrypt it…

    Anyone got some hint about this?

    1. Abu Bakar

      Where can i find the 2nd letter in level 9?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        ThatΓÇÖs in my walkthrough.

        1. Abu Bakar

          your walkthrough has letter number 1 and 3, 2nd letter is still missing.

        2. Kylie

          Nope. That’s the 3rd letter…..

      2. TJ

        Letter 2 can be found at the first train track rotation table. Turn the table to the right so that the track immediately dead ends. Ride the cart to the dead end, and then swipe to the right to reveal letter 2 leaning against the wall. Tricky location!

    2. Nini xD

      The put together image from the notes is very cryptic. It seems like the arms are pointing to something that could represent a clock but there are only 10 squares on each semi circle and not 12. Also, I noticed that the hands have certain fingers pointing out maybe trying to tell the order? Like: the “1 square” guy has hands with 4 and 5 fingers out and the “6 squares” girl has 1 and 2 fingers out.
      And there’s obliviously the 1-6 sets of squares around the image. Idk.. maybe it’s just an easter egg.

      1. Luke Frohling

        ItΓÇÖs a very clever set of steps on how to pilot a certain craft

        1. Baz

          I think weΓÇÖve moved on from here now, mate.

    3. Baz

      Did you go through both the endings in level 0?

      1. Vicvic91

        Yes Baz, and I believe we are missing something there.
        Both endings finish the game, but we don’t opened the Faraway access yet…

        Basically, when you complete the game to 100%, you unlock a new “tile” in the main screen with 1 more enigma to solve.
        And if you take a closer look at the Appstore screenshots, there is 1 level that appears but that is not part of the 18 available ones…

        My though is that we need to do something, as a proof to open the Faraway gate without detructing all the world.
        Still so much mystery to discover 🙂

        1. Dan

          What do we have to do with the new tile on the main screen? IΓÇÖve done everything else but IΓÇÖm stuck there?!!

        2. Baz

          Vic, I noticed the change in tile on title screen @ 100% and the image used in the AppStore (2nd one) that does not appear in the game.

          Have the developers ever explained the secrets behind the first 2 games?

          I even wandered around level 0 taking loads of photos to see if they showed something additional (like at ending of 2)… nothing?!?

          1. Vicvic91

            Yeah, I got a try same way and didnΓÇÖt noticied ant change on the pics. The notes talk about a way who will open the gate for pure players, but seems that the 100% is not enough this time.

            Looking at tile, it looks like a pillar with 8 squares to me, but I played all the Faraway 1/2/3 levels and didnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t found any pillar like that…

            I believe that the secret picture need to be decoded if we want to full translate all the notes from Faraway 2. And following the notes in Faraway 3, I think we will find another picture/notes to explain the story of Faraway.
            Any idea how to decode it?

            For sure, this new tile is the way to go to Faraway. But how, thatΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s all the mystery IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m hunting for 🙂

            1. Baz

              How did you put the image notes together?

              1. Vicvic91

                I used Photoshop for that. Looks like each tile on this picture is linked to a small icon, that need to be decoded.

                Then, I guess we will have 6 rules to apply to translate each Faraway words

                1. Pete Cop

                  Both Faraway 1 and 2 got updated 3 weeks ago, I wonder if anything’s been added or changed to create a bigger puzzle across all three games?

  7. Yuu

    Any clues for level 10 third note? I found the pickaxe but don’t know what to do with it

    1. Pete Cop

      freeze the left waterfall at the start of the level and then use the pickaxe on it to climb it

      1. Yuu

        Thank you. But I figure it out about 1hr after I post this comment. Btw any ideas for the final level? I don’t understand what the portal tittle saying.

  8. Michelle

    Just thought I’d let you know, I did have a hard time looking for the third letter for level 9, there is a post just before the first building with the logo same as the tile. If you wait in that section for a little bit in front of that post you’ll fall in and there’s the third clue. Not many people (I mean like literally no one) have found the third letter (well on YouTube that is)

  9. Ash

    Does anyone have a hint as to how to get the 3rd letter on level 13?? Thanks.

    1. Pete Cop

      It’s in the sand at the centre of the room. I’m not sure if there’s something that you have to do first before you can brush it away (I had spent ages realigning them to try to trigger something)

      1. Burton Ernie

        You have to have the final tile. Select it and the snow will disappear.

