Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker: Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with another Adventure Escape game. This time, it’s two games in one. So I’ll be making two separate walkthroughs. This walkthrough guide will help you with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for Chapter 7 of Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker. It’s the latest Kaye Gray murder mystery! Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 7:

You can watch my video for Chapter 7 here or continue below for my step-by-step-guide.

1. We’re back at the Security Expo. Pick up the lightbulb. Knock over the trash can and take the wire cutters.

2. Use the wire cutters on the wires holding the map locked away. Then take the map.

3. There’s more inside the map case! Remove the paneling to find some lightbulbs. Add the ones you found and some of the bulbs will start changing colors. Each color has two different patterns. Pay attention to them and put them together to form numbers. They go:

Green: 2
Blue: 8
Yellow: 3
Red: 6

4. Enter 2836 into the Prohibited Items vending machine. Take the hammer.

5. Use the hammer to break the lower glass of the vending machine and take the liquid nitrogen spray and craft knife.

6. Spray the liquid nitrogen on the padlock and then use the hammer to break it. Then open it to get two packages.

7. Open the blue package to get an electric screwdriver. The right package needs to be opened more carefully. It says on it:

Start w/ TM
5 Cuts

8. Open the map over the package. Notice it’s the same shape as all the stickers on the package.

9. Look at the elevator sign that tells you which floor each room is on.

10. Now, use the map and elevator sign together to figure out where to cut. It goes: LCBDMR. So start at the TM logo in 5 cuts in that order.

11. Use the screwdriver to open the panel on the bomb and use the wire cutters to cut the wire.

12. Ugh now you have two minutes to solve this next puzzle. You need to disarm the bomb. Use the wire cutters to cut specific wires. It should look like the photo below. Just make sure to insert the batteries last. Then take the key card.

13. Use the key card on the elevator and then take it to the rooftop.

14. The elevator stops halfway up. Pick up the green buttons, warning signs, and cloth banner. Then pick up the UV glass. Use the screwdriver to remove a piece of the handrail.

15. Place the UV glass over the light so it shines purple light over everything.

16. We need to drain the bomb’s power. Tap on the elevator panel. Use the cloth banner to wipe off the wet paint. Use the screwdriver to remove the small panel. It says: “Approved by inspector #89.”

17. Place all the warning signs and green buttons down. Move the warning signs to their correct spots. The purple light turns all the numbers into an equation. It says:

89 + 911 + 3055 – 1000 + 100 = 3155

18. Place the green buttons along the right side so that they make up the numbers 0 – 5, starting from the bottom and going up, just like you saw on the elevator sign before. Then, press the buttons to enter the code 3155.

19. The bottom panel will open and now we have another puzzle to solve. It’s the power override board. You need to connect the chips to each other so they all have the correct number of connections.

20. The elevator starts moving again, but then the doors get stuck. Use the bar to pry them open.

21. Knock down the speaker and the Christmas lights and take the two plug pairs. Also, break the security camera above the door to get another plug pair.

22. Now we have to arrange the potted plants. Move them so that each plant points to a letter in the background. Then look at the number of rings around each pot. That tells you the order to put them in. So it goes:

1: F
2: I
3: N
4: D
5: M
6: E


23. Tap on the lock on the door and enter FINDME. Go through.

24. Ugh now we have to do that annoying mini game from Allied Spies. Place all three pairs of plugs down. I hate this with every fiber of my being. You need to plug in the pairs of plugs and you can only mess up twice or you have to start over. Once you finish that, it’s the end of Chapter 7.

Click on the chapter you need below or click here to continue to Chapter 8.

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  1. D hicks

    heres the steps to disarm bomb wire 1/wire 2:
    1) Timer/XBDR
    2) Bat 1/Ground
    4) Timer 2/-
    5) +/Stabilizer
    6) Bleed/Ground
    7) XBDR/-
    8) Bat 2/CMU
    9) Timer 1/Bat 1
    10) GSM/Bat 2
    12) CMU/Timer 2
    14) -/+

    Good Luck

    1. Tiny

      Time after time I have repeated this and continue to blow up. Is the solution wrong? Anyone else having issues with the last puzzle in Chapter 7 ???

      1. C Fairbrook

        It took a few of tries, but I did managed to pass the level. D hicks’s solution DOES work, but you have to be quick in changing out the black and red leads. What helped me was writing the solution down on paper and going down the list. Once the light for matching pair goes out quickly go to the next one. If you’re too slow or get a wrong pair it will blow up.

      2. Treyo

        It took about ten tries. I started using the pair I pull out to go directly into the next pair. Ooh, and don’t focus on specifics too much let your gaze see ALL the lights to know which turn off and the stick in the blinking ones. Wait for the light to go out even after the blink starts. You have some time. I think only twice does the light stay on for too long where I had to grab new cables

    2. Jack S

      Got it on my first try with your guide, tysm

    3. Tracer

      Took a handful of tries even with the guide (I got tricked by the flashing connections, which were misleading), but it was SO much faster than trying to follow Sanjana’s directions. Thank you!

      1. Tina

        Your comment is not true the solution Does Not Work no matter how many times you try it

    4. Esther

      You’re my HERO… thank you. I also hate this with every fiber of my being. 🤬

  2. Jenny

    Tried following instructions below to disharm the bomb it ain’t working I need help

    1. Dionne

      Need help bomb doesn’t eork

  3. Irish

    In Trapmaker 1, chapter 7, the bomb in the lobby has been altered. Your solution no longer works. Please update. Thanks

    1. Bryanna

      It still works you have to manually click the little clock looking buttons I thought the same thing

  4. Abi

    In chapter seven the first bomb doesn’t work. I’ve tried doing it like the picture says but it doesn’t work.

