Alice Trapped in Wonderland: Walkthrough

Alice Trapped in Wonderland
By: MediaCity Games




1. Tap on and read the letter on the desk.


2. Press continue, then walk through the gate and tap on the tree. You’ll get sucked in and end up in Wonderland, with four doors in front of you.


3. Take the key that’s on the table. Then use it to open the smallest door. You now need something to shrink you down so you can fit through.




You can also watch the video of the first part of my walkthrough here:


4. Go through the open doorway to the right to see a dresser and a map. Tap on the book on the dresser to get a clue. Clues will go into your journal for easy access.





5. Now go back to the four doors and go through the left open doorway. There’s a bookshelf with three rows of books. Tap on the purple one. Look at the clue in your journal and re-order the books to match it. One of the books will fall down. Zoom back out to see it. Tap on the book and take the silver key.







6. Go back to the dresser and use the silver key to open the locked drawer. Take the spatula from inside.



7. Use the spatula to remove the map on the wall and you’ll get a clue for the blue row of books. Use the clue to re-order the numbers of the blue books and another book will fall down. It has a clue for the red row of books.







8. Use the clue from the blue book to re-order the row of red books and another book will drop down. This one has a liquid that will shrink you. Take it and you’ll automatically drink it.





9. Go through the small door. You’ll see a purple door next to a table with a purple key on it. You can’t reach it at this size, so later you’ll find a way to get to it. For now, tap on the tree near the middle-left of the screen.




10. You’re too small to reach the note on the tree, so climb up the rope to see it. Then pull out the knife and the note will fall, revealing a green stone. Take it. Climb back down, then look at the note on the ground. There’s a clue on the back of it. Make sure it goes into your journal.







11. Tap the big stone to the right of the tree. There’s an orange stone in this puzzle. You need to move the other stones out of it’s way so the orange one can move down and out of the puzzle. Then you can pick it up.





12. One of the three stones is missing. Go back a few screens and pick up the red stone near the Home button at the bottom right of the screen.


13. To the left of the big tree is some water. There’s a circle with slots for the three stones. Place them in the correct slots and then turn each one to match the clue from the paper. When you get it right, a stone path will appear to let you cross the water.




14. Cross the water to the yellow mushroom. Use the knife to cut off a piece of the mushroom and you’ll grow back to your normal size. Go back to the purple door, grab the key from the table and open the door. Go through.









15. Here you’ll see three sets of stone steps, in three different colors. The left leads to a waterfall, the middle shows you a cracked mirror, and the right takes you to a castle and a boat.





16. Take the left path. Continue down the path past a locked chest you can’t open yet. You’ll reach a cane stuck in a rock. You can’t get it out yet. Climb up the tree. You’ll reach a broken step and be unable to climb further up. There’s a rope to the right, though. Climb that and at the end you’ll see a dangling emerald. Cut the rope with your knife and the emerald will fall.










17. Climb down the tree. Tap to the right of it and you’ll see a wagon. Tap the wagon to find the emerald. Take it.





18. Go back a screen to see a house. Next to it is a sundial. Tap on it to add a clue about the time to your journal, then go back a few screens to the screen with the tree and the cane.



19. Tap the left side of the screen to go to the stump with an axe in it. Take the axe and go all the way back to the screen with the three stone paths.



20. Take the right path to the screen with the boat. Tap the bridge to get to another screen. Tap the house to the left and go into the house and explore a bit. Get the time from the clock on the table and take a look around the attic. Then leave and head to the well on the right. Pick up a log from the pile next to the well.










21. Go back to the tree stump and put the log on it. Then use the axe to chop it up and take the chopped wood back.




22. Go back to the screen with the house in the background.


23. Tap the path on the right. You’ll see a wagon filled with flowers. There’s a watering can in front of it. Take it and continue down the path.



24. There’s a note attached to a tree. Look at it to get the clue in your journal.



25. Tap on the building and go through the brick doorway to a tea party. Read the clue on the table and take the teacup, then go back to the building and take the bucket in front of it.







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98 thoughts on “Alice Trapped in Wonderland: Walkthrough

  1. Tom

    Can anyone help me organizing the mad hatter’s hats? I get that the music notes I found earlier are supposed to help me, but I just don’t get it. Anyone?

    1. Angie

      Look at the COLOR of the notes.. The order of them. Ps… needing help with the tree/telescope. Been stuck on that for 24 hours. Can’t progress.

