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1. Ellie – Help me out…please by Ateam Walkthrough Download

2. Closed Room 1 & 2 by Ateam Walkthrough Download


3. RoomBreak: Escape Now!! by Gameday: Walkthrough Download

4. Escape Game: “Strange House” by IDAC Walkthrough Download

5. Escape Game: “An Odd Game” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

6. Escape Game: “An Uninspired Man” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

7. Escape Game: “The Meddling Shogi Player” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

8. Escape Game: “Snow White” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

9. Escape Game: “A Cold and Deserted House” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

10. Atmosfear by Applix srl: Walkthrough Download

11. Escape Game: “The Drifting Locked Chamber” by IDAC: Partial Walkthrough / Full Walkthrough Download

12. Escape Game: “The Mystery of the Abandoned Factory” Walkthrough Download

13. Sapphire Room Escape by TeraLumina: Walkthrough Download

14. Escape Game: “Memories Lost on a Beach” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

15. Escape Game: “The Whisper of the Plums” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

16. Haunted Halloween Escape by TeraLumina Games: Walkthrough Download

17. Antrim Escape 3 Deluxe: Christmas Hidden Object Adventure Walkthrough Download

18. Antrim Escape 3 Walkthrough Download

19. Escape Game: “Dangerous Luxury Liner” Walkthrough Download

20. Escape Game: “The Inn of the Ordeals” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

21. Escape Game: “Flames of Light and Shadow” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

22. Escape Game: “The Basement Plot” Walkthrough Download

23. Escape Game: “The Locked Up Girl” Walkthrough Download

24. Escape Game: “The Phantom Composition” Walkthrough Download

25. Escape Game: “A Strange Invitation” Walkthrough Download

26. Escape Game: “Meeting Up” Walkthrough Download

27. Escape Game: “In the Darkness” Walkthrough Download

28.Escape Game: “The Dying Message, Part 1” Walkthrough Download

29. Escape Game: “Dying Message — The Sequel” Walkthrough Download

30. Escape Game: “Eyes to Ambush” Walkthrough Download

31. Escape Game: “Behind the Smile” Walkthrough Download

32. Escape Game: “The Hidden Trap of the Hotel” Walkthrough Download

33. Escape Game: “Prison Bar” Walkthrough Download

34. Escape Game: “A Night of Enchantment” Walkthrough Download

35. Escape Game: “A Twisted Love” Walkthrough Download

36. Luchuza – horror point and click game – Walkthrough Download

37. Escape Game: “The Airtight Warehouse” Walkthrough Download

38. The Passenger: Walkthrough Download

39. Escape Game: “My Girlfriend and the Cafe” Walkthrough Download

40. Escape Game: “An Evening of Envy” Walkthrough Download

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644 thoughts on “Walkthroughs

  1. Nichola Feehan

    Hi can you help me with escape: the last message please? I’m stuck on the pic with the hamburger

  2. Pamela

    Does anyone knows about a walkthrough for the idac game “sos white out”. Im pretty stuck and im not able to take anythings!!!!

  3. masood

    Anyone playing memory of tje snowy night..please help me im stuck just fint a bettery n a pic wih number on it.if anybody lnows pleasr help.

  4. Maha

    Can you guys post a walkthrough for ‘the dark dating party’ and for ‘the inhabitant lost at the sea’ plz I am stuck at both of the games.

    1. masood

      Hey can u help to escape in dark dating im stuck..what is the code of locker under the cabnet n beside the book shelf

  5. Maha

    Go to the counter and read the note look at the drawers and open rightone and look at the note go to the bookshelf and open the 2row book then go to the counter and click below it and type 78495 to open it get a key go to the marble pillar one has a code to open a safe on the counter(5397) to get fish food inside and one has a paper stuck to it use the key on safe with a wheel on it to get a pair of gloves and a clue the fishfood on the clownfish tank then go to the loinfish tank look behind it to get a wire then count the number of the fish in each tank then use the gloves to get the key and use it in the drawer where you got the first key and get a plate turn the plate around to note a clue and combine plate+paper and use it on the last page of the book on the 3row to get a code 2016 and type it in the input device next to the bookshelf and it moves open a book with number 4 on it and look at the bans and numbers turn the page to get a card look at the blue safe aboveit’s ans is 423×2=846 and get a pliers combine pliers+wire to make a hook use the card on the painting and get a key for the glass room door go inside take the pole and look at the note it will give you a clue to open the other safe behind the bookshelf (code 3245)then combine the reel+road/pole+hook to make a fishingpole then use it on the skyline and get a key to open a drawer with a lamp on top and get a valve handle inside the glass room open the door beneath the fountain and put the handle and turn it then look at the water to get a key to open the door for badending open the door for goodending tore a piece of the rubber gloves and put it around the key and open the door.

