Adventure Escape Mysteries – Legend of the Sacred Stones: Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Legend of the Sacred Stones
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called Legend of the Sacred Stones. You play as Aila, who needs to take control of the elements and learn the truth about her past as she battles towering Stone Gods. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 8. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 8:

You can watch my video for Chapter 8 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. We’re now inside the Summer Temple. Milo runs off and seals the door behind him. Pick up the four ladder steps and the star shard. Look at the book and take the phoenix key. And notice the mural of Tempus Island on the wall that’s missing a piece.

2. Place the four ladder steps on the ladder and climb up to the next room.

3. Use the phoenix key to unlock the chest and take the sun stone. Also, grab the stone scale, wheel, and star shard.

4. Leave the room and insert the wheel on the slot by the door. Turn it. The skylight will open and we can use the locket again!

5. Insert the sun stone in the hole on the left wall to reveal another star emblem.

6. Use the earth stone on the star to make the vines grow. Then climb up and go through the door to the next room.

7. Use the fire stone on both star emblems to get rid of the lava. Take the star shard and stone scale. Use the water stone on the left star emblem to douse out the fire on the chest. Then take the phoenix head from inside. Use the earth stone on the right star emblem to grow a vine. Climb up it and grab the villager figurine. Before leaving, use the earth stone to get rid of the bean stalk blocking the door.

8. Go back to the phoenix room and place the phoenix head on the statue. It will shoot a laser at the crystal, which will then open the skylight. Now you can use the locket!

9. Now, if you already melted the ice, don’t worry about it, but avoid doing so yet if you want to get the shears sooner. First use the fire stone on the star emblem to shut off the fire. Then use the wind stone to turn on the fan and blow the ice cube onto the switch. Examine the barrel and take the shears.

10. Now, use the fire stone to turn on the fire and melt the ice cube. Use the fire stone again to shut off the flames and then take the snake key. And last, use the earth stone to get rid of the vines, revealing a combination lock. Notice the clue on it.

10. Go back to the snake room and use the snake key to unlock the chest. Take the sun lens and gun powder. Also, use the shears to cut and take the rope.

11. Now, use the sun lens to look at the room. Notice there are suns around the room. Count them and then do it for each room. This is how many you find:

Snake = 5
Lion = 4
Phoenix = 3

12. Now back to the combination lock. Each number has animals under it. So do the math based on the suns.

Snake + Phoenix = 5 + 3 = 8
Snake = 5
Snake + Lion = 5 + 4 = 9
Phoenix + Lion = 3 + 4 = 7

So the passcode is 8597. Enter it in the wall lock to reveal a lever.

13. Pull the lever to make a cube mold appear. Then use the water stone to drop water into it. Use the wind stone to freeze it. Then pull the lever again to remove the mold.

14. Use the wind stone to blow the ice cube to the switch again. Now you can leave it there and access the barrel again. To make explosives, place the gunpowder and rope down. Then add the gunpowder to the barrel. Close the life and then add the rope as a wick.

15. Go back to the lion room and place the explosives near the cracked wall. Use the fire stone on the star emblem to light the fuse and wait for it to explode.

16. Use the water stone to put out the fire. Then use the earth stone to grow a new vine. Climb up and grab the pickaxe and star pendant.

17. Go back to the book and place the star pendant on the cover. Look through the book and grab the god tile. Read through the book about the War of the Gods and then take it with you. You can now look at it whenever you want.

18. Place the god tile on the wall with the rest. Then use the clues from the book to organize them in the right order. Then take the star shard and stone scale.

19. Go back to the snake room and add the three stone scales to the statue. Add all four star shards to the puzzle.

20. Now let’s solve the Star Shards puzzle. You need to use the colored gems from the locket to mix colors and make the shards the five different colors shown.

21. Take the moon stone that drops from the snake’s mouth.

22. Go back to the lion room. Place the moon stone in the hole on the right wall to reveal another star emblem.

23. Use the wind stone on the star emblem to freeze the lava. Then use the pickaxe to break off a piece that will land on the switch, revealing the board game. Also, take the Solaris figurine. Add both the villager figurine and Solaris figurine to the board game.

24. Now let’s solve the Solaris Board Game puzzle. You need to move all the colored blocks to the same colored buttons. It’s not too bad, but if you mess up there’s no undo button, so you have to start over.

25. Now you have access to another star emblem. Use the fire stone with it to open the lion’s head and go through to meet Milo again.

26. Talk to Milo. Looks like we have to fight another one of these annoying rune battles. This one’s not as bad as the last one, though. Once you’re done, head through the door after Milo.

27. Interact with Milo and let him talk. Then pick up the book and get ready for the Final Showdown. You need to use the book to figure out which magic stone to press. Watch the order in which he uses them and then find it in the book. If you take too long or get it wrong, he’ll attack you. You need to damage him 5 times to defeat him. After the first two stones glow, you should be able to choose the right one. It seems to be the same each time, so this is the order: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Earth.

28. Now, tap on each stone after it glows to fix it and collect it. Then tap all four stones in your locket to complete the game. Then watch the ending.

I’m not sure if there’s a way to save Milo?

And that’s the end of the game!

More coming soon!

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1 month ago

I see you’re not there yet but please be sure to address the Star Shard puzzle. The colors don’t make sense. Orange and Brown require each other so there is an impossible loop. I think it’s an error in the game.

