Ferris Mueller’s Day Off: Walkthrough

36. Go back into the alley behind the saloon and put the rubber seal in the canteen hole (get it? Rubber seal? Yeah, know…). Pick up the canteen and take it to the water pump to fill it with water. Now you can use your cheap mule with the wagon to travel.





37. Now you’re in Pebble Ridge. Go into the Public a Records office and show her your badge so she’ll let you see the files. You can only take one at a time, though. Open the bottom drawer and take the file on Mr. Sharp (Sharp file. Get it? 😉 )






38. Leave and go into what looks like a phone booth but is actually a changing room (Superman?). Choose to change into a suit, and then choose “Birthday” (as in nude). Look in the mirror and you’ll see you have a red skull tattoo. This is another clue for the cellar door lock.


39. Leave the changing room and continue on towards the church. Tap on the “Scared Plots” sign and notice the letters on the mausoleum doors. They look familiar. Use the Blox clue to rearrange the letters and open the doors. Then go in and take the four candles and the bear suit. Also note the yellow axe on the wall. This is the final symbol for the cellar lock.






40. Leave the mausoleum and go up the stairs to the “Scared (Sacred) Plots”. The third plot is empty, so it’s a perfect place to plant the exploding shrub (remember? It needs to be planted on sacred ground). If only you had a spade to dig with! Oh wait, you do! Another play-on word here. Use the spade card to dig the hole and plant the shrub. Then tap on in a couple of times and get the exploding berries.






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  1. Sarah

    For the cards puzzle, you do use the letters and so it is not just rhymes with. Owl does not rhyme with bowl!
    He + art = heart
    Li + bra = Libra
    B+owl = bowl
    H+eel = heel

  2. Kate

    I grabbed the 3 carrots from next to the tree – but theyΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗re not in my inventory- so I canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t purchase the mule.

  3. IprkAG

    At point 36 the gahe asked purchase. I do not think it is worth it so I pass.

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