AppUnwrapper’s Most Recommended iOS (iPhone & iPad) Games

I often get requests from readers for game recommendations. I noticed that the games I usually mention are ones I’ve recently played because they’re still in my memory. So I decided that a better idea would be to compile a list of all the iOS games I’ve played and would recommend. Those I’ve written reviews or walkthroughs for will be linked to, but I’m not limiting this list to games I’ve written about. These games may also be available on other platforms, but you’ll have to find the links to those yourself for now. Bear with me on this project, as I have played and written about a lot of games, so this will take some time. This might also give me a reason to play older games I never got to so I can see whether they belong on this list. Feel free to recommend some of your own in the comments and maybe they’ll get added later! For the most part, my favorites will be closer to the top of the page.

I’ve also started a list of my favorite IAP-free match-3 games.

Top 25 (in progress, may change over time):

Her Story by Sam Barlow | Review | Walkthrough | Interview | All Clips | Transcript (Murder Mystery / FMV)

Snakebird by Noumenon Games | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Hero Emblems by a HeatPot Games | Review | Walkthrough (Match-three / RPG)

Mushroom 11 by Untame | Review (Puzzle Anti-Platformer)

The Room Three by Fireproof Games | Review | Walkthrough | Alternate Endings |All Letters (Puzzle, Room Escape)

Prune by Joel McDonald | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build by Draknek Limited | Review | Walkthrough (Sokoban puzzler)

God of Light by Playmous | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Twisted Lines – Mind-twisting Puzzles by Megagon Industries | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

YANKAI’S TRIANGLE by Kenny Sun | Review (Relaxing Puzzler)

Lara Croft GO by Square Enix Montreal | Review | Walkthrough | Shard of Life (Puzzle)

Device 6 by Simogo | Review | Walkthrough (Text Adventure, Puzzle)

Forever Lost Episode 2 by Glitch Games | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Forever Lost Episode 3 by Glitch Games | Review | Walkthrough | Interview (Puzzle Adventure)

Monument Valley by ustwo | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Grayout by Mrgan LLC | Preview | Interview | Walkthrough (Text Adventure, Puzzle)

Broken Age by Double Fine Productions | Review | Walkthrough (Point-and-click Adventure)

Samorost 3 by Amanita Design | Review | Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure)

Botanicula by Amanita Design (Point-and-Click Adventure)

Splitter Critters by RAC7 Games | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle, Platformer)

Telepaint by Acid Nerve | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Tormentum – Dark Sorrow by OhNoo Studio | Review | Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure, Horror?)

Oquonie by David Mondou-Labbe | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Puzzlepops! by Layton Hawkes | Review | Walkthrough (Relaxed Puzzler)

Puzzlepops! Trick or Treat by Layton Hawkes | Review | Walkthrough (Relaxed Puzzler)

Go To Gold by Timur Nigmetzianov | Review (Puzzle)

Go To Gold 2 by Timur Nigmetzianov |Review (Puzzle)

The Room by Fireproof Games | Epilogue Walkthrough (Room Escape, Puzzle)

Replica : A Little Temporary Safety by Zero Rock Entertainment (SOMI) | Review | Walkthrough (Text Adventure, Puzzle)

SPL-T by Simogo | Review & Guide (Puzzle, High Score Chaser)

A Short Tale by Glitch Games | Walkthrough (Room Escape, Puzzle)

Causality by Loju Games | Review | Walkthrough (Turn-Based Puzzler)

And the rest:

OXENFREE by Night School Studio | Video Playthrough | Anomalies Guide (Point-and-Click Adventure, Narrative)

Cosmic Express by Draknek Limited | Walkthrough(Puzzle)

Typeshift by Zach Gage | Review (Word Game)

NoStranger by Scott Mulligan | Walkthrough (Text Adventure, Puzzle)

Color Glide – Puzzle Game by T&V Business Ventures, LLC (Eternal Studio) | Walkthrough (Puzzle, Sliding Blocks)

Hidden Folks by Adriaan de Jongh | Review | Walkthrough Guide (Hidden Object, Puzzle)

Heart At Hack by Alexandre Senadji | Walkthrough (Puzzle, Text Adventure) Warning: Mature Content

Cube Escape: Seasons by Rusty Lake | Walkthrough (Room Escape, Puzzle)

