Sky: Children of the Light – Season of Sanctuary Spirit Locations Guide

Sky: Children of the Light
By: thatgamecompany

Sky: Children of the Light is the latest game by thatgamecompany, and it’s similar to Journey. It’s a massive multiplayer online game (MMO) in which you can fly around beautiful landscapes and join with others to solve simple puzzles. I have a generic guide here, but wanted to break things down into more specific ones. There are lots of spirits to collect that get added to your constellations and some can be tricky to find. This guide will show you where all the Season of Sanctuary spirits will be found once the season starts.

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Season of Sanctuary

The Season of Sanctuary is here! This guide will show you where to find all the seasonal spirits so you can collect their expressions and cosmetics.

Here’s my seasonal candle guide.

See my Memory Fragments guide here.

The Sanctuary winged lights can be found in my Daylight Prairie guide.

First, to get to Sanctuary, head to Daylight Prairie. From there, head to the Birds’ Nests area. Notice there’s a new opening through the clouds and you can see a structure through there. Follow the arrows to find the Sanctuary Islands!

All six spirits this season are in Sanctuary Islands. There doesn’t seem to be any specific order to how you collect them, so I’ll just number them based on the order I found them.

I’ll add photos soon, but for now here are videos for each spirit.

1. Timid Bookworm – Timid Stance:

This one is on the floating island with the pond at the top. There’s a winged light here, too. It makes its way around the sides of the island, then sits atop a jellyfish, moves to a smaller island, and then to the top of the bigger island. The statue is right at the highest point.

2. Chill Sunbather:

This spirit starts right outside a cage opening. You need to carry the light inside to its next form and all around the cave and then back out, all while avoiding the crabs. Try to keep everyone close together, because the light will otherwise drift off to follow other people. The statue is back where the spirit started.

3. Hiking Grouch:

This spirit starts a bit off to the right from the Chill Sunbather. You have to carry the light all the way up the mountain!

4. Rallying Thrillseeker:

This one starts right near a geyser between the bells and the central pond/waterfall. You need to collect all the shards. The statue is right near the starting point.

5. Grateful Shell Collector:

This one starts on the beach below the main pond and waterfall, near the jellyfish. It then goes up to the pond and through a tunnel, out on the other side of the island near a geyser.

6. Jelly Whisperer – Jellyfish Call:

This one is in a little alcove on the backside of the island, where one of the winged lights is found. You just need to collect all the different forms of the spirit. There are a few aggressive crabs but they don’t cause too much of a problem. The statue appears outside the cave.

And that’s all the Sanctuary spirits!

Walkthrough Guide | Spirits & Wings | Seasonal Spirits | Currency Guide | Daily Quests | Review

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