    2. asb

      have the tile to open the portal in your inventory. stand in the center of the main room (aka starting position), select the tile, and click on the snow youΓÇÖre standing in. took me forever!

    3. Leon

      Finally figured it out. After you complete everything and get the square plate to open the portal, go into portal room and install the plate. DonΓÇÖt enter portal yet. After you put plate in the square space and activate portal, youΓÇÖll see the symbol on the plate pulsing, like itΓÇÖs got power now. Tap on the plate and take it back into inventory, portal will shut down. Back up to center area where the beams cross and thereΓÇÖs snow on ground. Tap the plate w/ symbol on it and then tap the snow. The charged plate melts the snow and reveals the 3rd note. Reinstall plate on portal and go through.

  10. Itten

    Anyone know how to get the 3rd note on level 18?
    I just canΓÇÖt work that one out and itΓÇÖs all I have left!

    1. Pete Cop

      On the articulating arm that activates the laser the top circle is actually a button, tapping it will open a hidden panel immediately to the right.

  11. Liv

    How do you get the 3rd letter on level 13?

  12. Vicvic91

    I used Photoshop for that 🙂

  13. PineStudio

    Hey guys,
    we just opened the official Pine Studio Discord so if you want to talk more about Faraway or maybe ask us a question you can go there. Here’s the invite: https://discord.gg/nf5nnqM

  14. David

    Where is the pickaxe on level 10

    1. asb

      itΓÇÖs in the tile to open the portal. put it in the portal (to open the portal), then click on the tile. use it to climb up the leftmost frozen drain all the way in the back.

  15. Doc

    So has anyone figured out how to open the portal to Faraway yet? Still canΓÇÖt figure it out

    1. Dicko

      Hold down (long press) on the ΓÇ£playΓÇ¥ arrow until you enter.

      1. BUffY

        Yes veeeery long press. Then you see an egyptian level.

        In the pyramid theres a rocket(?). If you go inside it you need to use the pictures collected to solve. See link above to png file of assembled image (good work!). There are six steps indicated by the number of squares in each bit of image.

        First step is pressing 2 buttons around door frame in order indicated by statues fingers. Second down on right side of door and bottom button on left.

        Then I’m stuck!!

  16. wandlimb

    After you press the buttons move the sliders. The one to the left of the door on 2nd up and the one on the right on the 2nd down. Then some buttons appear under the window. The first, fifth and the arrow need to be on and the rest off. Then the rocket takes off. I think the next bit must be with the spinners but no luck so far. I got the door to open again by pressing the two top corners but I think that should have been last. I’m stuck now.

    1. Baz

      The ΓÇ£dialsΓÇ¥ are Circle top right, Square bottom right.
      You have to press all the buttons on the revealed panel minus the arrow then something happens at the top of the ship.
      Then press 1-5-arrow and it takes off.
      Press top corner buttons of door to open and walk out into a planet with a storm and some structures in the distance.

      I think the next part has something to do with tapping the screen in the right rhythm that matches the swirls in the storm. IΓÇÖve played around with it and have fluked it once and there is a spark between the floating structure on the planet.

      1. joanna

        did u get any more luck with pressing the screen in rythym with the swirls in the storm? im stuck there too 🙁

  17. Casey

    You didn’t add what all the level 14 notes say. Anyone know what they are?

  18. Jog

    The game has been updated, bonus levels 19 and 20 have been added. The bonus levels are quite easy , but I haven’t yet figured out how to get all the notes.

    1. David

      Hey Jog, same here, I’ve got two notes on level 19 and 20 but I can’t find the 3rd. Has appunwrapper completed them yet?

      1. fapapucs

        I found all notes on level 19 and 20 too.
        The last tiles helped as usually.
        On level 19 all arrows must be in that directons where the two dots are.
        On level 20 the last tile contains a rope, which have to be used in the right bungalow above the telescope, and move the handle up and down.

        1. Jog

          Now that I finally got the tile off, I must say: You must move the lever back and forth really, really fast.

    2. Yasineyra

      I’m stuck on the notes as well

    3. Spud

      On 20 you click the exit tile to get a rope. Go back and attach yhe rope to the right hand telescope by clicking on the hook above it. Then i tried everything but still no third note!