  6. Maha

    Hay any lone someone please write a walkthrough for the inhabitant lost at the sea plz plz plz I really need some help here pleaseeeee

  7. Paula

    Hello. Thank you for all of your walkthroughs, theyre very much appreciated. I was wondering if there is a w/t for The Shadow in the Temple by WaveA? Ive searched all over the web unsuccessfully. Thanks so much.

  8. Helmut

    here the walkthrough for “The Shadow in the Temple”:
    have fun…

    start with view on the Buddha statue:
    – lift the purple cushion and note the first symbol for 8
    – zoom in on the round small table on the left to the Buddha and note the two symbols that are equal to 8
    note the two symbols on the left equation side are identical and mean 4 + 4 = 8
    – pick up the candle on the left side of the Buddha statue
    – click the left side of the big Japanese drum and note the symbol for 6
    – click on the door to the right of the Buddha statue and then walk left to get behind the Buddha statue
    (note the small hatch to lower left side of the door with 5 coloured buttons inside)
    – take the key from the most-right small Buddha (around his neck)

    – back in front of the Buddha, turn 90 degrees right => view with flower vase and small cupboard
    – open the drawer of the cupboard and see the hint inside it “red>hollow, yellow>hollow…”
    notice Red, Yellow and Black are indicated as Hollow
    turn back 90 degrees and open the small hatch beside the door (mentioned above) and click Red, Yellow and Black button
    – open the door and obtain a long stick

    – turn 2x 90 degrees right => view with Offerings-box
    – click the ride side of offerings box and note the two symbols that are equal to 6
    As above, note the two identical symbols, here saying 3 + 3 = 6
    – lift the 5 cushions on the ride side of the offering box and obtain the small metal hook

    – turn 90 degrees right => view of folding screen
    – zoom in on lower left corner of the folding screen and note the equation written down here
    Do the maths from above and get 7 (3 + 4) for the new symbol
    – zoom one step out and click on left side of the folding screen to watch behind it
    – use the metal hook on the lower right corner of the folding screen’s back to obtain the second key

    – turn 2x 90 degrees right => view of flower vase and small cupboard
    – open cupboard with code obtained above 8347 and pick up first block of wood
    (note, I had to enter the code a couple of times, often says “nothing happens)
    – click left beside the cupboard to see its back
    – combine the long wooden stick with the metal hook in your inventory and fetch the sticky sheet from behind the cupboard

    – go to the offerings box and click it’s left side
    – use the first key to open the drawer (with a lot of coins in) and obtain the second wooden block
    – click in the drawer to see the hint at its very end saying “the face of Buddha stops at 3. At 4, something will happen”
    Note, I have no clue what this hint is needed for… but anyway
    – go back to the Buddha view and zoom in on the small drum right before it.
    – click the drum a few times until it breaks
    – un-combine the stick and metal hook and instead combine the wooden stick with the sticky tape
    – use the long sticky stick to fetch the cube of hard wood from the broken drum

    – go to flower-vase-view again
    – click on upper left side in the ceiling and see the 3th wooden block up there
    – equip the long wooden stick with the metal hook again and fetch the 3th wooden block
    (it falls down and can be picked up)

    – go to the backside of the big Buddha statue again
    – click the middle small statue 4 times until its mouth opens and obtain the 4th wooden block
    (Note, that will only work after you read the hint inside the offerings-box, see above)
    – now mount the wooden blocks on the hard wooden cube to form the wooden Swatiska-cross
    – open the Buddha statue by inserting the cross in the key-hole (you will see the safe standing in dark)
    – note the hint on the flame on the just opened door with 3, 1, 2, 4 circles

    – go back to the folding screen view
    – click the note in the middle shelf talking about flames thinking of circles
    – then open the flame-box with 3124 (for some reason I had to restart the game here before it accepted the code)
    – obtain a lighter from the flame-box