      1. Tom

        Thank you for answering. I have tried that, though. The notes are purple, black and silver/grey. The first two fit nicely with the color of the hats, but only two of the hats (helmets, actually) are silver-colored. Should I pretend that the last two helmets are grey as well, since at least they are definitely not black or purple? I’ve tried doing that and then placing the hats in a 3 x 4 grid, using the note chart to guide which color should be on the top, middle and bottom in each column. But there’s got to be something else I’m not getting.

  2. Lola

    Help! I’m stuck on the mad hatter closet and I have the hats in each row by color but now I don’t know what order they should be in…I have black on first row purple second silver third row..but now what? Can someone please help me!

  3. Laken

    I have tried to figure out the clue with the drawer. I kinda feel stupid because I have tried everything and nothing shows up.

  4. Podbud

    I’m stuck at the entry to the White Kingdom. I’ve got to the tower with the weights and found one knight emblem
    But I can’t open the chest in the burrow or find the sugar for the bottomless pit

  5. Tom

    Pod: I did this earlier today, but have forgotten already. The emblems were close to one another, though, I remember that much. Don’t worry about the sugar, it’ll turn up and you don’t need it yet anyway. What’s the deal with the chest in the burrow, again?

  6. Asia z

    Please help I cant find the ROCK to hang on the hooks with the weights in the room by the carriage!!! please help I have searched every where and done every thing I can think of! i am missing something but I dont know what????

  7. Asia z

    The rock is in the doors that have the spinning circle puzzle on them, just line the points up together and it will open, it takes time because one spins really fast.

  8. Asia z

    To get the yellow diamond out of the cavern you actually have to shake your device. i am playing on the i pad 2 and when I shook my i pad up and down the diamond fell out.

  9. Jenn H

    No matter what I try, I cannot get the pedestal to accept the Vorpal sword. It acts like I don’t have it, yet. It’s the last thing I need to do- did I miss a sequence, or is there a trick to it? I’m so close to being through the game. Thank you!

  10. kitten

    I was doing great until I got to Orange door that is supposed to have 3 gears only has 2 did I miss something

    1. Sasha

      I agree Kitty! I was either yelling at my ipad or quickly looking at App Unwrapper to see what to do next.
      But I don’t get the note at the end I restarted it again but when I finished the second time it just said the same thing?

  11. stacy

    Ii am stuck on the level with the stalagtite. I do not believe my tablet lets me do the shaking part. is there another way? Thanks

  12. Sara

    One of the clocks in the duchess’s house won’t let me set it. I have found all the clues for the times. This is the only piece to the mirror that I have left. It would suck to have to give up on the game now because of a glitch in the game. Anyone else have this problem?

  13. Emma

    Hi, am stuck on the magic drawer have done the above combination but still have not gotten the key and very frustrated and confused!

    1. bethann

      I’m having the same problem. I did the above combination and I got a different combination that didn’t work either. If someone has an idea please let me know.

  14. Ashley

    I am trying to figure out the magic drawer puzzle. I have used the sequence listed in the walkthrough, but it did not work. My answer from the tree was D A C B. On the map of the game, it said 4132. What am I doing wrong?

  15. Homero

    Hi people, To solve the MAGIC DRAWER puzzle and get the key you need to open the drawers in this exact order: SECOND – FOURTH – THIRD – FIRST.

    If you analyze the clue the code is not DACB = 4132 the code is 2431 the sequence should be in order: ABCD = 2431

  16. Tony

    Om de gele diamant te krijgen druk op de stalagmiet die gaat trillen en de diamant valt naar beneden. Of flink schudden met je ipad

  17. zoe

    I can not find the key that opens the trunk (right of way) This box contains circular emblem to open the door right before the entrance of the castle accessible by boat? Help me for help!

  18. monica

    I need help with the hats. I have it exactly like you show- black, purple, silver and can’t get the oar. Please help.

    1. heidi

      When you finish the hats you have to back out of the puzzle using the back arrow until you are looking at the whole wardrobe. When you do this you will see the bottom come open

      1. Barbara

        Hi Dianne. I am not sure how I got out. All I know is I gave my game a rest for a day and then when I tried to back out again, I was out. BTW,I played game on Kindle Fire (1st gen.) Sorry, I couldn’t help more…. Barbara

        1. Dianne

          Hi Barbara,I am out of the maze.

          This may also be useful to other players,

          I went back on to the game and double clicked onto the back arrow and that got me out of the maze.

          1. Alienlollol

            Thx Diane that helped me btw u do the hats by 1st row is black hats 2nd row is purple and 3rd is helmets once upon have fun that u need to press the back button and it will open so under can get the oar then hope this helped peace out man.?????

