Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins – Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with another Adventure Escape game, which picks up after the events in Hidden Ruins. Professor Burns and Rachel are back, and are likely going to get themselves into trouble. There are some tricky puzzles, so this walkthrough guide will help out with hints, tips, solutions and answers. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 6, The Underworld :

You can watch my video for Chapter 6 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. You hit your head and are seeing double vision. Tilt your device to bring the two or three images into focus.

2. Tap the rocks to get rid of them (that was easy!). Lift up the mummy and grab the ancient broom. Then pick up the headdress, crown, and scarf. Also, open the hidden compartment to get a heavy scepter.

3. Use the broom to brush aside the dust. Pick up the pyramid painting and whistle. heavy scepter to hit the rock. Take the tree statue from inside.

4. Tap on each of the mummies to see what’s written on them:

“My castle and orchard washed away in a flood of tears.”

“I foolishly imprisoned? entombed? Her, the Storm.”

“The deathly silence scared me most.”

“The Priestess(?) felt the sun fade away.”

5. Now to figure out which items go on which mummy. Put the crown on the first mummy’s head and the tree statue in her hands. Put the pyramid painting in the second mummy’s hands. Place the whistle in the third mummy’s hands. Place the headdress on the fourth mummy’s head and the scarf in her hands. Take the burn bowl, flint, incense, razor and sacrifice paper.

6. Now for the altar. We’re still missing an item. Notice the symbols on the bottom. Look at the wall and find the six symbols. It goes in order from top to bottom, not left to right. You can also copy my image below. Take the codex.

8. Place all six objects on the altar. First, we need to make sacred smoke. Drag the flint to the bowl. Next, add the incense.

9. Next, one them has to give blood. Drag the razor to the fire to sterilize it. Then use the razor to cut Burns’ hand.

10. The next step is to drag the sacrificial paper to Burns’ hand to get blood on it.

11. Next, burn the sacrificial paper. A musical note comes out of it!

12. Now you have to play a sort of rhythm game. As the music notes hit the singers, tap the singers. You’re allowed a few mistakes, but too many and you’ll have to start over. The second tune requires more than one finger at a time!

13. When you’re done, tap on the new opening to go to the Zoltec Underworld! Take the gator skull off the tree.

14. Use the razor to cut down the tree and use the flint to light the torch.

15. Now, the lock. Notice the different colors on it. The top is grayish blue with sparkles on it. The stalagmites also have sparkles on them. So count them. There are 7 stalagmites. So the first number is 7. The next color is green and the same color as the wall. There are 6 openings in the wall, so the second number is 6. The next color is white. There are 5 white floating objects in the water, so the third number is 5. The next color is red. There are 4 lighter stones on the red floor, so the last number is 4. Put them together and you get 7654. Look those numbers up on the map and you get Shell, Spiral, Palm Tree, Stairs. Use those to open the lock. Take the canoe plans.

16. Use the canoe plans with the wood to make a canoe. Then use it to cross the water.

17. Take the claw, snake skull, parrot skull, and dolphin skull.

18. Go back and use the claw to lift up the broken tile. Take the capstone.

19. Go back to the bones puzzle. Place the capstone at the top. Place the four skulls on the four corners and then change the bones to make up the four skeletons.

20. Now you have to solve a Sokoban puzzle. Push all the red cubes into the water. Go in this order:

You also can watch my video if you’re stuck.

Phew! Now get on the elevator to complete the chapter.

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  1. Heathyr Wolfe

    Omg thank for that last key, it was insane!!

  2. Chelsea Callaway

    There is a typo in the key for the last puzzle with the bricks you push into the water. After the first four left’s in a row it goes U U L L U L D D L D D R and then the key says the next four moves are D D D R but that’s not possible. Instead of D D D R it needs to be U U U U. Then you can progress to D D D R and everything that follows is correct.

  3. Lin

    Oh. My. GOSH! I am SO deleting this! I am on a Chromebook, not a phone or Ipad, so I ccan’t do the rythm game!


    1. Escape Room Lover

      I was able to complete the second tune for the rythm game Its not that hard once you find the right strategy…

      1. Bryan

        Do you mind revealing that strategy. Using iPhone myself.

    2. Escape Room Lover

      I was on chromebook too

  4. Kelly

    I think my skeletons look right but nothing happens. The “brick pushing” puzzle…where is it?

  5. Kenyatta Long

    The pushing bricks puzzle isnΓÇÖt right. ItΓÇÖs not U U L L U U for the forth line. ThereΓÇÖs not 2 open left spaces. Also the video isnΓÇÖt even here.

  6. Marsha

    I did the singing notes part and got a star but when it went to the mummy cave the pannel did not open. I even restarted the chapter and got the same result. Can anyone help please?

  7. Marsha

    how do you get the panel to open after you get a star from the singing puzzel?

    1. ASHLEY


  8. Pat K

    When I drag flint to bowl nothing happens. What am I doing wrong.

    1. Gianna C

      I am also having a lot of trouble with this

      1. Laurie

        Drag the blue rock over first. Its the flint.

  9. Sandy

    I’m stuck right at the beginning. I simply cannot split the big rock nor can I open the compartement with the other artifacts. It just won’t do it.

  10. Danny

    I’m also stuck way at the beginning looking for this hidden compartment with the scepter… No image so I just keep nothing at nothing :I

    1. Danny

      I have found it: it is to the right of the 2nd mummy on the lowest level.

  11. Jeenal

    mee to how did it get solved?

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