Adventure Escape Mysteries – Legend of the Time Stones: Chapter 5 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Legend of the Time Stones
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called Legend of the Time Stones. It’s a sequel to Legend of the Sacred Stones. You play as Aila, who needs to travel through the past, present and future to stop an evil Sorcerer. You’ll explore elaborate new temples and battle gods from faraway lands as Aila discovers the hidden truth behind the Sorcerer’s motivation. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 5. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 5:

You can watch my video for Chapter 5 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. We’re finally inside the Temple of War. Pull the left lever to blow the golden orb into the slot on the ceiling, revealing a star shrine. Use the pink time stone on the shrine to open a rift into the past. Take the spiral key and crown, then close the rift.

2. Use the spiral key to unlock the top drawer and take the pink crystal from inside.

3. Pull the lever and open the rift again. Insert the pink crystal into the slot above the door to open it. Then close the rift and head through the door.

4. Flip the left switch to reveal a mural. Take a look at it. Also, place the crown on the skeleton’s head to get his bow and arrows.

5. Push the lever back and use the pink time stone on the star engraving that’s revealed. Then take the star key from the open rift. Before leaving, pull the lever back to the right again.

6. Go back downstairs. Push the lever to the left again. Use the star key to open the drawer. Use the bow and arrow with the fire to get fire arrows. Then shoot at the cobwebs to get the diamond key. Again, pull the lever to the right to suck it up to the ceiling.

7. Go back upstairs. Use the diamond key to unlock the chest and take the block from inside. Also, use the fire arrows to burn the cobwebs and get another block.

8. Now we should have all the blocks we need. Tap on the puzzle on the front of the table. Add all three blocks to it. Now let’s solve the Stacked puzzle. You need to make the blocks match the locations of the weapons and items in the mural.

9. Tap on the open table and solve the Shattered Pieces puzzle. Now you have a green crystal.

10. Place the green crystal over the left doorway and push the lever to the left. Then go back down and push the lever to the left. Go back up and push the lever to the right and then left again. Then last, go back down, push the lever to right and open the rift again. Grab the pink crystal.

11. Go back upstairs and push the lever to the right again. Place the pink crystal over the right door and go through.

12. Push both levers here to the right. The right orb will drop down to the next floor. Go down and grab the piano book.

13. Go back through the right door and place the piano book on the piano. We need to play music based on the poem. This is what it says:

“The Sounds of War

From the eastern shore, the Gods roared as they awoke on the Island of Time.

On the opposite side of the world, there was silence.

Gods from a nearby western land let out a cry.

The God of War watched from the dark, quietly plotting his course.

By the hands of man, all Gods were led to war at the center of the world.”

Use those five lines to play five notes, as shown below. Then grab the lever handle. Also, push the right lever to the left.

14. Go back down and place the lever handle in the right mechanism. Pull the lever to the right and take the moon pendant.

15. Go back through all three floors and use the golden orbs to make the floor panels appear, each showing two glowing blue tiles. Make sure the right orb lands on the first floor, and keep it down at the bottom to reveal a new puzzle. The blue tiles tell you how to solve the puzzle — just look at their locations on each grid. Then take the mirror shield.

16. Turn on all the golden orb machines so you can suck both orbs back up to the third floor. Make sure the right one hits the ceiling. Read the engraving under the crystal: “The sun reveals the light. The light reveals the sun.” Well, the orb should have opened the ceiling to let in the sun. Now use the mirror shield to reflect it onto the crystal. Then take the sun pendant.

17. Get the right golden orb to drop back down to the first floor. Make the golden orb land on the ceiling and then place the sun and moon pendants in the slots to get the Taurus figurine.

18. Get both orbs back to the third floor and make them land on the bottom. Now you have access to a star etching. Use the pink time stone on it to reveal another board game. Add the Taurus statue to it.

19. Now, let’s solve the Blocks and Fans puzzle. Use the Taurus figurine to push the blocks into their matching slots. Press the colored buttons on the side to turn the fans on and off.

20. Go through the ram’s mouth to meet Taurus, the God of War. Let’s fight him! Use the locket on the star symbol on his chest. This is similar to the previous battle, but this time you have multiple star engravings to work with. Always use the pink time stone on them! Each rift will have two symbols to find.

