The White Door: Day 5 Walkthrough Guide

The White Door
By: Rusty Lake / Second Maze

The White Door is the latest point-and-click adventure game from Rusty Lake. It ties into the whole Cube Escape and Rusty Lake universe. It’s generally easier than their previous games, but if you get stuck, this walkthrough guide should help you. This section is for Day 5. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Day 5:

You can watch my video for Day 5 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Pull down your blanket to get up. It looks like we’re in a different room today, perhaps a padded cell? Take a look at the door to see a clue. It says YOUR next to a symbol.

2. Slide the window open and tap on the doctor a few times to hear him talk about your new room.

3. Go to the wall safe and enter YOUR as the passcode to open it. Tap the pink drink a few times to spill it.

4. Walk to the pink stain on the floor to see some bubbles. Pop them in order, starting with the lighter one at the top and following the path.

5. There’s another clue. It says DARK next to another symbol.

6. Enter DARK into the wall safe.

7. Now you need to tap each of the parts of the speaker to make the notes play in the same order as shown on the speaker. You can tap a part again to pause the note where it is.

8. Walk over to the notes and move them up and down until you see the word FACE and another symbol.

9. Enter the word FACE into the wall safe.

10. Rotate the disco ball until the lights match up with the shapes around the room.

11. Look at the picture frame on the wall and piece together the painting. Notice the word SOUL and another symbol.

(Achievement Alert! Before entering SOUL into the wall safe, slide open the window again to see the word CUBE. Enter CUBE into the wall safe and then drag the cube to the soul’s eyes to get the star/achievement. You can then back out from the safe and continue as usual.)

12. Enter SOUL into the wall safe.

13. Slide open the capsule and then tap the silhouette until it gets up and walks off.

14. Walk over to the silhouette. Tap him and he’ll say the words FACE YOUR DARK SOUL. With each word, tap the symbol associated with it.

15. Now, pull his hand up and then match your hand to the shadow by moving each finger.

16. Tuck the shadow into bed to start Dream 5, “The Lost Soul.”

17. Let the bullet move on its own. It will turn into a car.

(Achievement Alert! Pay close attention and look for a police car. When you see it, tap it to pull it along with you to the club. Then, once inside the club, tap on the policeman every time you see him, and the deer man. Then, after the part where you stick your finger through your head, you’ll be interrogated by the police. Keep going and eventually you’ll get the star/achievement.)

18. At the club, talk to the bouncer. Lift his eyes up to open them wide. Then open the doors and go through.

19. Inside the club, tap and hold to walk through until you see the DJ it looks like the Manager? Tap him and then put the record on the player. Move the needle to the record and then spin it.

20. Move the deer-headed guy into view and talk to him. He tells you he can see right through you.

21. Move your hand up to touch your face. Then push your finger through the bullet hole several times.

22. You’ll turn into the shadow. Keep walking until you see the woman. Tap on her and open her eyes. Then turn her head upside-down.

23. Tap the flowers to turn them into moths. Then drag the two moths to her eyes.

24. And last, push her up off the top of the screen to complete the dream.

And that’s the end of Day 5! Click here to continue to Day 6 or choose another day below.

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      Move the fingers (left right) to position them right

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    Help I can’t make the shadow man raise his arm. I did it once but I don’t know how I did it. I’m tapping and dragging but nothing. 🙁

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