    – go back behind the Buddha and open the Buddha back-door again with the safe standing in dark
    – first light the lighter and then the candle
    – use the candle to light the safe and see the number 5285 (not the code yet!)
    – click right beside the safe to look behind it and obtain a peace of cloth
    – zoom out from the safe and click on the hint of the bigger door behind the Buddha, saying “the truth of Buddha is inside the reflection”
    – then open that door with the second key and see the dirty mirror behind it
    – clean the mirror with just obtained cloth and see the new code in the reflection as 2852 (need to zoom in on the code)
    – open the safe with 2852 and obtain a scroll (note there is a hollow gap in the safe where the cross can be inserted later)
    – open the scroll (click on it) and read the note on the treasure and the truth below the Buddha statue
    – click the scroll a couple of more times again until it says “… I heard something release”
    – then click the lower part of the scroll and obtain a key
    – close the safe box, re-obtain the cross from the door, open again and insert the cross in the safe
    – go back to be in front of the Buddha statue again and lift the purple cushion again (there is a trap door now)
    – open the trap door with the new key and escape – good ending
    – note, the other door in the flower-vase view can also be opened with that key, but that leads to a bad-ending

      1. RayLinStephens

        I like it – I knew I got it free – it was a birthday present last month from my sister!

        Anyway, I like it –

  9. Helmut

    nevermind, here comes the walkthrough… 🙂

    Walkthrough to “Memories of a snowy night”

    – open the top cardboard box and take the trading-card from it
    – read the note “Mission 1” right to the entrance door and see “unlock the box of time by tripling your attack power”
    – see the value on the trading-card for Attack = 3200 ==> 3200 x3 = 9600
    – turn two times right and enter the code 9600 on the time-capsule
    – take the envelope from the time-capsule and click through the message until it says “Hot -> 7”
    – turn 2 times right and zoom in on the debris left beside the fridge
    – click on the plastic bottle and read “Mission 2” (magic pen to open the fridge (provision store))
    – turn right and zoom in on the red generator
    – turn the crank 7x (hot 7), to turn on the generator
    – click on the power cord from the heater to connect it to the generator
    – switch on the heater with the red button)
    – turn right and click on the now red suitcase (was blue before and heated up now)
    – click the blue spot on the suitcase a couple of times and obtain the baseball from it
    – zoom out and throw the baseball at the basket hanging from the ceiling
    – zoom in on the basket, no lying on the floor, and take the blue can
    – click on the blue can from your inventory until it reveals a ball pen
    – open the fridge with the ball pen and read “Mission 3” to prepare noodles
    – take the red cup noodles box from the fridge
    – turn one time left and zoom in on the small window right beside the entrance door, where snow is collecting
    – put snow into the blue can
    – heat up the snow in the can, by putting the blue can on the heater
    – open the red box of noodles and add the hot water from the blue can
    – take the red key from the noodles
    – turn right and try to open the second drawer from the top with the red key
    It will tell you that it’s rusty and cant be opened
    – open the third drawer and use the rust-remover on the lock
    – now use the red key to open the top drawer (not the second one) and obtain a screwdriver
    – turn left and use the screwdriver to remove the crank from the generator
    – turn two times right and open the top box in front of the entrance door again
    – take out the robot, turn it around, and insert the crank in its back until its head falls off
    – take out the pog (whatever that really is? :-))
    – turn left again and use the pog to open the second top drawer now and take the radio-controlled car from it
    – turn two times right to the worn-out chair and get the battery from the hole in it
    – open the radio control with the screwdriver and insert the battery
    – turn right and go the next room (the Mission Room)
    – click on the bottom of the blue shelf and see the switch at the back of it (tells you it’s too far to reach)
    – click a couple of times on the radio control until it tells you that you need a fresh battery to operate it
    – zoom out and click on the cuckoo clock until it shows you the side of it with a battery case
    – take the old battery from the radio control and insert it in the cuckoo clock
    – take the fresh battery from the cuckoo and insert it in the radio control
    – use the radio-controlled car to press the switch below the blue shelf
    – open the door on the floor right beside the blue shelf and take the hammer from it
    – read the “Mission 4” note left beside the cuckoo clock telling you to make noise
    – zoom out one time and use the hammer to crack the substitute chair right before the cuckoo clock
    – take the wire from the broken chair
    – return to the view with the entrance door
    – if you open the entrance door now with the wire you will run in a bad ending
    – accordingly first use the hammer to open the crack on the wall (you see the crack right above the box with the robot)
    – look in the mirror and click trough the text
    – use the wire to exit through the entrance door and have a good ending

    => learn the lesson: try to stay somewhat a child 🙂
    and you do, otherwise you wouldn’t play these games, right 😉


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