    1. Luna

      This is the (for me) working solution

    2. Kayla

      You should follow exactly what the picture says but cut the long red wire to

      1. Kendra

        Thank you it worked

      2. Sia

        This worked for me as well .

  5. Kris

    Does anyone know how to do the fuses?

    1. Brandy J Beard

      Did not work on my end

  6. Desiree

    I can not for the life of me figure out those damn wores/plugs in the last step of chapter 7 i get all 3 sets in the board . Move the first set, but when i put the 2nd pair in fuses first then 2 lights blink and i have chosen both on. Separate occasions and just blow up…..Help please.

  7. Cdo

    Hey, please so not judge me for this, but I cannot find the screw driver at all!

    I imagine it is very obvious but I cannot find it!

    1. Lynn

      It’s in the blue package by the bomb in the first elevator room.

    2. Sally

      You have to spray the lock with the liquid nitrogen and hit it with the hammer then its in The blue package

  8. OceanZo

    Bomb solution DOES NOT WORK! IΓÇÖve moved the clock dials, 2 ditches to on position and the left most off (not that it seems to matter as the power just travels through anyways -.-) and cut the one red cord and then batteries last. What gives? Wtf am I missing???

    1. Kate

      You gotta cut the long red one too, i kept getting screwed up too

      1. Lynne

        Leave the top battery out.

    2. Lalaine Reyes

      Everything is ok but they changed it. I have succesfully disarmed the bomb. Cut the longest one and next to it a short one (the U shape)

    3. Teri

      2 red cords

    4. Tina

      You are right the solution does not work no matter what way you do it the bomb goes off!!!

  9. emely

    Idk why everyone say the instructions dont work. it worked perfectly for me. the last bomb is tricky. you just need to be quick

  10. Maahin

    I hate the 2 error 15 qu. one

  11. Patricia

    I am finding it impossible to connect all those pairs of wires for the l!st bomb in ch 7. I have been trying for weeks now. Getting ready to give up and just delete the app. Absolutely ridiculous to design a mini game this difficult that lies when it says you can have 2 mistakes. Because if you just make one the remaining steps don’t clear even if you get them right. BOOM BOOM BLOWN UP!!!

    1. Luna

      You have to cut the long vertical wire and the shortest horizontal wire,turn the two clock looking things up and the two switches on

  12. khai

    the bomb one doesn’t work so i have to use my stars to skip that stage:(

    1. Gert

      Me too, even with the list I didn’t manage. This puzzle took away the fun. Imo it’s not a puzzle, more of an agility test.

  13. Q

    i canΓÇÖt pick up the last wire for detonating the bomb? anyone have the same issues? i can only take the wires from the bulb lights n camera.. not from the lighting pole

  14. Skyfire

    I thought that the bomb in the lobby was wrong from the walkthrough myself. Until I noticed that there are three switches. The screenshot is correct

  15. Lori

    How can you restart a chapter if you missed an Important piece

  16. Cameron

    I HATE the mini game with the plugs! I can’t keep up with it to move on.

  17. Ed

    I do not for the life of me understand the last bomb diffusion. I am ready to give up.

  18. Dre

    I can not get past the lol ast step in chapter 7.. can’t figure wat I’m doing wrong…smh

  19. Donk

    I was able to disarm the last bomb using only one set of cables.

  20. Nimbus

    This solution works, it’s just poorly explained.

    You need to cut the 2 wires as in the photo, click the switches and set the little clocks to match the picture above.

    Batteries should go in the last, but only 2, the top one is not needed.

    Hope this helps someone.

  21. Mandy

    I might be late to the game but I found this to work for me in the plug minigame:
    1. Pay attention to the plug-in names and their location. Makes it a smidge easier.
    2. I always try to start with red, just to keep things simpler, though choosing black first doesn’t matter.
    3. When a whiteish yellow blinking light appears, plug a red cord there. When you do that, whatshername will TELL YOU where the paired black cord should be placed.
    4. Place the black cord of the pair where whatshername tells you to.
    5. You have to wait for the whiteish yellow lights to go out before disconnecting your paired cord
    6. While you are waiting for the lights to go out on your placed cord, another white light will possibly start blinking. Place another red cord there and then place that black cord where whatshername tells you to.
    You are hooking up cords correctly, waiting for their lights to go out… while also having to keep up with making new connections at the same time.

    I hope this helps someone!

  22. Sshort

    The last puzzle with the red/black plugs is ridiculously difficult. I want to enjoy the game, not get so mad that I want to quit it! I tried D hicks solution several times and I do think it was working but if you are a split second too slow, it will blow up. The amount of time I was spending was not worth the frustration, so I finally used stars to skip it.

  23. AllyCat

    lol I get that some of these puzzles can be tricky and difficult .. but the amount of complaining about not being able to do it is a bit ridiculous. If you want everything to be easy then you shouldn’t be doing an intermediate game level. I see ppl talking about deleting the game bc they can’t do one specific puzzle when you can simply use stats to skip the game if they don’t want to actually do the puzzle. Free games, free stars and interesting games w complex and brain teasing puzzles and scenarios…ppl are so entitled sometimes. Realistically this type of puzzle albeit extremely annoying to pass.. I agree on that… it’s 100% fitting for this situation and game theme entirely… how stupid would have been for everything to be simple enough to solve without working for it… what’s the point then? It’s a game lol a free game…relax… it’s so. It that deep. Use your stars.. you can replay old chapters or other games even to get stars.. or watch an add to get more… appreciate the fun bc challenging games or don’t play them… simple as that

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