  19. Monica

    I’ve been stuck for over a month on the hats! I have it in the Black, Purple, Silver order that the notes show. I’m using a Kindle Fire. Please help me, I was really enjoying the game until this stopped me completely.

    1. Dianne

      Hi Monica, i surprised myself when i did this,hit on the right combination by luck, looking at it now I think it was the black hats,first column third box down top hat, third column hat with a crease in the middle at the top, underneath that hat same column rounded hat, fourth column third box down dull hat not quite as tall as a top hat,hope this is right and it gets you to move on,good luck Dianne.

  20. Mary

    How do I find the “digger” to wipe the mirror with? I’ve looked everywhere and even read the walkthrough. No digger to be found. HELP!!

  21. ineedtoknow

    How do you find the ‘N’ shape on the cage for the jamberwagie* (dont know how to spel it) I realy need it !!

  22. Louise

    In the maze section I can’t find the key no matter what ‘pattern of turns’ I try, can someone please help me! Thank you.

    1. Christian

      Whne u enter maze, then go right and right again. Then you’ll find the key. To exit maze press back, then go left and then back again.

    2. Christian

      when u enter maze, then go right and right again. Then you’ll find the key. To exit maze press back, then go left and then back again.

  23. Daniel

    What the heck! This is stupid. I can’t get past the gongs using that “planets” clue. The clue is meaningless. It just shows 3 ball-shaped objects orbiting a sun, and I’m supposed to hit the gongs 6 times in the right order.

      1. Daniel

        I’m so sorry. I’m officially an idiot. Thanks for pointing that out and correcting me of my error. I figured it out finally.

  24. ashley

    It will not let me set the last two clocks in the duchess house and I have all the clues to set all the do I do this, please help?

  25. Margaret

    I am stuck on hint 33: Solve the colored bars puzzle with the clue on the towers window (B13) to be able to travel to the red Queen castle. I have tried all kinds of combinations with the height of the bars but nothing seems to work. I have studied the tower window and don’t see any clue. Does anyone have an answer to this one? Thanks.

    1. michele

      you have to hang the items (rock, gold, anvil, and cannonball) in the white castle so the pattern shows up in the window.

  26. vince

    After beating the game twice is there a continuation game so I can save the characters of wonderland?


  27. vince

    I can see where you can go crazy trying to see if there is a different ending because the ending I get keeps you in suspense. You want to play it again to see if there is another solution to the game.

  28. Maya

    The last hint says something about meeting the people of wonderland. I beat the game three times and still can’t “meet” anyone. Anyone got any ideas?

    1. Maya

      Sorry I read it wrong. It says “Discover what happened to the wonderland folk.” But the note says “Come save us alice you are our only hope.” Then the last part say a “restart game”, which like I said did nothing. How do I save the Hatter and the Rabbit?!?!?!

  29. Rachel

    I can’t find one piece of the mirror. I’m pretty sure I solved all of the puzzles. All I have left in my inventory is the pry bar, matches, and the pick. Am I supposed to use one of them somewhere to get the last piece? I appreciate any help… I’m so confused

  30. Kristen

    I’m confused, I’m at the very last part where you have to go through the doors THIRD, FIRST, SECOND, FOURTH. I’ve tried several times but nothing happens except that I end up in the room with the jabberwacky sword. What am I doing wrong?

  31. void

    There is a piece of mirror the walk through hasn’t accounted for. I’m pretty sure it’s behind the blue light in the cave, behind the door you need the lever for? I have no idea how to get it. I’ve gone through the walk trough a million times and it doesn’t say anything about that last mirror piece. Help anyone? I have the pick, pry bar and matches left.

  32. thelma rue

    Please help I can’t open the chest with the sceptor and fishing rod. How do I use the planet’s clue.

  33. Karen Kincaid

    Help — I’m afriad I’ll have to abandon the game and I love it. I’m stuck on the door into the Whiate Castle — the four wheels that have to line up are going so fast I cannot get them to stop correctly. I’m on the newest Nook (Android, I guess). No matter how I attempt to stop the wheels, they stop in different places.

  34. Karen Kincaid

    Well — I found a skip button and I’m able to continue playing. YEAH!! But I sure would like to conquer that puzzle. (Sorry about my horrible spelling in to original post). Thanks for your help.

  35. michele

    Hi. I got all 4 Runes, but when i went back to the cavern to put them in the slots, I am missing the bottom left one… its not in my inventory. I went back to all four hiding places and its not there either!!

    I’m too far tostart over – I have only 2 mirror pieces to go!


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