      1. Henrique

        Also stuck with the rope on the telescope. The next step looks like it should be removing que top tile, but so far I couldn’t

        1. Stempelknecht

          lvl 20, 3rd note: After applying the rope, just move the telescope up and down several times.

          1. Jog

            I’ve tried that, still no note. Strange…

      2. David

        Hey Spud, with the rope attached to the telescope keep moving it up and down repeatedly and eventually the metal hook will break revealing the third note.

        1. Chaz

          This worked for me as well, had to move the telescope up and down maybe 50 or more times, but eventually the tile holding the hook came off the wall and the note appeared

          1. Jog

            I’ve been yanking the lever up and down at least 200 times, still nothing. Maybe there’s some specific way to move it that loosens the tile?

      3. Mand

        I can’t attach the rope to the hook. You just select the tile then tap the hook? Do you need to touch the hook with great precision? Or tap + hold, or use a curving motion like the shape of the hook? Or tap multiple times? I’ve tried all of these! The rope simply doesn’t happen for me.

        1. Sloth

          You must put rope tile on portal. Then tap tile to get rope

    4. Jog

      On level 19 you need to turn the arrows in the two buildings on the right hand side of the yard in a specific way:
      On the largest table, turn all the arrows pointing towards the knobs with two dots, so that all the knobs with two dots go down, and the knobs with one dot stay up.
      In the other building, turn all three arrows pointing towards the knob with two dots.

      1. David

        Hey Jog, I’ve tried what you have said but still nothing for level 19

        1. veence

          same here, tried that but no note showed up !

          1. Lys

            It is glitching. If you go to the space under under the opened box which is behind the big dial table and click on the wall it just shows up. If you look in clive’s first screen shot you can see where to click (top left)

      2. Chaz

        this worked for me to get note #3. all arrows on all tables pointing toward poles that have two dots. Some one dot poles down too because they were in the path, and not all two dot polls down, but all arrows pointing toward two dot poles

      3. LarrxX

        You need to point exactly two arrows on each 2 dots column. And all 1 dot columns should remain up.
        On the small table, it’s almost pixel perfect. The one dot columns must not go down!
        On the large table, one arrow should point to nothing.
        Hope it helps!

    5. Lolt

      Does anyone found the 2nd note on level 19?(i mean not the 3rd ones)

      1. divedeeper

        Lolt, any luck? I haven’t been able top find that one either. I found the first and accessed the third but not the second

  19. Jacob Lilya

    There are 2 more levels added to the Faraway Escape Games.
    They are #’s 19 and 20 Bonus Levels in the Faraway Escape games.

  20. Jmm09

    Any hints on the 3rd note for level 19 (first bonus level)? IΓÇÖve attempted manipulating the various arrow puzzles and have come up with nothing.

    1. Jmm09

      Not sure how, but located note.

  21. Jin Kim

    Is there anyone who knows about how to get 3rd note in level 19???

    1. Terri Beckman

      I have tried every angle possible no luck yet. I keep checking this post to see if thereΓÇÖs a solution or if I figure it out. Good luck.

  22. Anonymous

    Here’s how the tile leads you to Letter 3. The four non-orange corners are connected via pixel-art, with each blank connected to each of the others. “Each connected to the others.”

  23. Anonymous

    The third letter I just can’t get. Is there a specific spot you have to be in?
    NEVERMIND GOT IT, there are two lines on the tracks you have to be in between for it to work.

  24. James

    I donΓÇÖt have a hook on level 7 with the first system with all handles. ItΓÇÖs just a grey ΓÇ£boxΓÇ¥ where the hook should be. What do I do?

    1. James

      Never mind. It didnΓÇÖt come down originally.

  25. Tricia Garner

    I’ve finished all 18 levels and found all 3 notes for each but it shows I’ve only completed 90% of the game 😑 so the bonus levels aren’t showing up. Is it because I have to do something with the picture notes that form a larger picture?

    1. K Gantt

      Same thing for me on Faraway 3 and the previous Faraway 2. Did you receive and answer somewhere else beside this forum?

  26. K Gantt

    I finished all 18 levels and found all 3 notes in each level as well as knocked all of the clay pots/jars; however, Levels 19 and 20 do not appear for me to complete. What else do I need to accomplish to activate the Bonus levels?

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