Cube Escape: The Lake by Rusty Lake | Walkthrough (Room Escape, Puzzle)

Cube Escape: Arles by Rusty Lake | Walkthrough (Room Escape, Puzzle)

Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box by Rusty Lake | Walkthrough (Room Escape, Puzzle)

Cube Escape: Case 23 by Rusty Lake | Walkthrough (Room Escape, Puzzle)

Cube Escape: The Mill by Rusty Lake | Walkthrough (Room Escape, Puzzle)

Rusty Lake: Hotel by LoyaltyGame B.V. | Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure, Creepy)

Cube Escape: Birthday by Rusty Lake | Walkthrough (Room Escape, Puzzle)

Cube Escape: Theatre by Rusty Lake | Walkthrough (Room Escape, Puzzle)

Rusty Lake: Roots by LoyaltyGame B.V. | Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure, Creepy)

The Frostrune by Snow Cannon Games
& Grimnir Media | Review | Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure)

Gemini – A Journey of Two Stars by Echostone Games | Review | Walkthrough (Interactive Art)

Guild of Dungeoneering by Gambrinous | Review (Rogue-Like, Deck Builder)

Reigns by Nerial & Devolver Digital | Walkthrough Guide | Interview (Resource Management, Tinder-like)

Milkmaid of the Milky Way by Machineboy
| Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure)

A Normal Lost Phone by Plug In Difital | Review | Walkthrough (Smartphone Interface, Text Adventure)

Little Briar Rose by Mangatar | Review | Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure)

Burly Men at Sea | Review | Walkthrough (Adventure, Storybook)

The Forgotten Room by Glitch Games | Walkthrough (Adventure, Puzzle)

Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa by Telltale Inc & Night School Studio | Review (Text Messaging Simulation)

Tsuro by Thunderbox Entertainment | Review (Board Game)

Exploding Kittens by The Oatmeal | Strategy Guide (Multiplayer Card Game)

_PRISM by Clint Siu | Review & Walkthrough (Puzzle Box)

The Room Two by Fireproof Games (Room Escape, Puzzle)

Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise by Yak & Co. | Review | Walkthrough | Interview (Puzzle, Room Escape, Point-and-Click)

Forever Lost Episode 1 by Glitch Games | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story by Glitch Games | Review | Walkthrough (Room Escape / Puzzle)

Contradiction by Tim Follin | Review | Walkthrough (Murder Mystery / FMV)

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising by PugaPuma | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Transistor by Supergiant Games | Review (Action / Strategy)

Waking Mars by Tiger Style | Walkthrough (Exploration, Adventure)

The Inner World by Headup Games & Studio Fizbin | Review (Point-and-Click Adventure)

Kathy Rain by Noio & Raw Fury | Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure)

Zenge by Michal Pawlowski | Walkthrough (Puzzle, Tangrams)

Implosion – Never Lose Hope by Rayark Inc | Review | Walkthrough (Action / RPG)

Crashlands by Butterscotch Shenanigans | Review | Walkthrough Guide (Crafting RPG)

Year Walk by Simogo | Review (Puzzle Adventure)

Able Black by Scott Leach | Walkthrough (Text Adventure)

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today by Daedalic Entertainment GmbH | Review | Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure)

Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1: A Dreadly Business by Rumpus Animation | Review | Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure)

Muertitos by Hyperbeard (Match-Three)

FRAMED by Loveshack | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Paul Pixel – The Awakening by Xoron GmbH | Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure)

Evo Explores by Kyrylo Kuzyk | Walkthrough (Puzzle, Perspective)

Danger Dodgers by Uppercut Games | Review (High Score Chaser)

Please, Don’t Touch Anything by Bulkypix | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Escape the Hellevator by Fezziwig Games | Review | Walkthrough (Room Escape)

The Lost City by Fire Maple Games | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Blackbar by Mrgan | Walkthrough (Puzzle, Riddle)

The Silent Age by House on Fire | Review | Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure)

Pokemon GO by Niantic & Nintendo | Walkthrough | Just for Fun (Creature Collecting, GPS-Based)

Dark Fear by Arif Games | Review | Walkthrough | Achievements (Puzzle Adventure, RPG)

Facility 47 by InertiaSoft | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

PinOut! by Mediocre AB
| Guide (Endless Pinball)

