‘Twinfold’ Review: Twice the Risk, Twice the Reward

Twinfold By: Kenny Sun I'm a big fan of swipe-based roguelikes and high-score chasers that feel perfectly designed to play on an iPhone. It's amazing how innovative mobile developers can get using swipes as the primary input from a player. I don't know if Threes! was the first game to have the whole board shift with each swipe, all pieces moving in the same direction. But since then, many developers have incorporated…

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Twinfold: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Twinfold By: Kenny Sun Twinfold is the latest game by Kenny Sun, and it's inspired by the likes of Threes! and Imbroglio. It's a high-score chaser, where you swipe to move your piece and all other pieces on the board at once. The idea is to merge number pieces so they combine into one bigger number, then eat the numbers to earn experience. It's not an easy game, and there's a lot…

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‘Into The Dark : Narakan’ Review – The Scariest Monsters Are the Bugs

Into The Dark : Narakan By: ORC PUNK, LLC I'd been looking forward to Into The Dark : Narakan ever since it appeared in the pre-order section of the App Store, as its stylish minimalistic artwork helped it stand out. I also liked the idea of a portrait mode, turn-based adventure game with roguelike elements. Knowing there was an endless mode also got me excited, as often I get absorbed in a…

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Into The Dark : Narakan – Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Into The Dark : Narakan By: ORC PUNK, LLC Into The Dark : Narakan is a turn-based riguelike strategy game in which you need to defeat enemies and make your way to the exit to the next area. There's a story mode and endless mode, and I'll offer some tips and tricks for how to survive this harsh world. See my review here. Tips & Tricks: - Pay attention to the attack…

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‘Fidel Dungeon Rescue’ iOS Review: I Woof This Game

Fidel Dungeon Rescue By: Daniel Benmergui Just the other day, I was thinking how there have been a lot of PC ports for iOS lately, but they all seem to be platformers and other reflex-based games, genres that don't always feel right on a touchscreen. I was wondering where all the puzzle games are, as there have been quite a few I'd wanted to play, just not on a PC. Then, out…

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Fidel Dungeon Rescue: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Fidel Dungeon Rescue By: Daniel Benmergui Puzzling roguelike Fidel Dungeon Rescue just made its way over to iOS after much success on PC and console, and I've been having a blast with it. I still have much to learn, since the game doesn't really tell you anything. I've even started over a few times to try and do better with the new information I picked up. Each level is randomly generated, so…

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‘Meteorfall: Journey’ Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Meteorfall: Journey By: Eric Farraro (Slothwerks) I've been playing a lot of Slothwerks' Meteorfall, as I got it a few weeks ahead of release and couldn't put it down. My current high score is 315, which had me at the top of the global leaderboards until a few people knocked me down a bit. But I've beaten the game with all four characters and feel I have a pretty good handle on…

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‘Meteorfall: Journey’ Review: Swipe Right to Fight

Meteorfall: Journey By: Eric Farraro (Slothwerks) I spent so much time playing Asmodee Digital's solitaire card game, Onirim, in 2017, and it made me eager to seek out other games that are accessible and easy to play at any moment, but that require some tough choices weighing risk versus reward. Slothwerks' Meteorfall: Journey is the latest of these games and it combines the binary decision-making of Reigns with dungeon crawling. In Meteorfall,…

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