Reply to  Caitlin
1 month ago

Hello, the color combinations listed on the stones are up to you to choose from. You do not necessarily have to do brown + white to get orange. You can do yellow and red instead. Hope that makes sense.

1 month ago

How do I find this game, sacred stones? Can’t find it google play store. Can someone help me? I sent an email but have not rcvd an answer.

Louise Smith
Reply to  Lynne
1 month ago

Hi it’s part of a collection called AE mysteries by haiku games. There’s quite a few on the app for your enjoyment. Good luck.

Reply to  Louise Smith
1 month ago

Thank you for getting back to me!!!!

1 month ago

OK. I finished it with no problems, unfortunately I forgot to take screnshots to help you with the guide in the last chapter. My question is
-spoilers ahead-
Is there anyway to save Milo? Because water stone has the ability of healing, Couldn’t we use it somehow before stopping the curse? Because I tried to. I know that Ollie finds a father figure in Siegfried, but what our father said that it might damage him if he loses that way both of his parents, I think it might turn him in a potential villain in the future. And the way it ends with the beam it is possible that there might be a second game in the future.

Happy 2021!
Reply to  AppUnwrapper
17 days ago

You can fill the metal cube and freeze it with wind

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
12 days ago

After you click the stones, the screen shows skeleton/dead Milo. If you deliberately crash your game (I play on iPad) at this point, before the ending scene starts, it restarts just before, at the stone clicking. So this way you can test multiple combinations (24 in total) without replaying the whole game. That is assuming that the game is programmed to show skeleton-Milo 23 times, and alive Milo 1 time. Based on this, I tried all 24 combinations, and Milo died in every single one.

However … I misclicked.once, resulting in 1 stone clicked twice and 1 stone not clicked at all. For example, Water Earth Earth Wind. (and no fire). It still set off the ending scene (with dead Milo).

This could open up 2 options.

1. You just need 4 clicks. Doesn’t matter which 4. I got the ending scene with 4x water, and 4x fire, and also 2×2 combi’s. The game is programmed to simply let Milo die 🙂 And the green beam opens up possibilities for a part 2.
2. There IS some combo maybe possible, could be 4 of 1, 3 of 1 and 1 of another, 2 of one and 2 of another … the number of combinations is then increased dramatically. I haven’t played any of those yet except for 4x water and 2xwater + 2xwind.

Reply to  Shadowgrr
23 days ago

I have a feeling that not saving Milo is an important part of the sequel… It was one of the other gods that showed up when he perished…

Kim Martin
1 month ago

Can someone please help me, I only have 4 star shards. Where do I find the last one? Thank you.

1 month ago

Can anyone say where all 5 star shards are? I found 4, and that’s all that’s addressed here, but we need 5 to continue.

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
1 month ago

I only have 4 to and none in my puzzle when opened 😢

Reply to  Emma
19 days ago

Click under the ladder there is a compartment

Kim Martin
Reply to  AppUnwrapper
1 month ago

Could you possibly tell us where it is or maybe we need to do something to make it appear? Thank you.

Kim Martin
Reply to  Kim Martin
1 month ago

Nevermind, I found it. There is a compartment in front of the ladder, just click on it.

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
19 days ago

There is no any other gem

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
19 days ago

Sorry to say but there is no 5th gem in the puzzle 🙁

Rachael Hall
Reply to  Mads
1 month ago

You need to use the pickaxe on the panel underneath the ladder in the main room. Took me ages to find the last shard.

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
25 days ago

It doesn t work either way….

30 days ago

I missed getting the shears. How do I break the seal to get them

28 days ago

I do not understand how can defeat psycho-Milo

Reply to  Caro
26 days ago

When he floats over the ground preparing to attack you, look at the order in which the stones light up. The order will tell you which stone to use on the locket to counterattack. I found that I didn’t need to memorize all four stones; the first two were enough to point me to the right counterattack.

Reply to  Caro
26 days ago

Take the book from the ground and then watch in which order the stones around Milo glow. If it is white-blue-red-yellow, you must press the yellow one on the locket. When the order is blue-yellow-white-red, you must press the blue one on the locket and so on.

27 days ago

If I melted the ice cube before using the barrel, is there anything I can use to open the compartment again?

24 days ago

What does the green light on the horizon at the end of game indicate? Is it another sacred stone?

Reply to  Hovera
23 days ago

I think that’s a hint for a sequel, where we’ll have to face the other gods… When Milo died, the god of spirits showed up…

22 days ago

Can you please write down the directilns for the moving blocks puzzle? Is is really hard to follow the video for me

20 days ago

I’ve couldn’t find 5th coloured gem
Where is it em stuck

Happy 2021!
Reply to  Biaa
17 days ago

There is already another comment about that

12 days ago

Is anyone else having trouble with the barrel closeup? Nothing happens when I touch the gunpowder, so I’m stuck.

8 days ago

(Spoiler alert )Milo was about to do the same thing. Why we stopped him? Maybe he could stop the curse just like Aila did,we could give him a chance. With no rational reason Aila stopped him every time . Aila brought a curse with herself , caused many people die , stopped milo from ending this misery and became a hero!!! I don’t get it😕

3 days ago