Deus Ex GO by Square Enix | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

1979 Revolution by iNK Stories | Review (Adventure)

Monstr by Rosstin Murphy (Monster Dating App)

Black Island by Helsinki Noir | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure, FMV)

The Trace: Murder Mystery Game by Relentless Software | Review | Walkthrough (Murder Mystery)

The Minims – A New Beginning by Andreas Diktyopoulos | Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure)

Adventure Beyond Time by Aircamp Games | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

The Lost Fountain by MediaCity Games | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Blackbox – think outside the box by Ryan McLeod| Walkthrough Guide (Puzzle)

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter by PlayStation Mobile Inc. | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Mekorama by Martin Magni | Walkthrough | Bonus Puzzles (Puzzle)

The Beautiful Dream by NetEase Games | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle by Lone Wolf Games | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Panmorphia by LKMAD | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Sea of Giants by Zoolax Inc. | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Battleheart Legacy by Mika Mobile | Walkthrough (Action RPG)

Antrim Escape 2 & 3 (1 is no longer available) by Game Hive

Contre Jour (Puzzle)

Sage Solitaire (Card Game)

Dungeon Raid by Fireflame Games (Match-3 RPG)

Tetrobot and Co. by Swing Swing Submarine (Puzzle)

Escape from Darkmoor Manor by InertiaSoft (Inertia Game Studios) | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Birzzle Pandora by enfeel | Review (Match-Three)

MechaNika by Mango Protocol | Review | Walkthrough (Point-and-click Adventure

Ellie – Help me out…please by Ateam | Review | Walkthrough (Room Escape / Horror)

Murder Room by Ateam | Walkthrough (Room Escape / Horror)

Brain It On! By Orbital Nine | Review (Puzzle / Physics)

Broken Sword 1 & 2

Lumino City by State of Play | Review & Analysis (Point-and-Click Adventure)

TouchTone by Mikengreg | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Sproggiwood by Freehold Games | Review (Roguelike)

Flipped Out: The Powerpuff Girls byTurner Broadcasting System, Inc. | Walkthrough Guide (Match-3, Action)

Til Morning’s Light by Amazon Game Studios (this one is more for the atmosphere than actual gameplay) | Walkthrough (Adventure, Puzzle)

Alto’s Adventure by Snowman | Review | Walkthrough (Endless Runner)

Race the Sun by Flippfly | Review (Endless Runner)

Kiwanuka by CMA Megacorp | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

The Mortimar Hill Hotel by Monioko | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure, Room Escape)

World of Goo

Little Inferno

Solomon’s Boneyard

Star Billions by Catch & Release | Review | Interview (Narrative Adventure, CYOA)

The Guides by Kevin Bradford | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Threes (Match-Three, Cards)

Super Glyph Quest by Alexander Trowers (Match-3 RPG)

Zombie Match Defense by Shovelware Games | Review & Guide (Lane Defense, Match-three)

Lunar Flowers by NetEase Games | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Atmosfear by Applix srl | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

DOOORS – room escape game – by 58works | Walkthrough (Room Escape)

DOOORS 2 – room escape game – by 58works | Walkthrough (Room Escape)

DOOORS 3 – room escape game – by 58works | Walkthrough (Room Escape)

DOORS 4 – room escape game – by 58works | Walkthrough (Room Escape)

DOOORS ZERO – room escape game – by 58works | Walkthrough (Room Escape)

RGB Express by Bad Crane | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Enigmon by EBR Inaya | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Enigmon 2 by EBR Inaya | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Shark Eaters: Rise of the Dolphins by Kat McNally | Review (Simulation, Battler)

The Lost Chapter by Squadventure | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Alter Vú – Dead Reckoning by Tom Miller | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Elarooh by digiDingo | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

The Mystery of Haunted Hollow by Point & Click LLC | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure, Point-and-Click Adventure)

Adventure Escape: Murder Manor by Haiku Games | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Adventure Escape: Time Library by Haiku Games | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Adventure Escape: Asylum by Haiku Games | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery by Haiku Games | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Shadowmatic (sort of, kind of, maybe) by TRIADA Studio | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Roombreak: Escape Now!! | Review | Walkthrough (Room Escape)

Khaba by Know IT HT AB (Hello There) | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Mystery on Telescope Hill by Aircamp Games | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Mystery of the Lost Temples by Digi-chain Games | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

