The Birdcage 2: Dragon Pack Walkthrough Guide

The Birdcage 2: Magical Creatures
By: Kaarel Kirsipuu / Pine Studio

Last year, Pine Studio released a room escape game called The Birdcage, which tasked you with releasing different kinds of birds from their cages. Well, now they’re back with a sequel, and this time there magical creatures like dragons and phoenixes! If you’re having trouble, this walkthrough guide should help you with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Dragon Pack:

You can watch my video for the Dragon Pack or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

Level 21:

1. Press the button on the lower right to get the first gem.

2. Turn left. Grab the gem. Pull the slider down and release it so the ball hits the button. Take the coin.

3. Insert the coin in the slot to the left and then pull all three levers. Take the square tiles.

4. Place the first square tile in the slot on this side of the cage. There are a whole bunch of buttons here. What you need to do is press one of the buttons that are in a row and then see which squares light up. Copy that pattern using the four buttons at the top. Do the same for all four and then take the cross piece.

5. Continue left. Use the square tile here to unlock another puzzle and also a new spell – Force! Insert the cross piece and use the force spell to turn it into a spring. Take the spring.

6. Use the spring with the other slider and shoot the ball at the button. Take the wooden piece.

7. Continue left. Turn the coin to get the last gem. Also, use the third square tile to unlock another puzzle.

8. Look down and press the four buttons to see cubes with numbers on them. You get a 4, a 5, 6 and 6.

9. Now solve the puzzle above it by moving the dots so there’s the correct number in each cube. Take the wooden piece.

10. Go back right and place the two wooden pieces in the dragon eye. Take the key.

11. Read the secret scroll and use the key to free the dragon.

Click on the level you need below or click hereto continue to the Level 22 walkthrough.

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