21. Now Taurus will give you the future time stone, so you have all three and can travel to the future!

And that’s the end of Chapter 5! Click here to continue to Chapter 6 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Mullane

    I’m on chapter 6, and I can’t find the 6th pattern that’s on the panel. I’ve looked everywhere. The clue is telling me to pay 10 stars to see the answer to that puzzle, and it’s usually telling me what I have to look for. Not this time. I don’t need the solution to the puzzle, I need a clue where to find that 6th panel.

  2. Alisa

    Chapter 5 part 2.
    I can’t open the rift to get the crown. When I pull the lever the star doesn’t appear so I can’t get the pink rift to appear.

    1. Julie

      I was stuck as well. Make sure on the top floor that the ball isn’t there and move the lever to the left. Go back tot he 1st floor and push the lever to the right so that the ball gets stop at the ceiling of the 1st floor. The star will then appear

    2. Eppes

      Are all of the holes on the lower floors open? If not, the ball can’t pass through

  3. KB

    How do I open the piano? I have the piano book.

    1. Eppes

      You have to get the left ball to the top. To get the ball there, you have to use the wind that comes out of the ground on floor 1. For the wind to reach to the top floor, all levers must be pulled so all holes are open. Then the ball will automatically go to the very top, where it activates and opens the piano.

  4. Pedro

    Es imposible derrotar a Taurus en el cap v ,no salen las runas adecuadas en todo el tiempo q dan
    Desisto de seguir en el juego

    1. Eppes

      The strategy I used was just going from star to star and tapping all the right symbols in each portal. You have to be quick, though. I got hit once, but I made it in my first try.

  5. Gina

    The piano is not working for me. Where you show 2, my key doesn’t omit sound.
    The right side lever on the 2nd floor is missing as well. It’s odd.

    1. Eppes

      That’s all completely normal. Some keys do make sound, others don’t. You get the missing lever by solving the piano puzzle.

  6. Elizabeth

    Hi! Just curious, how did you solve the piano puzzle? I see the answer to the puzzle, I’m just curious how you came up with it! TIA

    1. Maria

      I would also like to know!

      1. Eppes

        The book on the piano says:
        “The Sounds of War

        From the eastern shore, the Gods roared as they awoke on the Island of Time.
        –> east = right –> rightmost key on the piano

        On the opposite side of the world, there was silence.
        –> oppositie side from the right side = left –> leftmost key

        Gods from a nearby western land let out a cry.
        –> nearby, western –> the key next to the leftmost key (western = left)

        The God of War watched from the dark, quietly plotting his course.
        –> from the dark = a black key, quietly = a key that doesn’t make any sound –> press the only black key that is silent (the silent keys are not a bug, but are part of the puzzle, Gina!)

        By the hands of man, all Gods were led to war at the center of the world.”
        –> center = middle key on the piano

  7. Tisha

    In case you do what I did. To get the 2ND DOOR ON THE 2ND floor open with the pink crystal, make sure the gold BALL IS ON THE 1ST FLOOR CEILING. It has to push against the FIRST FLOOR CEILING to access the time thing again. I had to use a hint to figure it out. But once you go back in the past on the first floor, u can get the pink crystal and put it in the 2nd door on the 2nd floor.

  8. Twila

    I’ve done everything right yet the panel won’t open so that I can get the moon pendant help please

  9. Prince Praise

    I’m also stuck finding moon pendant

    1. Eppes2008

      Is there a ball in the RIGHT hole in the CEILING?

  10. Sabine

    The moon pendant won’t open, I’m stuck, I know I am doing it right… 😩

  11. Linda

    Had to give up. Too complicated. Couldn’t get the moon pendant either.

  12. Myst

    After I defeat Taurus and Ollie disappears, I get the 3 starts added, but then nothing happens. Tried logging out and back in and still the same,

  13. Heather

    My pink crystal got jMmed in the center door and won’t come out. I can’t get any more hints or skip puzzle. Tried everything and when I go to right, the lever disappears from orb control. Just want to skip this puzzle and go onto next; about to give up.

  14. Freda Bohman

    I cant get into the Rams mouth.

  15. Buket

    Getting the moon pendant: insert the right orb into rhe sevond floor’s ceiling slot. To do this, mKe sure the right orb is not on the 3rd floor, then pull the 3rd floor’s right lever to the left to close the right floor slot. Then on the 1st and 2nd floors, pull the right levers to the right. Collect the moon pendant from the open slot on the right of the 2nd floor.

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