The Lost Ship by Jason Jernigan (Lone Wolf Games) | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Infinity Blade by ChAIR Entertainment | Guides (Action)

Infinity Blade 2 by ChAIR Entertainment | Walkthrough (Action)

Infinity Blade 3 by ChAIR Entertainment | Walkthrough (Action)

Haunted Manor: Secret of the Lost Soul by Redbit Games | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure, Horror)

Cryptic Keep by 3D Methods | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Tesla’s Electric Mist by iCOOLGeeks | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Vanished: The Island by Sky Horse Interactive | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

The City of Secrets by Aidem Media (Point-and-Click Adventure)

Spooky Manor by Digi-chain Games | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Ferris Mueller’s Day Off by Glitch Games | Review | Walkthrough (Point-and-Click Adventure)

Mines of Mars by Crescent Moon Games | Review | Walkthrough (Metroidvania)

Mystery of the Lost Temples by Digi-chain Games | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake by Cartoon Network | Review | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

CastleAbra: A Dark Comic Fantasy by Castleabra Studios | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

Oddword: Stranger’s Wrath by Oddworld Inhabitants | Review | Walkthrough (First-Person Shooter, Adventure)

The Nightmare Cooperative by Lucky Frame | Review | Walkthrough (Turn-Based Puzzle)

Spirits of Spring by Minority Media | Review (Exploration, Adventure)

Dream Machine: The Game by GameDigits | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Smash Hit by Mediocre Games (High Score Chaser)

PATANKO by Tomoko Sugi (Puzzle)

The Mystery of Shadow Hill by Squadventure | Walkthrough (Adventure, Point-and-Click)

Adventure Escape Space Crisis by Haiku Games | Walkthrough (Puzzle Adventure)

What’s inside the box? by Bart Bronte | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Never Alone: Ki Edition by E-Line Media | Review (Puzzle Platformer)

Teeny Titans by Turner Broadcasting | Walkthrough Guide (Pokemon-like Monster Battler)

Imbroglio by Michael Brough (Roguelike Puzzler)

Squaredance by Kamibox | Walkthrough (Puzzle)

Lots more coming!

Note: Sometimes a promo code is provided for a game, but it does not affect the review in any way. At AppUnwrapper, we strive to provide reviews of the utmost quality.

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16 thoughts on “AppUnwrapper’s Most Recommended iOS (iPhone & iPad) Games

  1. Bikash

    Very comprehensive list. Wonder if there is a word game list as well. We have a word game – wordmint that’s been sticky on the iTunes best new word games list in the US.

  2. ann

    Couldn’t figure out where to post. Anyway going crazy on chapter 6 : Adventure escape Cult mystery can’t figure out the numbers section at all. Videos don’t help can’t wait for your step by step for this one!

  3. Emily

    Aquaria, LIMBO, Badlands, Incoboto, Letterpress, Superbrothers, About Love Hate, Machinarium are some personal favs that aren’t on your list!

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      Thanks for sharing! I’ve played some of those but never finished.
      Sadly, Machinarium’s controls were really buggy back when I tried it on my iPhone. I might give it another shot now that I have an iPad.

  4. nivad

    i was really shocked when i didn’t see machinarium in your top 25
    then i read your comment about the controls
    i played the game on my android tablet and the controls were good
    so my advise is that you try to play it again and i’ll guarantee that you’ll rank it easy in your top 10
    and you are missing one great game

  5. Stacey

    I’m going through you list and playing most of the games however I bought Perils of Man and it just keeps kicking me out no matter what.

    Do you have any advise?

  6. Marnie Miszewski

    I know you’re busy, but do you have any feedback on “The Slaughter: Act One?”
    It looks intriguing , but the App Store doesn’t have any reviews and I don’t want to spend $4 on something without an idea if it will even work properly. Thanks!!

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      I saw that but haven’t played it yet (pixel art games can be a hard sell for me). But it was on Steam first, so you might want to see what people thought of it there. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! I’d like to try it at some point, but got a lot of games on my list at the moment, so not sure when I’ll get to it.

  7. Louis

    I’m searching a point’n click adventure game, a bit like The Haunted Manor (by Redbit games), I have lost his name… At the beginning we are bitten by a vampire, then we awake in a manor that we must leave, and we must also too make an anditdote for the bite. Any idea please ?


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