Isoland 2: Ashes of Time – Complete Walkthrough Guide

Isoland 2: Ashes of Time
By: Lilith Games (COTTONGAME Network Technology)

Lilith Games’ Isoland 2: Ashes of Time is the sequel to their original point-and-click adventure game, Isoland. It deals with time travel and all sorts of weird stuff. The puzzles can also be a bit tricky. So if you need help, use this walkthrough I made. You can also ask for extra help in the comments section.


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1. Follow the tutorial. Pick up the triangular space rune and place it on the hourglass. Then head out the door.

2. Take a look at the drawing on the the easel. It’s a clue we’ll need later. Take a screenshot of it if you’d like. Then head right.

3. Pick up the matches and the blueberries. Talk to the time traveler’s wife (heh). Keep taking to her until you run out of options. She tells you a bunch of interesting information.

4. Tap on the wired device in the back. It’s a puzzle! You need to move all the circular pieces to the correct spots. Head upstairs.

5. The drawings on the blackboard look like they might be important, so take a screenshot. Read through the notebook. It looks like he ripped out the password, but you can still get the mailbox key at the end of the book.

6. Head back downstairs and to the right to leave the house. Use the key to unlock the mailbox and take the boat ticket.

7. Head left three times and then go inside the building that says DISTANCE on it. Talk to the guy here and put your boat ticket in the box. He’ll unlock the door for you.

8. Head through the door to the dock. Talk to the guy here. He says the boat is late but also gives you some directions: North, South, West, East, East, North. Remember that for later.

9. Leave this area and head down. Grab the empty bottle and notice the piece of paper under it. It must be important! Head left.

10. Notice there’s a 5 on the top of this building. That might be important. Tap on the factory door for a puzzle. You need to cover all the dots in white, but the puzzle seems to change each game, so my solution might not help you. Go inside after.

11. Pick up the space rune and climb the ladder to get the light bulb. Also, notice the alien on the screen is creating symbols. Note down each symbol and the pattern of dots that appear on the screen at the same time. There are eight of them.

12. Talk to the guy with the knife and then solve the puzzle on the left door. Again, it looks like it’s different each game.

13. Go through. There’s a dead alien on the table! Notice the pattern on the wall that looks like a clue and then leave. (Note that the clue will be different each game.)

14. Leave the room and tap on the right door. You need two numbers. If you remember the map you saw outside, it looked like a map of this building. The DISPLAY was the screen when you first entered, then the room titled REMAIN is the alien’s remains. So that makes this this door to the RELIC room. It says No. 09 by it on the map, so enter 09 to unlock the door and go through.

15. There are some symbols on the relics, which you can ignore for now. You want to focus on the puzzle, which looks like what you saw on the blackboard at home. Copy the pattern and then take the lute.

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  1. Sally

    Finished it all twice – but what are the 2 hidden achievements?

    1. Skidmo

      Apparently they have something to do with the girls doll- still not sure how to get them though.

      1. Sally

        IΓÇÖve worked it out now. It is to do with the doll and not difficult.

      1. Binkhi

        ThereΓÇÖs a 3rd hidden achievement! It has to do with the 2nd ending

  2. Wili

    Plus achivement “stay tuned for isoland 3” by watching the second ending until the rocket landing on strange land

      1. CatReader

        I thought it was a long wait, too. If your phone or tablet dims the display or does something else after a bit of idle time, you might try tapping the screen before idle timeout. I had to play the second ending again because I was interrupted before it finished; and I prevented my screen from dimming by tapping when it dimmed; I reached the planet in less than 2 very lonngg minutes.

  3. Behnoosh

    After going through the temple , there is a door with a puzzle on it , i tried too much but i couldnt solve it , pls help me 😔 the walkthroughs about that door on youtube are diffrent from my puzzle 😭😭 helppppppppppp pls!

    1. CatReader

      If you are referring to the puzzle with red, white, and green markers, it is almost impossible for someone to help you exactly, because there are at least two versions of that puzzle. On my first play, I was able to solve it after several attempts. On my second play, I just could not solve it, but there was a You Tube video that matched my puzzle. (ISOLAND 2 TEMPLE SOLUTION). I also realized that there is an “undo” button. To the right of the puzzle there is a circular snake, which is a reset or restart button. Below it there is an opening in the rock until you make a move; from then on, there is a front part of snake in the opening; if you press it, the last move you made will be erased.

  4. CatReader

    I confirm there is at least two versions of the puzzle to reach the man in the rocketship. I saw the the same version in the walkthrough during my first play; when I played again, the puzzle layout looked much more complicated, but I found it easier to solve because there seemed to be more wiggle room.

  5. Iliv

    There is no boy in the lighthouse so IΓÇÖm not able to receive a message in the bottle. I donΓÇÖt get it!

    1. What is the ΓÇ£requested formatΓÇ¥?

      There is if you go through the door at the top. And he doesnΓÇÖt *give* you a message in a bottle, you have to find an empty bottle to give him. The message will appear later.

  6. S. L.

    Good job. Thank you.
    However, I want to warn all players :: the more you redo this game and more puzzles become complex. On the other hand, you have understood the logic and, one in the other, you become more able to solve them.

  7. Miah

    Hi everyone where is the boy who claims the empty bottle I couldn’t find him.

    1. Rosa

      Go to the lighthouse, second floor go outside on the balcony

  8. Tessa Holledge

    I rely on your walkthroughs so thank you. Really stuck on puzzle as in point 41 above. Seems impossible. Any way to get a new version?

  9. Jennifer

    Where do you get the shell? In the walkthrough it is shown in the inventory but not where it came from. Or maybe I am missing something?

    I love these walkthroughs!!!

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