Adventure Escape Mysteries – Paradise Mystery Chapter 8: Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries
By: Haiku Games Co

Haiku Games is back with another Adventure Escape game! This features Detective Kate Gray as she goes on a well-earned vacation at a fancy beach resort with her friend Melissa. Of course she can’t actually have a vacation, because that wouldn’t make for much of a mystery game! This walkthrough guide will help you with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for any puzzles you get stuck on in Chapter 8 of Paradise Mystery. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 8:

You can watch my video for Chapter 8 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. We’re heading to Nanci’s house! Zenwell gave us a golf cart to use, but like the luggage bot, it’s broken. It can only move straight and left. So here’s how to get to Nanci’s house.

S = Straight, L = Left


Or you can watch my video for it:

2. Nanci lived in unit 2 and this house looks pretty well guarded, what with the fence and the Pitbull. Let’s see how to get in! First, grab the branch and the garden spade.

3. Use the spade to dig up the bone. Use the branch to open the gate right next to the dog. Then tap the squirrel to draw the dog into the next part of the yard. Then use the branch to close the gate again.

4. Tap the squirrel again to make it go back into the tree. Then place the bone in the right dog food bowl. Open the right gate and the dog will run to the bone. Close the gate again so he stays in there. Now you can open the front gate and the next gate and enter Nanci’s home.

5. Pick up the seashell and notice the Shell art on the wall. We’ll come back to that later. Go through the laundry basket to find the small key and car keys. Also, notice the mail on the table.

6. Leave the house and use the car keys to unlock the car. Take the two seashells from inside. Use the small key to unlock the mailbox. Look through the mail to see an eviction notice.

7. Go back inside and place the three shells with the others on the wall. It’s a clue of some sort.

8. Go through the right door to the bedroom. Pull down the painting over the bed to reveal a hidden safe. Also, notice the shells painting, which is a clue, and the locked drawer beneath it.

9. Now, use the two shell clues together. Find each of the shells in the painting on the SUMMER artwork and then note down the letters they’re pointing at. You end up with EMSMU. Enter that into the locked drawer to open it. Look at the clue inside.

10. Time to use the scraps of paper we found. Draw a line through each of them to see that they look like letters. Then just put the three pieces together to get the code for the safe. You end up with TOFIND.

11. Enter TOFIND (or 873562) into the wall safe. Then look at the note and photo inside. Looks like someone paid Nanci to cause all the problems at Zenwell and then forged her suicide note.

12. Kate gets a text from Dean about the tattoo and heads over to his parlor. He found a photo of the tattoo but it’s shredded up. So let’s put the pieces back together! You may have to flip some over.

Looks like Stephen Silvers forged the suicide note! And that’s the end of Chapter 8!

That’s all for Chapter 8! Click here to continue to Chapter 9 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. SL

    I messed up on chapter 8. Gave the mean dog the bone before he was in correct yard. How do i
    fix this? Thanks!

    1. Rylie Spence

      you use the branch to get the bone back

  2. Susan

    I LOVE your walkthroughs and descriptions. I can make it through most of the Adventure Escape chapters, but I always get stuck at some point, and I so appreciate knowing I can come to you for help!! Thank you!

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