The Birdcage 2: Griffin Pack Walkthrough Guide

The Birdcage 2: Magical Creatures
By: Kaarel Kirsipuu / Pine Studio

Last year, Pine Studio released a room escape game called The Birdcage, which tasked you with releasing different kinds of birds from their cages. Well, now they’re back with a sequel, and this time there magical creatures like dragons and phoenixes! If you’re having trouble, this walkthrough guide should help you with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Griffin Pack:

Level 26:

You can watch my video for Level 26 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Turn right and find the first gem.

2. Turn right and pull the four wheels to the center. Then take the extra wheel that’s revealed.

3. Go back left and place the wheel in the slot. Pull them down. Use the bottom wheel to pull the others all the way down. Then take the square tile.

4. Go back right and use the wheels to move the red tile around and to the right. Then use the Reveal spell and continue moving the red tile to the right, into the next section of the puzzle.

5. Here, use the arrows and the wheel to get the red tile on top of the fire. Then, use the tile in your inventory to block its path at the top. Navigate the red tile to the gray spot so it melts it. Continue moving it to the next part of the puzzle.

6. Again, move the red tile onto the fire. Then use it to melt the top gray tile and get the second gem.

7. Move the red tile onto the fire again and then navigate it all the way to the keyhole. Grab the key while here. Also, find the third gem.

8. Read the secret scroll and then use the key to unlock the cage and free the griffin.

And that’s the end of Level 26! Click on the level you need below or click hereto continue to the Level 27 walkthrough.

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