Cryptic Keep Walkthrough

41. Enter and zoom in on the anvil. Tap the X, upside-down V, and the one that looks like a cross.

Cryptoc Keep Anvil
Tap the X, upside-down V, and the one that looks like a cross.

42. Take the silver dagger.

Cryptic Keep Silver Dagger

43. Go back out and zoom in on the gryphon statue. Place all four items (Horseshoe, Dagger, Skull, Ruby) in the slots on the pedestal. The Sword of Ire will be revealed. Take it.



44. Go back to the fork in the road and take the left road. Continue to the lantern. Zoom in on the keep behind the lantern. Use the Sword of Ire to break the enchantment, then unlock the door with the Gold Key and enter the keep!



45. Pick up the Orb of Fire near the throne.


46. Examine the picture of the three Earths.


47. Notice the suit of armor and the missing helmet.

48. Take the left door. Tap on the table.

49. Take the green Orb of Growth. Also notice the order of the lit and unlit candles.


50. Take the door to the left.


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  1. Allison

    Thank you so much for this! I was stuck at the dragons forever! Thank you again.

    1. Baz

      Me too, I don’t see the hot stone near them,..? And only red and purple dragons eyes are lit.

      1. Kay Tighe

        Where is the hot stone ?

      2. kathy

        Yeah where is the hot stone?

    2. laura

      How did u get the dragon heads to turn off or on however it works? I’m so stuck on them been trying for two days. Please help?

  2. Suzi

    I have taken the master key but there is no trap door in the bedroom- help
    Have I done something wrong?
    I have been putting the coloured stones in the dragons as I go, was that ok??
    Please help, I have loved playing this!!

  3. Felicia

    Hi could you please post walkthroughs for Cryptic Caverns and Crimson Manor.Thank you!

  4. diane

    I have melted the skeleton but there is no key also the skeleton has not fully melted what do I do now I have restated the game again and it is still the same please help

  5. diane

    I have tried to melt the skeleton but it does not fully melt and there is no key i have restarted the game again and it’s just the same what do I do please help

    1. Felicia

      hi you have to use the arrow from your items and then you will see the key

    2. Person :)

      You have to put the arrow on the skeletons bow.

  6. woonam

    really stuck on the temple door puzzle. i think i know how the puzzle should be laid out but just cant seem to get them in the order i need. on the walkthrough it says it played around and doesnt know what the right order was. does anyone have a clue?

    1. Richard

      Are you playing cryptic keep or cryptic caverns

  7. Chelsie

    I’m really stuck on the circle puzzle.. U said to line the Circles up the same way as the suns on the painting.. Well this doesn’t work for me.. I’ve tried so many times.. Please help

    1. abiekaye

      Me too!

    2. Wendy

      Me too! any luck with it?

  8. dimas

    i have finished this game for a hour while i read your walkthrough.and your walkthrough is worked for me.i enter a new world…. hwawakaka.

  9. Sarah Grossman

    What do you do if you neglected to pick up the fire orb and, other than that, you are at the end of the game? Every time I even click near the throne, all I see is the trap door.

  10. Starryscales-Night Dragon

    On number 41. With the anvil, what letters are those, I really want to know, Ive seen it in a few movies and I still cant find out what its called. Thanks.

  11. Gwenyedd

    I think I have done everything right, but I can’t put the orbs in the dragons’ mouths. What have I done wrong? Do all the dragons have to be lit up?
    Please help. I have enjoyed the game very much, so far.

  12. Elena

    No consigo echar el agua sobre la cabeza de los dragones. Siguen encendiéndose los dragones rojo y morado….por mucho que los desactive.

    1. Jo

      This game was awesome, just completed it

  13. marycollett


    I am stuck, I can’t locate the hot brick to throw the bucket of water on in the bedroom. Please help as I can’t now go any further.



  14. mark

    I’m utterly stuck on the circle puzzle. i have tried repeatedly to put the dots in the same places as the suns on the picture but no joy.. any advice?

  15. Leanne

    When I get to the room where the sword shaped slot should be I find I have an armoured metal case instead and trying to use the sword on it doesn’t have any effect :/ help!!!

  16. Leanne

    When I get to the room where the sword shaped slot should be I find I have an armoured metal case and using the sword in it doesn’t have any effect :/ help!!!

    1. Ronny

      The order of the last steps is wrong. You have to place the orbs (step 93) BEFORE you can put the sword in the metal case.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Thanks. It seems that changed in the latest update. Do I just need to reverse those two steps?

      2. Susan

        Where is the case for the sword? It is the ONLY thing I have not figured out.

        1. Leanne

          Where do I place the orbs???

        2. Leanne

          Apologies!! I meant the trap door in the kings bedroom, not the throne room!

    2. Jonathan Richard

      Where is the hot rock at. Please help

  17. Shelby

    The hot rock is in the kings room under the 4 dragon heads. zoom in on them and click just below the heads and a door will open with the hot stone. I am so close to finishing and my tablet is just giving me a blank screen GRRRRRR

    1. Jonathan Richard

      Sorry but it won’t open

  18. Leanne

    The case for the sword is in the room through the trap door that appears in the throne room when you place the helmet on the shelf

    The hot rock is in the kings bedroom. On the right wall where the dragons heads are, behind the metal plate that is below the heads.

    1. Leanne

      The trap door in the kings bedroom, not the one in the throne room, sorry

  19. lilly

    Just got game,playing on a kindle,managed to a little but can’t get the trunk to open to get the torch…anyone know how to get it open?

  20. Bob

    The puzzle where you place the three balls on the cirlces in the positions of the three suns on the earths seems to be broken for me or requires a level of positioning precision that I cannot achieve on a small screen. Can anyone help me out? Is there a prerequisite in the keep that must be completed prior that I am missing? Thanks.

  21. Gerry

    I just got the three circles thing to work. What a bitch. I took a screenshot but can’t post it here, unfortunately. However, try this: first ball (leftmost) stays in the center where it is; middle ball goes directly upward toward 12 o’click (ignore the picture, which shows it more at 11 or 11:30); last ball (rightmost) goes directly to the right toward 3 o’clock (again, ignite the picture, which shows it around 2-ish).

    Hope that helps. Good luck.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm.. Did something else change in the update? I’ll have to take a look at the game again.
      Any other differences you noticed?

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Also, if you want me to post a photo, you can email it to me (under “Contact”) and just let me know where in the walkthrough to post it. It’s been quite some time since I’ve played the game, so this would be the quickest way to get the walkthrough updated.

    3. AppUnwrapper

      I’m in middle of updating the walkthrough with more photos (as you might have noticed), so please bear with me.

  22. Laurie

    I don’t have the red orb. It isn’t next to the throne. I assume that’s why the armored metal casing won’t open. Could it be somewhere else?

    1. Laurie

      Never mind… Looks like I put the orb in the dragons mouth as soon as I got it and forgot. I was tipped off because only the red flame was burning next to the casing. Also, I was trying to put the orbs in the mouths of the dragons in the kings room. I didn’t understand you meant the original dragons. Anyway, all is well. I have finished the game.

  23. Linda Stephens

    thanks! never thought of putting the globes into the dragon’s mouths!
    I got pretty far on my own! woohoo!! so glad you’re here with the solutions!

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